TCV Common Exam begins

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Students of class 8 and class 5 in TCV Suja sits for the TCV Common exam that started today. Staring with the Science paper for class 8 and English paper for class V, the students bury their heads deep down in their papers and were found busy trying to attempt. School wishes them tons and tons of good wishes and keep them in their prayers. All the Best!!! 


Class 8 students.. 


Class 5 students


(All other sister TCV schools also sit for the exam on the same day. From TCV Suja, we have total of 92 students in class 8 and 81 numbers of students in class 5. ) 


Inter House Marathon Race

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2nd October, 2018 : Total of 120 students in TCV School Suja participated in the Inter House Girls and Boys Open Marathon race today on Gandhi Jayanti Day (Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Ji). A month long practice came to grand end today. Started in the morning at 8.30, the Girls Open embarked the Inter House Marathon race 2018. Boys’ team began their race after the Girls’ race was concluded. The marathoners dressed in their house colored sport uniforms exhibited great energy and fervor in their race. The entire school assembled on school’s ground to witness the event. School Director Mr. Namdol la flagged off the event. The entire valley filled with sounds of students cheering for their Houses. A great exciting episode was witnessed.

(Click here to check the video.)

Songtsen House topped the Race in both the categories. The detailed results are as shown below:




Tibet Our Country Day (Junior Section)

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26th September 2018: Junior section of TCV Suja observed the ‘Tibet Our Country Day’ in school today. ‘Tibet Our Country program’ is one of the biggest academic programs in the school.  A month long ‘Tibet Month’ observed in junior section came to close today. The children and staff equally await for this big day with great joy. A festive ambience filled the whole school and a beautiful sunny weather brightly shone its radiance after incessant rainfall in Himachal for past three days. The staff and children likewise assembled to school in their beautiful traditional dresses.

For the past one month, various class wise Tibetan programs were carried out in the school. Every day during the morning school assembly, children would present Tibetan songs, dances, poetries, skits, mono acts, dialogue readings, Tibetan dialectics, storytelling, self-composed story writing etc. Book reading festival was also held by different class levels. The Tibetan Department also invited open poetry writing and riddles solving contests.


The best of all the items were reserved for today. Tibetan department head Mrs. Migmar Dolma la welcomed the chief guest Rev. Yeshi Tashi la (senior philosophy teacher from senior section) to the occasion. The function opened with reciting of prayers by two monk students and proceeded with presentation of Tibetan dialectic by students of class V and VI. Various numbers of performances from all levels of classes followed thereafter. The students presented songs, dances, poetry recitations, skits, storytelling and project reports etc. The Basic competencies of the Secular Ethics by His Holiness were kept the main theme of the ‘Tibet Our Country’ Project this year. The students presented their performances on basis of these competencies namely, Kindness, Empathy, Forgiveness, Peace, Altruism, Unity etc. Students of class I and II sang Tibetan songs based on theme love and kindness. Students of class III presented story telling with help of illustrations. The themes of the stories were all based on morals of secular ethics. The student of class IV and V presented short acts on principles of Altruism and kindness. Students of class VI mostly presented their project reports. On the whole, every student in the junior section participated in the program.

At the end of the program, chief guest gave away the prizes for the poetry and riddle contest conducted by Tibetan Department during the “Tibet Month” program. He also delivered his speech for the day by thanking all the teachers and children for the very entertaining programs and initiatives. Keeping his speech short, he picked up on the main theme of the program and advised everyone to follow what they have preached to the audience during their performances. Finally before the audiences were dispersed for the day, a large Tibetan traditional group dance was organized on the basketball ground. The whole junior school gathered and tuned their steps to the beat of the drum and filled the area with laughter and merriment.

Junior Teachers participate in sharing their teaching practices as part of TDP (Teachers Development Program) 22/9/2018

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Saturday, 22nd September: Primary Teachers of TCV Suja gathered today in the school’s conference hall to share their teaching and learning experiences amid themselves.  As part of Teacher’s Profession Development Program, the teachers in TCV Suja engage in maximum sharing of their practices among their colleagues as to refine their teaching capability and professionalism. One such instance of sharing happened on Saturday.


Under the guidance of school principal Mr. Karma Sherab la and support from section Headmaster Mr. Tashi Tobgyal la, EGR (English Graded Reading) follow up program was carried out in junior section for last few weeks. The follow up program was mainly carried out to assess the extent to which the EGR method was carried out by teachers in their teaching methodologies. Almost all the primary teachers of the school had been given workshops and trainings on EGR by the Department of Education, CTA Dharamsala for last few years. The EGR approach has been proved to be very effective in teaching languages.

The follow up program was observed by Mrs. Pema Dickey la for all English language teachers and Mr. Jamghon la for all Tibetan language teachers. They went to different levels of classes and observed the teachings of the teachers. The teaching observations were videotaped for re-evaluation later. The teachers offered willing participation and exchanged their opinions and knowledge.

