30th March: Inter Class VI & VII English Elocution

Class VI and VII English Elocution for the year 2012 was held in the school hall Phuntsok Deshe on 30th March. The contest was attended by the students from class O/C to VIII. The host Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la and Mrs. Ngawang Seldon la unveiled the curtain and disclosed the beautifully decorated stage with pictures of 38 butter lamps dedicating to the Tibetan heroes and heroines who had self immolated. They welcomed everybody and introduced the participants one by one with their names. The judges for the contest were Mrs. Tenzin Yangkyi la, Miss Tenzin Choedon la and Mr. Tenzin Phuntsok la. There were three students each in four different sections viz  Poetry, Speech and Drama. The compulsory poetry the students read was “When was I born?” by Bhuchung D Sonam, a Tibetan poet, writer and Translator based in Dharamsala. The contest went well as the participants presented their pieces eloquently despite many of them being their first stage appearance. Later the school Assistant Head Master Mr. Ngawang Thupten la distributed the prizes to the best ones in these three categories.

26th March:  Special Tibetan Poetry Recitation

A special Tibetan Poetry Recitation was held by the Tibetan Department of both the sections, senior and Junior. The sky was clear with few stars twinkling and the cool breeze blowing unceasingly. The nite began with one minute mourning for those brave Tibetans who have self immolated for our Tibetan cause. The host Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la welcomed everybody and started explaining the stage decoration, which was filled with pictures of 36 butter lamps and the photos of our great martyrs, with a big topic written, WE SING SONGS OF YOURS ( Nga Tso Khetso Melang Su Shik Lhen). A group of Junior students chanted Dhen Tsik Monlam( Prayer of Truth) with candles in their hands. This was followed by the recitation of emotional poetry dedicated to our martyrs one by one by with sad background music which went along with the pictures of self immolations. The whole audience listened to the poetry fully glued and engaged. Finally towards the end of the program, the school Principal thanked the Tibetan department and the students who had sincerely taken part.

25th March : School Founding Day Celebration

TCV School Suja celebrated its 26th founding Day on 25thMarch. The celebration was attended by the chief guest Mr. Tsering Wangchuk la, Health Kalon of Central Tibetan Administration, Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, Executive Director of TCV Schools, Director of Tibetan Reception Centre Dharamsala, head office staff, representatives at Bir and Chauntra Tibetan settlements, Principals and headmasters of nearby TCV schools and Sambhota schools. There were also our school sponsors.The day began with the singing of both Tibetan and Indian national anthem followed by Director’s welcome speech in which he presented the bird’s eye view of TCV Suja. This was followed by the speech from Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, who thanked the chief guest who was supposed to be joining TCV School Suja as the Resident Physician prior to his nomination for the Health Kalon. The chief guest Mr. Tsering Wangchuk la congratulated TCV School Suja on its Founding Day. Speaking on the occasion, he said “Although I had not studied in TCV Schools, yet I had a long contact with TCV Schools. During my childhood, I used to go to TCV Schools and celebrate Losar there. I had also collected Losar gifts from TCV Schools. So, I want to say that I am very grateful to TCV School. Taking this opportunity, I would like to request the students to give effort on your studies because we need more Tibetans in various fields. In future we need more skilled Tibetans so that we can look after our country ourselves. For the staff members and teacher, I request you to keep working hard for our future generations.” He concluded his talk by thanking TCV School Suja for inviting him on this very special day of the school.During the gathering, there was a Tibetan religious dialect by four students and the debate was well received by everyone in that gathering. This was followed by the group song by the school Junior Music groups. This gave a good refreshment for all.

The great day ended with the vote of thanks by the school Principal, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. After the function, a sumptuous lunch was arranged for both the guests and staff members.

19th March : Junior Tibetan Quiz

Junior school class III and IV Tibetan quiz was held in Junior section hall on 19th March. There were 8 students from four different classes, all of whom had clad in pure Tibetan national dress (Chupa). Miss. Dawa Lhamo la unfurled the stage and disclosed the beautifully decorated hall. After that the quiz round began one by one. The quiz masters had set their questions according to the standard of the classes participating. The participants gave the answers smartly. In the end, the two students from class IV D came up in the first position. The prizes were distributed by Rev. Tseten Wangchuk la, senior section religious teacher.

17th March : School Spring Fete

The school spring fete, the day both the staff and students wait eagerly was held on 17th March. The spring fete is a day on which the school games committee headed by the chairperson, general secretary, 8 house master and PET raised fund, which is to be spent on the games and cultural program of the school for one academic year. There were around dozen stalls by different classes ranging from coke flash to lucky draw. Right from the morning the basketball court was packed with different stalls and people. To quench the thirst and hunger of the people, there were tea stall and food stall arranged by the four houses.  Everybody both young and old had stalls of their taste. The fete lasted till dusk, when Tambola started. By the time Tambola started, everybody seemed lost their energy. Later in the evening, the games committee members gathered and settled the day’s income.

