2nd April: Inter House Basketball Tournament Begins

The most awaited Basketball Tournament among the four different houses Trisong, Triral, Nyatri and Songtsen of TCV School Suja was kicked off on 2nd April at 16:15 local time. The tournament began with one minute mourning for those brave Tibetans who had self immolated. The first match was Junior Girls division between Nyatri House and Trisong House. The second match was Inter boys’ category between Triral House and Nyatri House. Unlike the first match, the second match between Nyatri and Triral Inter Boys pulled huge crowd. The tournament will be going for little more than a week. Every day two matches will be held. The winners and losers will then play against each other and cups and trophies will be distributed.

3rd April: Senior Tibetan Debate

The first Tibetan Debate between class IX and X was held in the school hall Phuntsok Deshi hall. The debate was attended by students from class VII to X and staff members. The chairperson Mr. Rigzin Choeden la unveiled the curtain to disclosed the topic which said “ Within the next ten years, Tibetans cause will be solved” written beautifully in Tibetan with the pictures of 38 butter lamps lined across the topic. The chairperson called upon the speakers which comprised of 3 students each from the two classese; IX and X. Then he called upon the three judges namely Mr. Tsering Logyal la, Mr. Tsewang Dorjee la and Mr. Jigme Wangdue la. The debate began from the proposition side who came one by one giving reasons as to why they propose the topic. After that there was few minutes rebuttal session. Next the opposition team came up one by one and lamented their reason why they are not in favour of the motion. In the end, the opposition team came out as a winner in this first Tibetan Debate. The Assistant Headmaster Mr. Ngawang Thupten la distributed prizes to all the participants and the chairperson gave vote of thanks and the debate came to an end.

The whole staff and students of TCV School Suja went to the Ahju Railway Crossing right after the first period, to receive His Holiness The Dalai Lama, who was on His way back to Dharamsala after His one day visit and Avaloketeshwara empowerment at Tso Pema. A beautiful gate was constructed and the school choir group presented a welcome and auspicious group song to His Holiness, who stopped His car at the gate. All the students were in their clean school uniform, with incense, flowers and scarves on their hands and welcomed His Holiness.

4th April 2012: Lhakar Observed (White Wednesday )

As a mark of support for the Lhakar Movement ( the day on which Tibetans all over the world wear Tibetan dress, speak Tibetan Language, read Tibetan book, write Tibetan, eat Tibetan dishes etc) which was started in Tibet, during the evening prayer, nearly 500 students clad in pure Tibetan National Dress, with candles and butter lamps in their hands and prayers in their mouth, gradually gathered on the basketball ground. The students offered prayers for the brave Tibetans who had self immolated for the Tibetan cause. There were nearly 38 Tibetans who had self immolated. Around few hundred butter lamps making a design of a big butter lamp,were lighted and prayers were offered in a thunderous sound. The prayer session lasted for a little less than an hour. Later the students retired back to their dorms and hostels.

Today was the day on which a little more than a century ago there was a powerful earth quake in th Kangra valley, which had caused lots of loss of lives and property. Remembering that day, there was a mock earthquake drill few minutes before the long break. Prior to this drill, the school had been fully educated on earthquake disaster management and a couple of drill had been done in past years. The Assistant headmater Mr. Ngawang Thupten la once again reminded the staff and students during the morning assembly about things we need to do in case of earthquake. So, the students gathered on the basketball ground with their heads covered well with books, bags, chairs etc.

13th April 2012 : Remembering Auroville

A group of 10 students, clad in white Made in Tibet T-shirt, which they said were given by TSAM ( Tibetan Students’ Association Madras) along with Gyen Yangdon Tsering la gave a long presentation about their experience during their month long stay at Auroville, a small village in Pondicherry. Gyen Yangdon Tsering la, who had escorted them, gave brief background information about this new connection with the Auroville Tibet Pavillion. She was followed by the students, who came one by one and talked about the history of Auroville, the people, the lives and most important they shared their valuable experiences. They also talked about various programs they had through the week.The whole audience listened to them with great interest.

A group of 12 students from TCV School Suja visited Auroville Tibetan Pavillion during the two months’ winter holiday. Like the winter program organized by Ex TCV Association of Nepal, which takes few dozen TCV children every year for winter holiday, a former TCV student and presently working in the Tibetan Pavillion Auroville, Mrs. Kelsang la invited these students for a month stay down there. This program was initiated by the Head Office TCV school Dharamsala. This was the first time TCV School Suja students had been taken and it may be continued in future too.

Before the presentation came to an end, one of the speakers thanked the TCV Head Office, our school, Gyen Yangdon la, the people down there in Auroville especially Acha Kelsang ,the name they lovingly call for Mrs Kelsang la, for giving them such a nice free holiday package and for making them all feel at home down there. One thing was sure, they all accepted that it was one of the most wonderful holiday they had in their life.

They displaced their work and books for the students to see right after their talk. During the school break many students were seen going through their work like painting, knitting, drawing etc.

The school Principal thanked Mrs. Kelsang la, the students and gyen Yangdon Tsering la sharing and coming up with such a nice presentation. He requested other students who had participated in various program during the winter break to share what they had learnt and experienced.


