School Closing Ceremony-2013

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24th December 2013: The School Closing Ceremony was held on the school basketball in the presence of students, staff members and the parents and relatives of the students. Mr. Dhonden la, the Director of Sambhota Tibetan school, Chauntra was the chief guest.

The function began with the singing of Tibetan national Anthem. Both the school Director and the Principal gave their final talk to the students mainly the importance of observing self discipline during the long winter vacation. They also gave their holiday homework and finally wish everyone a safe and productive holiday.

During the function, the staff members and students who had extra responsibilities were offered scarves for rendering their service. The results of the Essay competition as well as the names of the Best Boy and best girl were announced and given scarves and certificates.

Mr. Dhondhen la, the chief guest praised the school for where it stood now. He requested the students to maintain the reputation of the school and not to bring any black spot over the work done by past staff members and students. He wished everyone a wonderful and constructive holiday.

After the function, there was PTA( Parent Teacher Association) meeting in the Phuntsok Deshe hall. The meeting was chaired by the Chairperson of PTA, Mrs. Pema Dickyi la. It was attended by the school Principal, Mr. Karma Sherab Tharchin la, Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, parents and the teachers. Both the Director and the Principal talked on the importance of this PTA meeting and requested all the parents and relatives of the students to interact with the concerned teachers about their children’s Academic performance. They also talked on the right way of parenting.

There was light refreshment for all those who had gathered. There was good interaction among both the parents as well as the teachers.

Nobel Day: Anniversary of His Holiness Conferment of Nobel Peace Prize

10th December 2013: The 23rd Anniversary of His Holiness’ Conferment of Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Committee was celebrated here in TCV School Suja. The function was held on the school Basketball ground. The day began with the lifelong prayer for His Holiness, who had turned 77 and offering of traditional scarf on the altar.

After that Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the Headmaster opened the function. The statements of Kashag and ATPD were read out by Mr. Nyima la and Mr. jamgon la respectively. Both the school Director and the Principal gave talk about the day and why the day was very important for all the people around the world particularly the Tibetans. They both requested the students and the staff members to follow the aspirations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to feel gratitude.

There were various cultural presentation by both the staff and students starting with the song “ Nobel Thoeyang” a song dedicated to His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama on receiving the Nobel peace Prize. The cultural presentation was accompanied by the Tibetan tea and sweet rice stuffed with dry fruits as an auspicious gesture.

After the Nobel function, there was a brief function to mark the re-opening of the Indo Tibetan Friendship Association, Baijanth chapter. The function was attended by the Local governing bodies of the Indian community, the dignitaries of nearby Tibetan Settlements, Monasteries and schools. All the speakers including the school Director congratulated this new friendship and hoped that it would bring lots of co-operation between the two communities, Tibetan and Indian.

In the evening, there was a dinner cum annual farewell feast for all the staff members in the school hall. All the staff members had a nice time after they hectic academic session.

Talk to Class XI Students by Miss Dhadon la and Pelkyi la

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25th November 2013: This year owing to the introduction of class XI Humanity stream, a lot of workshops and talks have been arranged by the school particularly by the faculty members. One such was the talk by Miss. Dhadon Sharling la and Mrs. Tenzin Pelkyi la. They had been invited by Mrs. Tsering Dolma la, a teacher of class XI.

The talk was arranged in the school hall for the students of class XI. The two speakers talked turn by turn on some of the major issues concerning the youngsters and their future career. The two speakers, particularly Dhadon Sharling, who had given countless workshops in various Tibetan communities, enliven their talk by various stress-busters and activities.

Their talk began with from simple yet important things like taking care of one’s food and eating habits to developing creativity and moving forward in life. The students enjoyed the talk by these young female speakers, who have been idols for many. The session, though quite short was very helpful for the students.

Students’ Day Celebration

14th November 2013: 14th November which is the Birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal, was celebrated as Children’s Day all over India. Here TCV School Suja, like other TCV Schools celebrated the day as Students’ Day. Like every year, it is the day which is anticipated by both the staff and students. On the very outset, the staff members presented the march pass, where there was maximum participation of the staff members. The march pass was led by the staff band followed by the march pass of the staff members in four different houses. There was a huge round of applause as the staff members marched out on the basketball ground. There were tears tolling from some of the students’ eyes as they saw the staff members doing such things for the mere enjoyment of the students.

After the march pass, there was a function on the basketball ground and the school captains, prefects and Cleanliness monitors were the chief guest. After the hour long function, there was morning program by the school staff Phuntsok Deshi band. For nearly two hours, they presented their songs in various languages while the students nursed their tea and sweet rice.

After lunch there was games and sports for the children below class III. A large number of staff members made their presence along with the students to give their moral support for the tiny tots.

In the evening, the staff members presented their cultural programs. The cultural program had a good variety such as songs, dance, jokes etc. The students enjoyed the program thoroughly as much as the staff members had enjoyed performing in the midst of the cold waves blowing from all directions.

