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24th May 2012

A Tibetan Drama titled ” ངེས་བརྟེན་མེད་པའི་མི་ཚེ། “ was staged by the students of class IV junior section at 7 pm in the presence of the Headmaster, teachers and students of Junior section. The drama was arranged by the Tibetan teachers of class IV with support from Tibetan Department. Both the teachers and students spent a couple of weeks preparing the drama. As per their hard work and sincerity, the Drama was performed well and the whole had a great time since the drama carried all the things liked by children like humor, sadness, horror etc. The play was about two prince s, one who was narrow minded and because of which he finally ruined his life, the other whose spiritual practice finally gave him a good spiritual life. The actors were very good. This play had also created lots of opportunity for the children to participate and show their talents in acting. The music in the play was all original with one students playing his flute mostly the most hummed song ” Potala”.The play lasted for a little less than an hour. Finally the narrator thanked all those who had given them helping hand.

19th May: PTA Meeting

The PTA ( Parent Teachers’ Association) meeting was held in the school hall Phuntsok Deshi hall at 2:30 pm. The meeting was attended by Home mothers, Teachers, Parents from nearby Tibetan Settlements. The  PTA is an association formed not only in TCV school Suja but also in all other schools. This body discusses all the issues related to the students and every year there used to have at least two meetings..  The present meeting was the first this year. The meeting began with the welcome and announcement speech by Mrs. Kelsang Dolkar la, the President of TCV Suja PTA. She talked about the importance of this meeting and also the new project the association had chalked down. After the talk, the parents met their children’s teacher and a free and candid discussion was done on the children. The teachers were seated on chairs on which the respective classes were written. The PTA had also arranged refreshment. The meeting lasted little more than an hour.The PTA President hoped that the next PTA would be more better since the teachers would be bringing their results. She also hoped that more parents would turn up for the second meeting. Finally she thanked everyone there for making this first meeting very successful one.

Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay la paid a short visit to TCV School, Suja on 18th May 2012 at around 5 pm after paying visit to TCV Gopalpur and Tashi Jong Tibetan colony. Around 1400 students clad in clean school uniform and staff members gave a warm reception to Dr. Lobsang Sangay la at the school gate with welcome song by the school band group in the background.

This was the first visit of Dr. Lobsang Sangay since he was elected as the Tibetan prime Minister. It was a great moment for TCV Suja to have him in the school. He was accompanied by the Secretary of the Department of Homes, Mr. Sonam Topgyal la, who had been long involved with TCV School Suja in its early stage, with other Representatives and dignitaries of nearby Tibetan settlements and monasteries. He was taken for the inspection of some of the class rooms in both Junior and senior section.

The function which was arranged on the school basketball commenced with the recitation of poetry dedicated to our Tibetan martyrs by two students, which was soon followed by the school music group presenting the song “ Kalon Tripa” a song dedicated to our Prime Minister. The song was well received by the whole gathering especially when the person to whom that song was dedicated was right in front of all. As they serenaded, the whole Suja was overflowing with thunderous applause. After the song, the school Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la presented Traditional Tibetan scarf to our Kalon Tripa and Mr. Sonam Topgyal la, after which presented a brief report on TCV School Suja.

The long awaited moment came when the prime minister came on the podium and started giving his speech.  Like a good orator, he began the talk by thanking the school for the wonderful opportunity. He also wooed the whole audience by asking questions and listening to their responses. Speaking on the occasion, he shared his own personal story of how he began his journey from a small village in Darjeeling to the throne of Kalon Tripa. He stressed on the importance of learning education and taking care of health by sharing two jokes related to these two important things. His talk which lasted for little more than an hour seemed short because the entire talk was filled with both emotion as well as humour. Towards the end, he talked about the aims, objectives and work of the present as well as previous kashag. He also highly praised the good legacy the elders have left for the present generation. Last but not the least, he requested the students to come to the expectation of our leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and our parents. After that the school Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe la gave a vote of thanks which was followed by the singing of the song “ Thundrel Ke Bhoeda” by the school music group. During the presentation of the song, Kalon Tripa stepped down from the stage and shook hands and thanked the entire musicians. It was a yet another visit of a great person to our school.

