29th Birth anniversary of Panchen Lama

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Today is the 29th birth anniversary of the 11th Panchen Lama. Tibetans all over the world remember this day with so much pain. World wants to know about this great Lama but nobody has a clue.


20180425_085810Panchen Lama is considered one of the most important lamas in Tibetan Buddhism especially in Gelug sect.  And the late Panchen Lama was not just a spiritual guide but an ardent revolutionist too. There were lot of controversies and misunderstandings surrounding the 10th Panchen Lama. But most Tibetans approach him as a hero. He not just stayed back in Tibet but also gave his life to the preservation of Tibetan Language, culture, religion and rights for Tibetans in Tibet.  The 11th Panchen Lama was abducted by Chinese government as early as when he was six years. Since then, the whereabouts of him and his family are unknown to the world. Tibetans in exile has been trying to raise their voice in various national and international platforms for many years now but the situation is as bad as it was before.



TCV Suja observed his birthday by holding a long life prayer for the present Panchen Lama and remembering the greatness of the 10th Panchen Lama. At junior section, the children and teachers gathered in the hall for the morning assembly and the main program was held. Under the guidance of Tibetan teacher Mr. Jamgon la, two girls from class VI headed the morning assembly. They started by educating the gathering about the day and its importance. They narrated to the students about what happened to the present Panchen Lama and reminded the children about their moral duties towards the situation. After their introduction, a musical tribute was played to the gathering. A Tibetan video song titled ‘Panchen Rinpoche Drenlu’ sung by singer Lobsang Tsering was played for the audience. After that followed class-wise recitation of Tibetan poetry remembering His Holiness the Panchen Rinpoche. Some students of class IV D presented heart touching self-composed stanza on His Holiness the Panchen Lama. It left the audience with heavy hearts.

All Tibetans hope and pray for his freedom and yearn to seek his blessings.


21\04\2018 Briefing to Junior section teachers on Secular Ethics and Social Emotional Learning

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20180421_113635Senior Science Teacher Mr. Nyima Tsering la took out some time from his busy teaching schedule to enlighten the junior teachers on “Secular Ethics and Social Emotional Learning” in their day to day lives and teaching profession. In fact, he had the privilege to attend quite many workshops on Secular Ethics and Social Emotional skills. So, this is a contribution on his part to share the knowledge he acquired with his colleagues and help further in strengthening the emotional well being of the teachers and children.


He started with some pep up games for the participants. The teachers took active part in the games. It was a simple game to check their self awareness and self acceptance in a given situation. That gave some time to the participants for self analysis.

Mr. Nyima la then proceeded further with his presentation on the topic. His enchanting smile and humility never once failed to lose the interest of the participating teachers. He shared all that he had learned during the workshops that he had attended.

The main content of his presentation was to build ethical values in both teachers and children. An effort to help the children grow in an atmosphere that has no room for negativity. Taking inspiration from books like; Beyond Religion, Ethics for New Millennium and Triple Focus, the importance of Secular Ethics (SE), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Social Emotional And Ethical Learning(SEE) is highlighted to the audience in a very simple and enriching way.


Graduation Day for Class X 2018

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It’s celebration time in TCV School, Suja.  After years of hard work and perseverance by the students of class X, they have now reached to the most important phase of a school life. They have just completed their Class X board Exam and all are soon going to leave the school for holiday. School has organized a graduation ceremony for the outgoing students.



Class X Board is one of the two most important exams in a school life. And they have just crossed the first hurdle. This year, 107 students from TCV Suja has sat for the exam and they worked really hard. It is a moment of rejoice for them as they successfully completed the first level of the journey that they started 10 years ago in this school. It was with mixed emotions that they attended the ceremony this morning in the school hall. Though much of them will return back to school after their holiday to continue with their higher classes, yet many will join various other TCV Schools for further studies.

Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la presided the ceremony and the first speech came from the school Director Mr. Namdol Tashi la. Like a doting father, he flowed in with streams of advises for the students. He congratulated the students and the teachers for making this day come true. He advised the students not to blindly believe or see what they hear or see but to analyze and explore the situations and then decide what is right and what is wrong for them.  After his loving speech, the outgoing students of class X and the respective subject teachers were called upon the stage and offered traditional Tibetan Khatak as sign of auspices.

Then a student representative of the class of 2018 Master Wangchuk la gave a speech on behalf of all the outgoing students. In his speech, he thanked each and every teacher and staff of the school for guiding and supporting them in their journey in this school. He expressed his utmost gratitude to all the staff and then went on to personally thank school principal for his incredible supervision and guidance.

The official ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks speech from the school Principal. Principal Karma Tharchin la welcomed everyone and gave a bird’s eye view of the hard work and dedication of the students and the teachers and congratulated all for having fared so well this far. He emphasized that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the whole school staff in general and specific subject teachers in particular. He reminded the students that their teachers from their primary classes till their present classes are equally grateful and share equal part to their success now. The function ended with a group photo session.


Before the students finally leave for their home, school has arranged a grand lunch party for all the students and the relevant teachers. Over a sumptuous lunch, the teachers and students shared a friendly conversations and thoughts.


20180402_125027School wishes them happy holiday and good luck to their phase of journey.