 Photography and Videography Workshop

12th November 2013: A group of two students and a senior Faculty member from Jamia Milia Islamia, a prestigious University of Mass Communication in New Delhi arrived at TCV School and gave intensive Five Days workshop on Photography and Videography for the Photography Club students and those who had passion for these two.

The main aim of this workshop which has been going on in various schools in India is to make the students develop interest in Photography and Videography, which play important role in Education now a days. The workshop also aims to create some awareness about Journalism as a career.

There were around 30 fully interested students from various grades who had attended the workshop from the beginning to its end. Mr. Tenzin Sangpo la, who is very much interested in Photography himself co-ordinated the workshop. Every day the workshop began in the afternoon without hampering much to the students’ daily classes.

The workshop was divided into theory and practical classes. Unlike other workshops, this time the students were able to handle various still and video cameras both semi professional and professional ones. Miss. Sumeran and Aksa, made the students felt comfortable with the cameras and they took the classes turn by turn with Mr. Akzam as the overall guidance.

On the fourth day, the students were put in groups of four and five along with one teacher each and went for practical shooting. The students shot the whole activities of the school one by one. The students were very happy to know that they were holding the professional video camera themselves. “It’s my first time taking such workshop on Photography and Videography without having to pay a single penny and I felt so happy to learn so many things. It will also help in choosing my career in futures. So, I thank the school for arranging such workshop”, said Tashi, an attendee.

From the five days’ workshop, the group has come up with one Documentary on Life in TCV Suja and Joy of Reading, which the students themselves had shot. The Documentary has been taken back with the mentors for post production.

Congressional Gold Medal Anniversary

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Geshe Ngawang Yeshi la in the center, the school observing 7th Anniversary of His Holiness’ Conferment of Congressional Gold Medal

17th October 2013: TCV School Suja celebrated the 7th anniversary of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s confernment of US Congressional Gold Medal. Since last year, as per the resolution, the day is celebrated by observing Dialectic day. A function was held on the open stage where photo of His Holiness was surrounded by various Indian masters from Nalanda University. Geshe Ngawang Yeshi la, the youngest translator of His Holiness had consented as the chief guest. As a part of this celebration, a nite of poetry recitation and songs presentation would be arranged by the students’ group.

On the very outset, obeisance was paid to the Lord Manjushree by reciting the mantra followed by the lifelong prayer to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After that Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the headmaster gave an introductory speech about observing this congressional Day. During his speech, he also cited some of the excerpt from the speech given by various great personalities related to this award ceremony function. This was followed by the presentation of dialectic by various groups of students including the junior students.


Our Sponsors from Luxemburg being offered traditional Tibetan Scarf by the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la

Finally Geshe la addressed the gathering. He gave his insight into the dialectic presented by the students and gave some suggestions here and there. Later he gave an overall introduction to Buddhism in both Tibetan and English since there were some Sponsors from Luxemburg, a long time supporter of this school and the Tibetan people and few resource persons from America. Speaking on the occasion, he advised the gathering the importance of embracing and studying Buddhism which was the basic foundation of our rich culture. During the function, the sponsors were introduced by the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la and offered traditional scarves. The school had also arranged one cultural program exclusively for the sponsors. After the function, Geshe la was crowded by the resources persons as well as the faculty members for their personal queries. Geshe la was on his way to Chauntra for another program.

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Both the staff and students watching the video of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Lhakar in the school Hall

Geshe Ngawang Yeshi la reached the school on 16th i.e. on Lhakar. In the morning, as a part of observing Lhakar, both the staff and students gathered in the school hall in Tibetan dress and the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la showed a clip of His Holiness’ talk. After watching the video, a minute’s silence was observed in which everybody contemplated about what His Holiness had said in the video. Both the staff and students prayed to use the day meritoriously and to use pure Tibetan on this Lhakar Day.

In the evening at 6:30 pm, there was a talk by Geshe Ngawang Yeshi la for all the staff members. The topic on which he spoke was “How to make a meaningful life”. The talk lasted for little less than an hour. He introduced the Buddhist way of life by citing modern instances which made everyone easy to digest. After his talk, there was a brief Question answer session which was used well by the staff members. It was really a enlightening talk.

Sports Day

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Students presenting March Pass on 18th Inter House Athletics Meet

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Master Thupten Namgyal, the winner of the Cross Country Race hoisting the Meet Flag

12th October 2013: TCV School Suja observed its 18th Inter House Athletic Meet on 12th October, just a week in advance from the schedule time due to some unavoidable circumstances that cropped up at the eleventh hour. Both the house masters as well as the students had a tough time practicing for the great day while adjusting with the late monsoon. This year the late monsoon didn’t co-operate much. Nevertheless, everything went well with hard work of the two PETs and the students of class X.

