Gmeiner Cake Tournament Kicks off

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13882687_1068697913217025_952775126165109182_n1st August 2016: The long awaited annual Gmeiner Cake Tournament was kicked off yesterday with a formal march pass by the contingents with the school band on the school basketball ground at 11 am. The chief guest on the opening ceremony were the school Director and the Principal. This year 24 teams including staff members participated in the tournament, a little more than earlier years. The entire basketball ground was filled with teams clad in their beautiful jerseys with the crowds cheering their respective teams. This is one of the major events where there is involvement of large number of students. The tournament could not be played last year.

13895043_1068697669883716_7806240122474663653_nGmeiner Cake Football tournament is one major sports event held in almost all the TCV schools in loving memory of late founder of SOS Children’s Village Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. Usually the tournament is held in the month of june and the final match is played on 23rd coinciding the SOS Day. This year the tournament has been postponed due to some circumstances.

13872814_10208027286654664_5079010965821909982_nDuring the opening ceremony, after the march pass by the contingents, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la shook hands with all the team captains. Both Tibetan and Indian national anthem was sung followed by the one minute’s silence for the great martyrs of Tibet.  One of the contingent took oath of sportsmanship and friendly match throughout the tournament. After the function, the contingents marched out and the first match kicked off.


Visit of Two Parliamentarians

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13726697_10153953797007800_3502627349205331234_n19th July 2016: Coinciding with the Tibetan Religious Holiday, (Universal Prayer Day) Zamling Chisang, two members of Tibetan Parliament, CTA Mrs. Juchen Kunchok la and Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar la visited TCV School Suja as a part of their 16th Chitue tour to Tibetan settlements and communities. After the morning lifelong prayer and incense burning ceremony, a function was held to welcome the two parliamentarians in the junior section hall.

13775816_10153953797027800_1805949493668928421_nThe program began with the introductory speech by the Representative Officer of Bir Tibetan Society.  The program was attended by the Local assembly representative, the school Director, the staff members and the students.  The first speaker was Chitue Juchen Kunchok la. She spoke on the recent parliament session held and the importance resolutions and discussions. Juchen Kunchok who was the representative of Dotoe province and standing for the 4th time spoke about the importance of following the wishes and advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the importance of Green book money and working of the Parliament. She advised the students to study hard and be a good Tibetan.

13775584_10153953797132800_5536745384737454677_nLhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, the newly elected Chitue of Utsang province talked about the grave situation inside Tibet. As an activist, she spoke about various campaigns by various NGOs to create awareness about repression inside Tibet to the outside world. She spoke about the importance of creating awareness among the young generation Tibetans about the critical situation inside Tibet. With emotions, she lamented about the self-immolations inside Tibet and in exile. She wooed the audience by sharing some of her childhood experience in the same TCV school. She lovingly advised the students to study hard and be accountable for their own lives.

The session lasted for around 2 hours including the Question and Answer session. The audience both the staff and students used the Q&A session profitable and the two Parliamentarians had a great time sharing their views and answers. After that, the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la offered scarf and school magazines on behalf of all the staff and students of TCV School Suja.

After the talk, they were taken for a short school campus tour including Classroom Reading corner, Library, recently inaugurated bakery etc. A sumptuous lunch was extended to the honorable Parliamentarians and other dignitaries by the School Management committee.


2 Days’ Intensive Workshop on TPD

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13726855_2065246577033847_5369910517860695379_n15th July 2016: A two Days’ Intensive workshop on Teacher Professional Development was held in the school organized by the Department of Education, CTA. The workshop was initiated by Miss. Tenzin Yangchen la, Teacher professional Development Officer, the Department of Education CTA. The workshop was given by two resource persons from Canada Dr. Joe and Nancy.
During the two days’ workshop, the resource persons touched some of the major topics related to Learning and teaching. They talked on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence, Methodologies, Neuro Learning etc. Due to the hectic school hours, the workshop was held in the afternoon and the attendance was 100%. In spite of the full morning session, the teachers participated very well in both the sessions.
13770512_2065230203702151_2859992607722681521_nThere was also good response and feedback from the teachers. The session on Neuro-Learning was the one which everyone enjoyed a lot. Dr. Joe shared some of the research work done in the field of learning. He also encouraged everyone to do small research work in the field of education. He requested the teachers to change the teaching methodology according to the time and according to the research done in the education.
13718609_2065230153702156_2323837436777395105_nAfter every session, the teachers cleared their doubts and shared their opinion with both the resource persons. During the workshop, Miss Tenzin Yangchen la collected feedback and suggestion from all the attendees. The teachers thanked both the resource persons and the Education Officer at the end of the workshop.
Teacher Professional Development is a new initiative by the Department of Education, CTA to improve the educational standard of the Tibetan Schools. It was first implemented in 2014. The present workshop is a part of the Teacher Professional Development and is being given to all the Tibetan schools.

