English Month Concludes

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Untitled27th May 2016: A month long English month came to an end today with both the Junior and Senior section organizing their final program such as class wise book stalls in Junior section and Book review and sharing by senior students in respective halls. The programs were attended by the school Principal, Director and the teachers during their free time.

Untitled1The month of May is observed as English month in the school. The English Department arranged various activities related to the four skills of English language. The faculty had met earlier and distributed the activities and programs according to the standard of the classes. Throughout the month of May, both the teachers and the students had lots of programs to watch and participate during the morning assembly and evening self-study time. Both the teachers and the students actively participated in various activities organized by the Department.

Untitled2Some of the activities done during the English Month are: Creative Writing Exhibition, Book Review by various classes, Radio Show, Body theatre, Poetry presentation, song presentation, Book discussion, Essay competition, Class-wise Book stalls etc. The English teachers headed by the Head of the Department did a great job in observing the English month sincerely and as per its objectives.


Suja Shines in AISSCE

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photo 226th May 2016: A grand function was organized to felicitate the outstanding result of the 2nd class XII batch in the recent All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (AISSCE). The function was attended by the Education Director of TCV Schools, Mr Sonam Sichoe la as the chief guest, Mrs. Tenzin Legszey la, Education Officer, CTA, the school Director, Principal, Management committee, the staff members, the students and a group of out-going class XII including the three toppers of this year, Tenzin Bhuti, Tenzin Nordin, Norbu Dolma and Kelsang Tseten(missing).
The senior school Head master, Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la welcomed everyone and began the function. The function began with a welcome and congratulatory speech by the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la. Speaking on the occasion, he applauded the consecutive good performance by the school in the CBSE class XII board examination and thanked all the teachers and the students for their hard work which was duly paid. He presented the overall result of the school, proudly saying all the 135 students passing out successfully. It was 100% pass mark with 4 students in 90s. The school also topped all other 14 Tibetan schools in India. He also warned the students in advance to put more effort Tibetan subject, whose marks are not at par with other subjects. Finally he wished the outgoing students all the best and advised them to be abiding by the moral values and a good ambassador of TCV School.
IMGP0183After that, the teachers of class XII students were honored for their good work with traditional Tibetan scarf which was given by the chief guest, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. Along with them, the three toppers out of four were given scarf and mementos and rest of the class XII students who had made their appearance for the function were honoured with scarf for their outstanding performance. The hostel wardens of both the boys and Girls Mr. Tsewang Rigzin la and Mrs. Tsering Bhuti la were given scarf for their contribution.

After that, Tenzin Bhuti, the topper gave her valedictory speech on behalf of all the outgoing class XII students. She thanked everyone for their indispensible role in making this possible starting from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Education Department, CTA, TCV School, particularly TCV School Suja family headed by the school Director, Principal, Headmasters and the dedicated teachers especially the present class XII teachers. She believed that the present success is not just because of the students alone but the result of all the teachers for their hard work, sincerity and dedication. She expressed her happiness like all other staff and students of the school. While thanking and extending her gratitude, she advised the students to work hard and start working without any procrastination. Finally, she prayed for a better result in the years to come.
photo 1There was also address by the chief guest, the Education Director and the former Principal and Director of the school. He congratulated the school for the outstanding result on behalf of the TCV Head Office and the TCV School Education Director. He mused over the overall performance of the Indian, Tibetan and particularly TCV students in the recent CBSE examination. Speaking on the function, he requested the students to work hard and make the best use of the good teachers, infrastructure and the facility and come shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. He reminded the students, the main purpose of the students was to follow the self-discipline and put full effort on education. Finally, he requested the students to be abided by the school rule and regulations. He also reminded the outgoing students the importance of knowing one’s root, the importance of their parents and teachers of their childhood.
The school Principal gave a vote of thanks starting from the Education Director, TCV school, the Education Officer, Modern, CTA, the school Director, Management committee, staff members and students both outgoing and the present. He thanked all the staff members of the school for making this wonderful day possible. He also shared the good news about another outstanding performance by Tenzin Bhuti and her classmates in the Common Admission test conducted by Lovely Professional University, Phagwara last year. Finally, he disclosed the most awaited complimentary gift from the school. With the consensus from the Education Director, the annual summer vacation has been extended by two days. With that note, the special function came to an end with everybody smiling.