17th May 2012: Presentation by Class III S

class III S students singing

The students of class III S from Junior Section came up with a wonderful presentation during the morning assembly at Senior Section.  Usually every Thursday, there used to be Teacher’s Talk but today the morning assembly was different. The small children left the whole audience comprising of both the students and teachers of the senior section gaping because of their flawless presentation which comprised of poetry recitation, Reader’s Theatre, Song etc. For a moment the assembly was given a new look and the morning began with lots of energy and positive attitude shown by these small kids. Finally the headmaster thanked the children and their class teacher Gyen Dolma la for such a wonderful presentation.

14th May 2012: Inter Class Tibetan Poetry Recitation

Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la

Inter Class Tibetan Poetry recitation competition was held in the junior school hall at 7p.m. on 14th May. The Competition began with the Introductory and welcome speech by the Chairperson Ven. Thupten Jamyang la with a picture of two hands mingled together symbolizing our sincere support for all those great martyrs who had laid their lives for our Tibetan cause. There were several different classes taking part in that competition. And all the poems recited were related to Environment, Social cause and Tibetan cause and there was a great variety to suit everyone’s taste. Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la, Tibetan Department Head was the chief guest.  The program which lasted for little more than an hour was enjoyed thoroughly by all those present there especially the three honorable judges from senior section. There were also complementary poems from class I and II students who were not in the actual competition . Finally Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la gave away the prizes to the winners and gave his views about the Poetry competition.

13th May 2012: Tri-angular soccer tournament ends

Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la

The final match of this Tri-angular Soccer tournament was played between TCV Suja and TCV Gopalpur on Sunday May 13th on TCV Suja ground and the former came out triumphantly. As a part of creating some kind of platform for the staff members among the nearby sister TCV schools to get together and search their soccer skill, TCV Suja had arranged one Tri-angular Soccer tournament which lasted for two days; Saturday and Sunday. The tournament was held among three schools namely TCV Suja, TCV Chauntra and TCV Gopalpur. The participating teams as well as the spectators had a wonderful time during the weekend. Finally TCV Suja won this year’s Tri-angular Soccer Championship title.

English Newsletter 2012
English Newsletter

7th May 2012: Junior English Debate  | ( Input by: Gyen  Tenzin Dechoe la)

Photo Courtesy: Gyen Sangpo la

It was a remarkable evening in the jam packed junior section hall when usually deserted looking hall came into life when it witnessed the English Debate among class VI students. The debate titled as “Television is a bad influence” was organised by Junior Section English Department as a part of usual school’s curriculum particularly aimed to build up strong mental faculty and to enhance the linguistic skills of the students. One hour contest between the four students was enthralling and competitive as well, but Tenzin Gyaltsen of VI D from the (opposition group) has left different print to the audience and especially the judges, he was vociferous and enthusiastic enough in his views and arguments that has helped him to get the coveted crown of Winner and Tsewang Choedon (preposition group)  from the of VI P was equally exorbitant and would surely have left the judges in tight spot with her eloquence, but she has to satisfy herself as a runner up. The event was honoured by the School Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue and School Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe and Mr. Tashi Topgyal Headmaster (Junior Section). Speaking on the event the Principal has encouraged the students to utilise such opportunity to sharpen their oratory skills, and he has also emphasised the students to respect and take the most out of such activities. He has also lauded the students for their initiative and efforts made by the teachers to make the event a success. The event was finally concluded with the chairperson’s vote of thanks.

4TH  May 2012 : Tibetan Spelling Bee

The Tibetan Spelling Bee of Class VII and VIII was held in the school Hall on 4th May at 7 p.m. The Spelling bee was attended by staff members and the students of class VIII and below. The host, Mr. Tsewang Dorjee la unveiled the curtain and welcomed everybody. He introduced the contest and told the audience about the importance of having a good knowledge about spelling. Prior to this Spelling bee, all the students of class VII and VIII were given few hundred words of three degrees of hardness to learn so that students would be serious. It was decided that on the day of  the competition, the participants would be selected on the lottery basis. So, first of all,  Mr. Tsering Logya picked the names of the students one by one from the jar in which all the names of the students were put. Finally there were 10 students each from class VII and VIII. There were three rounds; one word, two words and three words according to the level of hardness. The participants could either speak the word or write on the overhead projector. The correct spelling was displayed on the board using the LCD for the audience to learn. The students who could not give the correct spelling in these rounds were exterminated. Finally there were six students left and the Bee masters had a tough time breaking this neck to neck competition among them. Finally three students came out triumphantly and the Headmaster distributed the prizes to them. Both the audience as well as the participants had a nice time checking one’s own spelling skills.


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