English Story Writing Workshop from 14th to 23rd March

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English story writing workshop was held in junior section of TCV School Suja from 14th to 23rd March. The workshop was given by Mrs. Tenzin Palmo la, more lovingly and popularly called Mrs. TP la. Mrs. TP la is the primary English resource person for all TCV schools. Before the present designation, she was an English teacher in upper TCV for many years. While she was a teacher, she has left an indelible mark in her teaching and her passion towards her profession and her love for children was considered exemplary. Even now, she works with as much enthusiasm and passion as she worked before.

Her target class levels for the English Story Writing training were class IV to VI. Her main objective was to drill literary skills in the children and promote writing habits in them. . She target to guide them in story writing skills and encourage them to write and share. The students participated and enjoyed thoroughly. The learning outcomes were splendid.

She started her workshop by giving training to the English teachers first and then moved on to impart the students.  The English teachers assisted her in carrying forward her purpose. The students followed the guided steps in writing story with illustrations. The students took keen interest and participation. The process not just drilled their writing skills but many of them came up with beautiful imaginative content. They were very proud of their own outcome. They also got the opportunity to share and read out their stories to other students and teachers.



IMG_4688While Mrs. TP la moved on with her story writing workshop, she also introduced a new concept for the school morning assembly, i.e. “The Singing Assembly”. As quoted by her, The Singing Assembly was introduced in the TCV School in the year 2017 keeping in mind the children’s love for music and as a method to help children learn English in an enjoyable way. She also insist on choosing songs that’s lyrics and theme ties in with secular ethical education.  While her stay in the school, she has taught a song titled “Kindness” by Jennifer Russell to whole junior students and of course with the help of all the English teachers. The students beautifully sang that song during the morning assembly. The theme of the song was being kind to the earth and the animals.


Thank you Mrs. TP la for such wonderful endeavor.

TCV Suja celebrates its 32nd anniversary.

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TCV Suja is 32 years old today. School observed its 32nd anniversary with great pride and jubilation. The celebration was enhanced by the presence of school’s alumni. Home coming of the 2008 batch was the icing on the cake.

The function was held at 9 in the morning. Important guests from neighboring Tibetan schools and Tibetan settlements were invited to the function. The chief guest of the occasion was Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal la, the chief database officer, head office TCV.

Started by singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem and then followed by offering of prayers, school’s director Mr. Namdol Tashi la delivered the welcome speech. Omitting the traditional way of delivering the detailed school report, he chose to be brief and highlight more on moral development of a student. The core of his speech was unity among the Tibetans. He requested all the students to stay united in school now and within Tibetan community at large. He also emphasized that all Tibetans should never forget the gratitude and teachings of our utmost guru His holiness the Dalai Lama. He then requested the chief guest to welcome the homecoming batch by presenting Tibetan traditional khatak to each alumnus.

Then followed the most awaited moment. That is, the speech from the alumni. Mr. Tharchin la represented the homecoming batch and spoke on their behalf. He expressed their great yearning to come back to school and give a brief report of the whereabouts of their batch mates all around the world. It was a very proud moment for the staff of this school as he read out their reports. They then offered appreciation and acknowledgment greetings and souvenir to all the retired staff of the school who are presently living around Bir.

The program progressed further with the speech of the day coming from the chief guest Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal la. Mr. Phuntsok la has served TCV school for very long in various capacities as a teacher, Headmaster, Director and presently as the chief database officer. A true serviceman, he has rendered undeniable diligent service to TCV. He delivered a profound speech and ignited a new flame of aspiration in all. Thereafter followed various cultural programs from the students.


A friendly football match was played between the staff team and ex. students’ team in the afternoon. Playing again on the home ground and of course with their own teachers was a dream come true for them. The match was won by the staff team by scoring 5 against 2.

642EF9D1-15A5-4652-BD1E-22F78DE47D0FThe day ended with a grand dinner party for the entire staff of the school hosted by the homecoming students. Along with the appetizing delicacies that they hosted, the ex. students fully entertained the gathering by their humorous conversations and sharing of feelings. They started by a picture slide show of their past days in the school as a student. It took everyone down the memory lane. As they shared their memories of past and expressed their respect and love for the school and the staff, tears of joy and love uncontrollably swelled from many eyes. A wonderful unforgettable evening was witnessed. The party is ended with a Gorshey (Tibetan traditional group dance.) Everyone bid good night and went home with happy content hearts.

The celebration of the 32nd founding anniversary of the school was a very memorable one.

School Spring Fete

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Annual spring fete is here again with bright sunny weather. Musical festive spirit filled the venue spot. The tiny tots flocked in early with sling bags on their shoulders. The game stalls were run by different class levels and foot stalls were run by the four houses. The fair started at around 9am and all gathered on the basketball ground much earlier to enjoy one of the most anticipated day in the school. Many outsiders, mostly the parents and relatives have also come to join the fair. There was an unexpected turn out of people. A pleasant weather, good food, interesting stalls and overall a wonderful crowd completed the expectations of everybody.



AISSCE begins today

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All India Senior Secondary Examination 2017-2018 or more commonly called the ‘Board Exam’ starts from today. Every year, lakhs of students sits for this exam all over India and is considered the most important exam in a school life. Around 140 students from TCV Suja will sit for this exam and today is their first paper. The school wish all its students a very successful exam and pray that they all do very well.

All The Best!!

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