On the morning of 12th October, a brief function was held in the school hall in the midst of a light shower. Mr. Ngodup Tsering had consented to be the chief guest along with other dignitaries and Directors and Principals from nearby Tibetan schools. During the function, cultural presentation was shown and refreshments were served. The chief guest talked highly about the school. Speaking on the occasion, he encouraged the students to avail themselves to various educational opportunities here and abroad. As the weather turned better, the field events, which was left from the previous day previously decided events (PD events) gradually began and one by one few other track events followed up. There was an expression of great relief on everybody’s face as the events unfolded one by one. It was a sheer result of hope, dedication and hard work of all the concerned people.

The annual march pass, which used to be the center of attraction every year, was finally presented the next day i.e. Sunday. The weather had improved a lot and there was jubilant everywhere as the condition of the ground turned from muddy to full fledge ground. Right after the March pass, the remaining events were carried on.

Unlike other years, this year’s Sports Day was the longest stretching to nearly three days. Nevertheless, it was successful and the whole school was elated for being able to conclude one of the major program of the school.

Gandhi Jayanti:Thank You India Day

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 2nd October 2013: TCV School Suja celebrated Gandhi Jayanti by observing it as Thank You India Day. As usual, there was Inter House Cross country Race in two divisions; Boys and Girls. The first Girls’ Cross country Race was flagged off by the school Director exactly at 8:15. There were 15 runners each from the four different houses making a total of 60 contestants. The second Boys’ cross Country Race followed soon after. Again there were total of 60 contestants, 15 each from the four different houses. Both these two races were cheered by the spectators and the whole ground was overflowing with the sound of cheering. Right after the race, a function was arranged in the school hall for all the Indian people from the locality. The chief guest was the SDM of the locality. The function began with the singing of Indian national anthem. The host Mr. Pema Gyalpo la gave welcome speech and said why this day was observed. The guests were offered Tibetan scarves and they were presented with various cultural programs both Tibetan as well as Indian. Apart from the students’ presentation, there was exclusive Himachali Dance by the staff members who had prepared rigorously few weeks ago. The guests were served refreshment in between the function. Towards the end, the chief guest addressed the gathering. He highly spoke about the rich Tibetan culture and said that India and Indian people are with the Tibetans. The school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la presented memento to the chief guest. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la gave the final vote of thanks. Right after the function, a special Indian style dish “Dham” was served to the entire guests in the school hall.

TIPA Drama Show

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17th September 2013: The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) visited TCV School Suja as per request by the school administrators and on request extended by the Sikyong to present the two drama, they had performed in Dharamsala. Tipa presented two dramas on the night of 17th September after being presented at TCV Gopalpur the other night. Both those dramas by the two houses were par excellence and carried a good message about the degeneration of Tibetan language among Tibetan communities. The basketball ground, which was the main venue was fully packed with both the staff and students as well as local Tibetans. The drama not only had a good message but also the actors performed their art so well. Both the staff and students were able to know how drama had to be performed. Last but not the least the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la offered scarves to all the Tipa artists and the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la gave a vote of thanks and humbly requested the Tipa Director for another cultural visit. Mr. Tini la, the Director of the TIPA thanked the school for the nice accommodation and the opportunity. Before he wrapped up the night, he presented one wonderful group song, which the whole audience welcomed with a big round of applause.

Tibet Our Country Day

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27th September 2013: This year Tibet Our Country Day was observed on 27th September with little more vigor. His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche graced the day with his presence. There were Directors and Principals from nearby schools present for the occasion too. The function was held on the school basketball ground with everybody clad in pure Tibetan costume. The day began with the reception of Rinpoche and singing of our national anthem. During the function there was presentation of Dialectic by senior students, followed by songs by small children, Tashi Sholpa, a short Tibetan theatre and finally Tibetan Opera “Nangsa Woebhum”. To make the day even more auspicious, sweet rice and juice was given as refreshment for all the people gathered there. Before the guests were ushered towards the school hall for exhibition, Rinpoche addressed the gathering which consisted of not only staff members and students but also people from nearby Tibetan settlements and monasteries. Rinpoche thanked the school for the invitation and extended his words of apology for not being able to consent to various invitations sent. He highly praised the cultural programs presented by the students and in fact said that the Opera had brought him back his childhood days. He spoke on the importance of being good as a person and advised the students to put more efforts on education.

After the function, the guests were given reception for the lunch. A special traditional Tibetan dishes were prepared for both the staff and students in their respective dinning centers. After the lunch, the exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest. The exhibition hall was filled with various models, charts and real life objects, all related to our country Tibet. Both the students as well as the Tibetan teachers had worked for few months laboriously for this great day!

In the evening, there was a 30 minutes short Tibetan drama by the students of class IX. The drama was about the degeneration of moral among the young generation. Through the medium of this drama, they aimed to enlighten the audience about the importance of preserving our rich and century old good moral and character. The drama was well received by everyone gathered that evening.

Finally, the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la thanked the concerned Tibetan teachers as well as the students of class IX for coming up with such wonderful drama.

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