Trunkar Duechen Celebration

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55560091f32d5cda05799e546a20188d6th July 2016: TCV School Suja celebrated the 81st Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the school. Unlike previous years when the day used to be celebrated with great pomp and show, this year the day was reduced to mere formal and religious function to mourn the death of one of the most senior teachers of the school.

The function began with the lifelong prayer by all the staff and students in the school hall followed by incense burning ceremony on the basketball ground. Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the senior section Headmaster introduced the day and spoke on the life story of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After that, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la read out Kashag’s statement. After that Mr. Tsering Wangdu la, senior Tibetan teacher read out the statement of Tibetan Parliament. The morning function concluded with the address from the school principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la.During the function, Mr. Lhakpa Dhoundup la, the Director of TCV Selakui ITI and his two staff and students were given appreciation letter and scarf each for their month long service for the school.

More important than celebrating His Holiness with grand parties and gatherings is to put His Holiness’ advice and teachings into practice. His Holiness the Dalai Lama once said that the best birthday gift for Him would be to develop love and compassion. So, the message was conveyed to all to make more compassionate society.

In the evening, a special Tibetan Debate was organized by the school monitors. It was attended by the senior students.

Check ResultOnline 2015 for SA1

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Check your result online. Click on result online and enter students roll number. Class 9 and 10 students can avail their results under category middle classes 6-8.(Name mistype.).

SA I Kicks off

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The students of class IX and X giving their Summative Assessment I in the exam center (Photo:Gyen Ngawang Tseten la)

The students of class IX and X giving their Summative Assessment I in the exam center (Photo:Gyen Ngawang Tseten la)

8th July 2015: The Summative Assessment I (SA I) of class IX and X began today like all other TCV Schools after a slight change in their exam schedule. The school auditorium had been already turned into their exam center and seating arrangement had been done days in advance. There were around 300 students in class IX and X. The examination began successfully with proper planning and setting by the school Principal Office, the Headmasters and teachers. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la makes occasional visits during the exam hours to make sure everything is fit and fine.

Unlike previous years, this year class X question papers was from the CBSE directly. There were more excitement and curiosity as to how the paper would be. In spite of these, both the students and the teachers had left no stone turned in doing a great preparation. The first paper was English Communicative and the last paper would be Information Technology (IT).

School Auditorium beautifully turned into exam hall for Summative Assessment I (Photo; Gyen Ngawang Tseten la )

School Auditorium beautifully turned into exam hall for Summative Assessment I (Photo; Gyen Ngawang Tseten la )

All the staff members and the school heads send their good wishes to all the students. The Summative Assessment I (SA I) of the rest of the classes starts from 14th July and last for a week. After that, the students will leave for their exam break holiday. The school observes total zero tolerance to petty games and noises in the campus during these long exam days.

His Holiness turns 80

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Cultural presentation after the Sangsol and lifelong prayer

Cultural presentation after the Sangsol and lifelong prayer in the school hall

6th July 2015: The school had a grand celebration to mark the 80th birthday or Gayton of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Here in the school, the day began with the Sangsol and the lifelong prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The prayer was held in the school hall. After the prayer His Holiness portrait was ushered to the throne which was surrounded by the newly printed pictures of great Indian Buddhist masters. The school heads, Management committee, the staff members and the school captains and prefects offered scarves to His Holiness’ Photo.

The school Director read out the statement of Kashag on His Holiness’ 80th birthday followed by Miss. Tenzin Deyang la who read the statement of ATPD in English. After that, Mr. Rigzin Choedhen la talked on various achievements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He also spoke on how grateful Tibetans are to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The school Principal requested the staff and students to make His Holiness’ Birthday memorable by getting rid of any one bad habit and taking pledge in doing some good work.

A glimpse of staff members enjoying party games in the conference hall organized by staff welfare committee

A glimpse of staff members enjoying party games in the conference hall organized by staff welfare committee

After that, there were songs from 4 singers who had purposely come to present their songs. Two of the singers were former students of this school. All of them were given scarves and present by the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la after the song. There were four more songs, all in praise of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. All the songs were well prepared and everybody gave a huge round of applause especially when the band started singing “Happy Birthday to you”.

After the function which took little more than 3 hours, the staff members were invited for the inauguration of the school staff community center. There was brief refreshment for all. The students went back to their hostels, homes and dormitories for special lunch. For the staff members, the school welfare committee had arranged a grand feast in the conference hall. There were various party games and activities till late night. The food and the music was also good.

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