Holy month of Saka Dawa

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The school Heads, Management committee and the staff members reading Kagyur and Tengyur in School temple

21th May 2016: Both the staff and students read Kagyur and Tengyur as a part of their holy deed during the holy month of Saka Dawa. The whole school observed this auspicious month and engaged in various meritorious actions. Special mantra sessions were arranged for those classes which were having free time. A special Tsog was offered in the afternoon and was attended by all the staff and students in the school hall on the 15th Day of Saka Dawa. A group of female staff members visited Tso Pema ( Rewalsar) to perform their holy deeds and others had visited nearby river to give food for the fish.

k1For Tibetan Buddhists, the month of Saga Dawa is the most auspicious time for meritorious actions. And on Saga Dawa Duchen the merits of worthy acts are multiplied 100,000 times. Meritorious acts include pilgrimages to sacred places. There are many mountains, lakes, caves and other natural sites in Tibet that have attracted pilgrims for centuries. Pilgrims also go to venerated monasteries, temples and stupas. Pilgrims also travel to be in the presence of a holy person, such as a high lama.


Project RDL Unvieled

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photo 1

Gen Ngawang Tseten la giving an introductory address about RDL (Photo: Gen Lhaki la)

19th May 2016: Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, Social Science teacher inaugurated his project called “Readers of Dalai Lama” (RDL) in the school hall in the presence of the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la. Both the teachers and the students assembled in the school hall during the morning assembly. Mr. Ngawang Tseten la gave an introductory speech about the main purpose and Objective of this RDL project. Speaking on the occasion, he said the project came into being after vigorous discussion with his colleagues and the school heads. He had unveiled the flex poster depicting the logo of this RDL and books from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

photo 2

Flex banner and books of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on display (photo: Gen Lhaki la)

RDL is a group of readers both staff members and students. They will read books of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The main objectives of this RDL, he said are: “ To let the students understand and discuss the main principles of His Holiness the Dalai Lama; To let the students imbibe the principles of His Holiness; To let the students practice these principles in their day to day life and finally to let the students develop healthy reading habit”. He also hoped to make T-shirts carrying the RDL message and distribute them to the readers. He had a very noble idea of making everybody read His Holiness’ book.

photo 3

The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la speaking during the RDL Project inauguration

During the inauguration, the school Director, one teacher representative and student representative read excerpts from some His Holiness’ book. Coincidently all of them read excerpt from the book, “Beyond Religion”. The school Director spoke about the importance and appropriateness of this project initiated by Mr. Ngawang Tseten la. He thanked him and his supporters for this RDL and fulfilling one of the wishes of Ama Jetsun Pema la, who always wishes students read and study His Holiness’ books.

The inauguration of RDL came to an end with an ardent request from Mr. Ngawang Tseten to all the staff and students to read at least one book of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A big round of applause overflowed the entire hall soon after and everyone left fully motivated to be a part of this RDL.

Class XII First Batch comes with flying Colours

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The result (Aggregate of best 5 subjects) at a glance as announced by the school Principal during the assembly

25th May 2015: The long awaited result of the first ever class XII batch of the school finally brought a great relief and timely moment of AHA for the entire staff and students of the school, whose ears have been anxiously waiting to hear the news of a good result.  Well, that day finally came when the CBSE declared the result yesterday at 12:40 pm worldwide. As a matter of fact, the result of the first batch of any schools normally becomes very important not just for the school reputation but for the sake of retaining one’s hard earned affiliation. Owing to its maiden entry after its affiliation to the board in 2013, a lot of pressure was automatically built among both the staff and students of the school. In fact no stone had been left unturned by the staff and students as well as the school Administration, in giving their best.

