Staff Day 5/9/2017

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5th September is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day” throughout India. It is the birth date of the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a staunch believer of education, philosopher, academician and a great teacher himself. Teachers are considered the torch bearers of our future generation.  They are the gardener who sow the seed for the future. But unlike other schools, Tibetan Children’s Village schools celebrate this day as “Staff Day”.  They dedicate this day not just to the teaching faculties but to non-teaching faculties too. TCV is not just a school but a home to many orphans and semi-orphans children. Therefore, not just teachers but many non-teaching staff like home mother, cook and office staff takes a big role in shaping the growth of these children.


Book by Students for Staff Day 2017

This year was not different. TCV School, Suja celebrated the Staff Day very grandly. It was a day of celebration, acknowledgement and gratitude. Official function started at 8.30 am on school’s basketball ground. Befitting the day, the staff came out in their beautiful attire and sat refreshingly on the chairs that were set for them. The function was opened by school’s prefect with singing of Tibetan and Indian National Anthem. A minute long silence was observed for the Tibetan martyrs. Then, the student captain of junior section talked to the gathering about the importance of observing the day.  The function continued with various cultural performances by the students and inaugurating of two new books by the students for the day. Refreshments were served to the staff in between the function. Then, basketball match was organized between boys and girls team of senior and junior section staff. The whole school cheered for the teams. The staff of junior sections came out winners winning both the title. After the match, a grand lunch await for the staff in school’s main auditorium.  The hall was so attractively decorated by hand paint hangings and letters by the students. Beautiful messages were pasted on the walls. In the evening, the student’s council has arranged a wide range of cultural performances. The students had worked so hard to make the staff feel special and happy. And their hard work bore the fruit. All the staff enjoyed very much. This day has always rekindled the spirit in the staff to work even harder for their children. Thank you Students!



Students performing traditional Dance


Staff boy’s Team


Staff Girl’s Team in Action..


Evening Program


57th Tibetan Democracy Day 2/9/2017

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2nd September, a very historic day for Tibetans is observed as Tibetan Democracy Day. In 1962 on the same date, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama bestowed Democracy to Tibetan people. Unlike the history of freedom struggle of many other countries, Tibetan leader himself bestowed Democracy to its follower. It is the biggest and the best gift for Tibetan people.


Like any other Tibetan institute, community and settlement, TCV school Suja too marked this day with much respect and jubilant. An official function was held at school’s main auditorium in presence of whole school. The function started by whole school  singing Tibetan and Indian national anthem and Tibetan democracy song, ‘Mangtso sarshey’. The school band heightened it with their wonderful performance.

Then, as customary, Kashag’s and Tibetan parliament’s public statement  for the day was read out to the gathering. Finally, school’s Director wrapped up the day’s program by giving his piece of speech. He reminded the students of importance of the day and the history behind its existence. Tibetans proudly celebrates the 57th anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day and CTA is the living example of its success.

Health Talk (Zero TB Drive) 8/30/2017

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Tibetan Health Professionals visited TCV School, Suja to give health talk to its students and staff. As part of Zero TB Drive in Tibetan Community initiated by Department of Health CTA, Doctors and health nurses from Delek Hospital visited TCV School, Suja today. With the introduction from school’ Director, these health professionals took the morning school assembly. Doctor Kunchok la talked in detail about the disease TB and explained their motive to visit the school today. He educated the students about their health campaign and informed them well about the disease, its inception, precaution, diagnosis and treatment. Later, students were given chance to put their doubts and questions to the resource person. Quite number of students came up with their queries and the Doctor attended to their queries very effectively.

20170830_085127Delek hospital’s current movement on ‘Zero TB in Tibetan Kids’ that is supported by The John Hopkins Center for TB research is a big leap towards complete elimination of TB in the Tibetan community. Administrative heads and health care staff of various Tibetan schools had already gathered earlier to attend workshop and discuss about the campaign. As per their strategies, Delek Hospital initially conducted a meeting and training with heads of various schools and now accordingly, they are in their next level strategy that is to visit the schools and conduct survey and test.  Their procedure includes, conducting verbal dialogue with the students and study their health backgrounds and then conducting clinical tests. If the tests are found positive, further medical treatments will be carried out for the infected persons.


20170831_09410220170831_094009The Tibetan community in exile has alarming rates of TB cases. And this anticipated proposal initiated by Delek Hospital is highly admirable. We wish them good luck and thank them for such generous endeavor.

Science and Math Month – 8/31/2017

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Science and Math month in TCV School Suja concluded successfully with hosting of Inter class Science and Math quiz contest tonight. As part of the academic curriculum of the school, the month of August was observed as Science and Math month. Both the junior and senior sections carried out various science related projects and activities in this month. With prior discussion among the teachers of Science and Math department, various class level science topics were assigned and accordingly projects and assignments were carried out. It was ensured that every student take part in the project. This year’s theme for the Science and Math Day was “Sustainable Development.’2

The month long event finally came to its optimum result on 29th August. That day was observed as Science and Math Day. The chairperson of Science and Math Department, Ms. Gyaltsen Pelmo la introduced the Day to the morning gathering in school’s main auditorium. In the presence of school’s director, teachers and the students, she took over the morning assembly to present and educate the audiences with various activities and projects that was planned and carried out successfully during the whole month. She talked in detail about the theme of the Science and Math Day that was “Sustainable Development”. Short and informative video clippings on Sustainable Development was shown to students to enrich their knowledge. After her part, students from various class levels presented their science projects to the gathering. Students of Class XI performed short skits on Social Sustainability. Representatives of class X delivered their pieces on Environmental Sustainability. Students of class VIII, IX and X presented Tibetan Dialectic Debate on ‘Combustion and Flame’, ‘Cell and Tissues’ and ‘Chemical Reaction’ respectively.1

In the second part of the program, class X, IX and VII students displayed their science models on ‘Electric Bell’, ‘Windmill to pump water’ and ‘simple projector’ respectively. Each group came up with their models on the stage to present and display the working of their models. Their presentation was projected live on big screen with the help of LCD Projector. Panels of judges judged their models and gave score. Questions were asked by the judges to each group to check their understanding of the basic concept of their project. The students did very well and their models worked very well too.