On Saturday, the teachers gathered together and pooled up their ideas and teaching experiences. In the presence of the school principal, Mrs. Pema Dickey la and Mr. Jamghon la presented their report on EGR follow up program. Both of them expressed excellent performance and participation from their colleague teachers in the program. They shared their feedbacks and responses. Mrs. Sonam Pelmo la also shared her methodology in teaching mathematics. She came up with a presentation on a particular mathematics topic and gave her teaching presentation to the gathering. She shared her best tactic out of many approaches in teaching math. She said that she mostly go for activities and games in teaching mathematics. She gives activities that imply using mathematics in daily practical doings.

On the whole, it was a very fruitful gathering. Learning is a never ending process and Teachers are the ones who learn most in life and it’s one of the best professions in the world. What more virtuous is there then to enlighten the ignorant minds!

English Sing A Song Day

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21/9/2018 Junior section of TCV Suja held the much awaited English Singing Song programme this afternoon. Clad in beautiful western outfits, the children beamed in happiness and enthusiasm. They impatiently waited for their turns to take the stage and steal the show.


Mrs. Pema Dickey la hosted the program and started by singing a beautiful English song. The awed audiences listened to her melodious voice with great joy.  She then welcomed all the audiences to the programme and gave special introduction to the chief guest, Ms. Jampa Dolma la (senior English teacher at senior section). She then spoke brief about importance of music and song in life. Apart from mentioning all emotional therapies that a song does to a listener, she also mentioned that they are also the best medium to learn one’s language. The actual singing started thereafter. The hostess held the names of all songs written separately in cards and shuffled them well. She let an audience choose a card and then read out the name on the card. It was very exciting for the children as they anxiously waited for their turns. Every class performed to their best and the programme went on very exuberantly. Sweets were distributed to all participating classes as reward for their hard work and beautiful song. Chief guest gave positive feedback to the students and expressed her pleasure in watching the show. 


Class V S presenting ‘Shooting Star’


Students of class VI S presenting ‘Halloween Rules’


Class V “B” Presenting ‘Nursery Rhymes Remix’


Class V ‘D’




Tibetan Handwriting Program (Junior Section)

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Under the directives of the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la, Tibetan teachers of junior section of TCV Suja took the initiative and challenge to help improve the Tibetan handwritings of all the students in junior school. To start with, the teachers were given practicum on Tibetan Handwriting by Mr. Mingchung la (Tibetan Mentor for all primary classes in TCV schools) and Mr. Choekyab la (Senior Tibetan teacher in TCV Suja ) separately on two different days (14th and 15th Sept.). All the teaching staff of junior section attended this practicum.


Mr. Mingchung la taking class


Mr. Choekyab la

Both of the resource teachers began by giving a brief introduction to the origin and the historical importance of learning Tibetan Calligraphy. They unanimously pointed towards ‘continuous practice and correct guidance’ for way to achieve good handwriting. Both of them gave basic tips and tricks to learn the calligraphy. They also tried to answer the queries of the teachers regarding the topic. Mr. Choekyab la also advised the teachers to use correct type of pen for the purpose. He also taught the teachers on ways to correctly trim the fountain pens used in writing Tibetan Calligraphy. He demonstrated by trimming few pens and few teachers practiced following his instructions.

The school principal attended both the sessions given by Gen. Mingchung la and Gen. Choekyab la. He extended his heartiest acknowledgments to both the teachers for having accepted to take the sessions for the teachers. All the participant teachers had great experience and acquired much new knowledge about the Tibetan calligraphy. Now, that the session has concluded successfully, the teachers will pass on their knowledge to the students by taking up special handwriting classes for a period of one month. The programme has already commenced and after a month, a big improvement and change is anticipated.



Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la thanking the teachers.

Exile Tibetan Primary Education Policy Awareness Programme in TCV Suja 13/9/2018

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Under the joint working of Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan Children Village School Dharamsala, awareness program on the Tibetan Primary Education Policy was carried out in various Tibetan schools. The Tibetan Children Villages school’s round of the programme was completed by a trio team of mentor teachers from TCV School namely, Mr. Mingchung la, Mrs. Thinley Palmo and Mr. Sonam Gyalpo la. After having completed their round of all other branches of TCV Schools, the team arrived finally at TCV School, Suja.



IMG_7289The programme focussed mainly on the basic objectives behind the adoption of the so called ‘Tibetan Basic Eductation Policy’ in all Tibetan schools since 2004.  Mr. Minchuk la presented a powerpoint presentation on the topic and explained in detail the principal aim of adopting the policy in Tibetan education system and therewith keeping Tibetan language as the medium of instruction in primary sections. In between his presentation, Mrs. Thinley Pelmo la and Mr. Sonam Gyalpo la took turns to enliven the audience with their beautiful simple activities relating to the four  pillars of the “Basic Education  policy”. Refreshments were also served to all the attendees.

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