The school had been recently visited by honorable Sikyong himself on their Graduation day and spoke to the students about bringing out good result and Sikyong Scholarship awardees.  Luckily, the students of the class XII batch made every one proud by producing a very good result and set a landmark and an eye opener for the coming class XII students. The whole school was in a spirit of jubilation especially at the time when everyone is busy gearing up for the long awaited summer vacation. There will be few students entitled for the Gaden Phodrang award.The school administration extends a sincere congratulations to all the teachers and the students for this wonderful performance where majority came out with distinction. The school also hopes to produce such results in the future as well.

Suja’s Got Talent

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photo 1 (2)

Talent Nite Venue adorned beautifully by the organizers ( Photo: Gen Tsering Lobgya la )

23rd May 2015:  The year 2015 Talent Nite, an event which hold a very dear to both the staff members and particularly for the students, was held on the night of 23rd May. The grand event was held on the open stage near the school basketball ground, which was beautifully decorated and lighted. The former school Director and the new Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la was the chief guest for the event. Present during the event were the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la, the staff members and the students. The grand program was organized by the school captain and the prefects under the guidance of the school Principal.

After preliminary selection which was done a couple of days back, the organizers had selected the best 14 participants, who were there for the final round. There was variety of talents from voice band to the latest Bollywood dance. The program began with disclosing of the stage by the two hosts. The two hosts Master Kalsang Tashi and Miss Norbu Dolkar both class XII did a great job the program a new look and entertainment. Like any other reality show, they managed to make the audience fully entertained and giving a synopsis of everything that would come. There were also 5 judges with their own marks placard. After every performance, they gave their marks one by one and displayed the marks to the audience and the participants. Each and every performance on the stage was welcomed and concluded by a huge round of applause by the members on the floor. There were lots of cheering and jeering as the judges showed their scores one by one. It was really a wonderful weekend treat for all.

photo 2 (2)

Talent Nite anchor inviting the particpants ( Photo: Gen tsering Lobgya la )

After 3 hours, the program came to an end as one of the organizer and school prefect master Nyiyoed la announced the result. There was a tie for the first position and also third position. After lucky draw, the martial art display of Nan-Chak team won and took away the cash prize followed by vocal bad. And the third position was jointly taken by a little boy Kunga Woeden who displayed his skill by playing three instruments. The event went well and the credit goes to all involved especially with the combined effort of the school heads, the school captains and  prefect and the school Advisory committee.

Talent nite is a great platform for the students to show and see their hidden talents. Every year, there is no dearth of students enrolling for the great event. Last year, there were two Talent Nites but due to time and hectic school schedule, it was reduced to only one.

English Day

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photo 12

Banner of English Day ( Photo: Gen jampa Dolma la )

23rd May 2015: A second round of Book Review and presentation was done by the students of class VI in the school hall to mark the English month which is being observed throughout the month of May in both Junior and senior section. Once again, the program was unveiled by the school Principal at 8 am after which the program began. Apart from the members of the English Department Senior section, the students of class V and VI and their respective English teachers were present during the opening ceremony. The class had also an honesty shop which sells story books, at the entrance of the school hall and the buyers thronged that small stall.


Honesty Shop at the entrance of the school hall ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Lhakyi la)

There was also a grand display of various poems from class VI to XII. The poems were arranged according to their literary devices such as Rhyming, Simile, Alliteration, and Acrostic etc. The English Department members had already given those literary devices to the classes according to their standard and relevance. Both concerned teachers and the students had really worked hard and thus their hard work could be seen through these beautiful displays.  The classes came in turns and enjoyed reading those poems displayed on the open stage.

photo 2

Students reading the poems displayed on the stage (Photo: Gen Jampa Dolma la)

The month of May is observed in the school as English Month. Every year, the English Department members in both the sections would make plan well ahead of time and focus on one particular topic. This year, they chose to work on poetry. Both the teachers and the students put their full effort on the topic. Next year, they would work on another topic.

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