The afternoon program was all reserved for Math activities. The Department has organized a Math Relay which was a total success.  The relay was conducted among House wise class level. It was a math problem solving race within the time duration of ten minutes. In the evening, students of class IX and X presented a Math play on geometric shapes. Musical performance was also presented by some classes. They presented a self-composed Mathematical lyrical song.

And at last, the month long Science and Math month concluded tonight with the last program as Inter class Science and Math Quiz contest. Ms. Tenzin Youtso la, the hostess of tonight’s Quiz welcomed everyone to the event and introduced the various rounds and quiz masters in a very eloquent way. There were total of six groups with three students each in a group. Each group attempted very well and the winner were given away prizes by the school principal. The month long hard work of teachers and students bore a very successful result. It was in whole a very informative, fruitful and rewarding month.  Congratulations to the students and Science and Math Department.



FIRST PTA MEETING 2017 – 11/8/2017

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TCV Suja held its 1st PTA meeting at 11.30 a.m. on 11th August. This meeting between the Teachers and Parents was arranged by school’s Parent Teacher Association. The meeting was held as per scheduled in school’s Diary.

Surprising number of parents had come to attend the meeting. The meeting was held in school’s main auditorium that was adorned beautifully with letters and hangings for the occasion. The chairperson of school’s PTA started the meeting with her introductory speech. She talked about the importance of holding the meeting and significant role of parent and teacher in shaping child’s early growth. Then, the school Principal talked to the gathering and shared important information regarding school’s academic result and school’s discipline. He came up with a PowerPoint presentation illustrating academic performances from Term-1 that concluded just few days earlier.  At last, the school’s Director spoke to the assembly. He shared some in-depth talk to the gathering regarding children, parents and teachers. The audiences listened in awe.  Meanwhile, refreshments were also served to all the parents and teachers.

After the introductory function, the parents and teachers then had a very open interaction. Tables were set for each classes with their class names and all the class teachers sat at their table waiting for each parents to come and discuss with them about their child. Discussion for junior classes were arranged at school’s Conference Room and all senior classes at the school’s main auditorium. The meeting concluded very successfully. The teachers never seemed to be tired talking to each parents very attentively. The meeting lasted till 3 p.m.

Mid July Suja News

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RDL program for 2017 launched in TCV Suja -7/7/2017

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TCV Suja today started RDL Progam for this year. RDL short for Readers of Dalai Lama is a club or committee started last year under the guidance of Social science teacher Mr. Ngawang Tseten la. (See link  ) It was instated last year with great vision and has won appreciation and support of many students and teachers. This committee encourages its members to read books of Dalai Lama and imbibe its deep values within them and practice it in their daily lives. It went very successful last year.

This year, the committee saw many new members. The members read books of Dalai Lama in Tibetan and English and they gather together during Sundays for brief sharing. This year’s relaunch of the RDL program was dedicated to Jetsun Pema la, younger sister to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It coincides with her birthday today. Jetsun Pema la, is loveably referred to as ‘Ama la’ by all TCV students. She is what TCV is now. Though the seed of TCV was first planted by late Mrs. Tsering Dolma la (mother to Dalai Lama), yet, Ama la has nurtured it into a big Tree. Tsering Dolma la started TCV under very poor circumstances. Exiled from Tibet, Tibetans those years underwent very difficult and harsh circumstances. Many of them were road laborers. Their infants and children were raised under harsh reality. The great mother then started this TCV for these children who were the future generations of Tibet. Ama Jetsun Pema la has given up everything for this Institution. TCV has since then grown width and length. TCV is now an institution in itself. Though Ama la has retired from  her post in TCV, but she will always remain undeniable part of the family. Expressing gratitude and in-depth reverence for her sacrifices and commitment towards Tibetan children, RDL program this year was dedicated to her.

mmexport1499528510677The function started at school’s hall. Various books of Dalai Lama and colorful flags were displayed in the hall. Geshe Thupten Jamyang la started the function by narrating a brief life history of this great lady till date. She was introduced in detail to the gathering, her commitment, her sacrifices, her acknowledgments and her mission. In short, she is the backbone of this institution.

mmexport1499528514862Then, Mr. Ngawang Tseten la introduced RDL program. Ngawang Tseten la briefly introduced the mission of RDL club. He mentioned everyone who has supported this committee financially, morally and practically. He then shared the stage with few teachers and students who were members of the committee and who has something to share with the audience. They shared their opinions, experiences and the changes they have felt within themselves ever since they had started reading books of Dalai Lama and understand his teachings. It was such a beautiful and inspiring moment for all. All the speaker spoke their heart out and shared every positive feelings that they have gained.

At last, the school Director delivered his speech for the day. He congratulated everyone who has made this committee possible and assured his full support for many more committees like this that can bring positive changes in lives of the students. Like a doting father, he never leaves without giving advises to the children.


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