14th March 2012: First Tibetan Quiz Contest

First senior section Tibetan Quiz was held on 14th March in Phuntsok Deshe hall at 7pm coinciding the Lhakar ( White Wednesday). All the participants comprising of all seniors classes were clad with pure Tibetan Dress (Chupa). The quiz which was hosted by Mr. Tseten Tashi  la, the Tibetan Department Head was attended by the senior students and staff members. The quiz which was dedicated to all the Tibetans who had self immolated for the Tibetan cause had questions from Tibetan History to the latest Tibetan issues. The participants as well as the quiz master had done a wonderful job and thus the quiz finally came to an end with everybody leaving the school hall with some new knowledge on various topics.

10th March 2012: 53rd Tibetan National Uprising Day

TCV School Suja observed the 53rd Tibetan National Uprising Day. In the morning all the staff and students gathered on the basketball court clad in pure Tibetan dress and school uniform with play cards on one hand and Tibetan National flag on the other hand.  The function began with one minute mourning for the brave Tibetan heroes and heroines who had laid their precious lives for Tibetan cause, and offering of butter lamps for our great Pawos and Pamos. This was followed by the singing of Tibetan National anthem and Indian national anthem. After that Memang Langlu ( Tibetan Patriotic song) was sung in unison along with the school band. The school Director gave an  introductory speech, giving the importance of the day. He was followed by the reading of the 10th March statement of Dr. Lobsang Sangay la, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan People. Unlike previous 10th March, this time there was no statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During the function, a book titled “ The songs of yours, we sing only” ( Ngatso Khetso Meleng Su shik lhen) a collection of poems, articles and paintings of both the staff and students of TCV School Suja, was unveiled by the school Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. The book was compiled and edited by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la and Mr. Tsering Logya la and it was dedicated to all the Tibetans who had self immolated for our Tibetan cause. The function came to an end with the singing of our school song. Right after the function, the senior students and the staff members left for Palampur along with the Tibetans from nearby Tibetan settlements, schools, and monasteries. The junior students assembled in the school hall and offer prayers. The Tibetan protestors in Palampur walked the street of Palampur, carrying banners, Tibetan National flags, Indian National flags,wearing black bands on the head, with slogans like FREE TIBET, UNO WE WANT JUSTICE overflowing the town of Palampur. A function was arranged in the old Taxi stand of Palampur, where the Tibetans offered prayers and sang the Tibetan National anthem. Once gain the statement of Dr. Lobsang Sangay was read in Hindi language for the press and Indian people who had gathered there.In the evening, there was a presentation by four students organized by the school Social Science teachers. All the presentation topics were related to Tibet and Tibetans. A student recited his own poem dedicated to our great martyrs with sad background music. In between the presentation, a video published by the Tibetan Youth Congress on the recent self immolations was shown.


8th March : Choetrul Duechen

Choe Trul Duechen i.e. the day of Offering which falls on 15th of 1st month of Tibetan Lunar calendar was celebrated in TCV School Suja on 8th March. The school remained closed for the sake of cultivating positive merits. In the evening, both the staff and students gathered in the school hall for the Soltsok. Geshe Thupten Jamphel la, the religious teacher of junior section explained the meaning and sacredness of this particular day.

5th March 2012: Parent’s Day Celebration

Parent’s Day was observed in TCV School on 5th March in the school hall. The program was arranged by the PTA ( Parent Teachers’ Association) of TCV Suja. The function which was attended by both the staff and students began with the live long prayer of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and offering of scarf to late Dickyi Tsering la, the mother of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  Mrs. Kelsang Dolkar la, the president of the PTA gave an introductory speech, which was followed by the speech of the school Director. After that Mrs. Pema Dickyi la, the member of PTA read the speech given by the Kashag, the central Tibetan Cabinet. There were prize distribution of the students who had excelled in the academic performances. The function ended with the singing of school song, Khenpai Yeshi. After the function, all the staff members were ushered to the staff mess where there was a simple tea and snacks reception.

There was a mini spring fete on the school basketball ground to raise fund for the school games and cultural committee. Both the staff and students jointly came up with their small stalls to raise as many funds as possible. In the evening there was a movie show in the school hall, arranged by Mr. Ugyen la.

1st March 2012: School Opening Ceremony

TCV School Suja’s re-opening ceremony was held on 1st March in the presence of Mr. Tenzin Rabga la, the Representative officer of Nangchen Tibetan Settlement, Chauntra. Around 1600 people including both staff and students including the school Management committee gathered at 9 am on the school basketball ground and sang Tibetan national anthem. The school Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la gave the welcome speech followed by the prize distribution. The school Director emphasis on the importance of putting more effort on education. He also spoke on the importance of school discipline. The prizes were distributed by the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest Mr. Tenzin Rabga la said, “ I have come to Suja on various occasions. And each time I came here, I was really impressed by the way the school arranged programs. The programs were highly remarkable and praise worthy. I hope all those are because of the unity and hard work of all the staff and students. So, I would like to request all of you to continue. I also take this opportunity to request all the students to put effort on your studies”. The function finally came to an end with the school Principal’s vote of thanks speech. Right after the function, the school began its first day with the distribution of the textbooks and allotment of classrooms.

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