The Inter House Basketball tournament which has been going on for the past two weeks concluded today with two teams; Inter Girls and Senior Boys division. In the Inter Girls’ category, Trisong House beat Nyatri House in two minutes’ extra time.

In the Senior Boys’ category, the two quarters were dominated by Triral House. In the third quarter Nyatri House did their best to cover up the scores. The crowd cheered their respective teams and the game really got fired up. Nobody could guess who would win this year’s Senior Boys’ trophy. Triral House was lacking behind with just three shots just before the final whistle was blown by the official. Everybody expected they would break that gap but their expectation was shattered when the final whistle was blown and thus Nyatri House came triumphantly.

After the tournament the Games Committee chairperson, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la distributed the trophies to the winners in all the divisions.

House wise Results: Basketball 2012

Senior Boys:- Nyatri, Triral, Trisong and Songtsen Senior Girls:- Nyatri, Songtsen, Triral and Trisong

Inter Boys :- Songtsen, Nyatri, Triral and Trisong Inter Girls:- Trisong, Nyatri, Triral and Trisong

Junior Boys:- Triral,Nyatri,Songtsen and Trisong Junior Girls:- Songtsen, Trisong, Triral and Nyatri

19th April : Talk by Mr. Sonam Gyatso la

Mr. Sonam Gyatso la, a former Tibetan teacher and a working committee member of the 15th Tibetan People’s Assembly visited TCV school Suja and gave a valuable talk in the school hall in the afternoon of 19th April as a part of Visiting Tibetan settlements by the members of ATPD. The Representative of the Bir Tibetan Colony Miss. Tsering Lhamo la introduced Mr. Sonam Gyatso la and his purpose of coming here. Later the school Director, Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la gave a warm welcome to him by offering a traditional Tibetan scarf. The whole audience comprising of nearly few hundred gave a loud applause. Mr. Sonam Gyatso la began his talk by thanking TCV School Suja especially the students and the staff members for the love and support. Then he began his talk by talking about the development of Tibetan Democracy, Tibetan issue at the International level, self immolations both inside and outside Tibet. Like a true teacher, he didn’t leave any room for the audience to feel bored. He created some humour in between his talk. He concluded his talk by requesting the students to study well and telling them the importance of taking one’s own responsibilities. After the talk, there was an half and hour question hour session, which was well utilized by the students. Finally the school senior section headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la thanked him on behalf of all the staff and students of the school and offered a school magazine ” Kyareng” as a token of our love and gratitude.

20th April : English Debate Contest

The first English Debate was held in Phuntsok Deshi hall. The topic for the debate was ” That the self immolation will help to achieve the freedom of Tibetan people”. The debate was chaired by Miss. Tsering Yangzom la and her colleague Miss. Phuntsok Dolma la. There were 12 speakers from class VIII, IX and X. The speakers came one by one and presented their argument well. The audience including both the staff and students co-operated with the debaters by maintining silence. The stage remained open for the members of the floor in between the calculation time. The debate went successfully. Finally the chairperson chose the two best speakers and Mr. Tseten Rabgyal la presented the prizes and certificates to the winners and consolation prizes for all the speakers.

20th April 2012 : Inter House Volleyball and Handball concluded

The Inter House Volleyball and Handball competition which had been going on for a little less than a week, concluded today with the distribution of the trophies to the winning teams. With this, two of the major programs which carry the highest points came to an end. The month long games tournament had its final adieu today and the PET thanked all the people involved in this long tournament for their support and co-operation.

21st April 2012: Tibetan Drama Junior School

The class V Tibetan Drama was presented in the Junior school hall at 7 pm. The play was about ” Nyechoe Sangpo” an intelligent Tibetan Minister.There were more than few hundred people including the school Director, the Principal, Junior school headmaster, the teachers and students below class VI. As the curtain raised, the actors came one by one and played their roles. In order to give more chances, there were so many shift roles. The actors were loud and their action was very good and the audience enjoyed the play till the end. Finally, the characters were introduced one by one.The play was arranged by the Tibetan teachers of class V.

23rd April 2012: Class VI English Drama
(Photo courtesy : Gyen Tenzin Sangpo la)
The class VI English Play was presented in the Junior school Hall at 7 pm.The play was based on the story ” Snow white and Seven Dwarfs”.There were few hundred people who were present in the hall including the school Director, the Headmaster, the teachers and the students.The curtain was raised and the narrator began the play by introducing the characters one by one. The students who had participated in the play acted well and the whole audience had a very wonderful time as the play unfolded. The play was arranged by the English teachers of Class VI. The setting and the props used were well up to the mark.The most interesting part of the play was when the seven dwarfs appeared one by one singing.The small children had a very hearty laugh and they were the ones who had enjoyed the play thoroughly.


25th April 2012: Panchen Rinpoche’s 23rd Birthday

Every year, Panchen Rinpoche’s Birthday is observed on 25th April. This year the students’ Human Rights group came up with a nice presentation and display of essays and paintings. The function began with the offering of scarf and butter lamp before the photo of Panchen Rinpoche. After that the chairperson of the Human Rights Club gave an introductory speech which was followed by students’ talk emphasizing on the brief biography of the late 10th Panchen Lama, His 70,000 words petition and his final demise. Speaking on the function, one of the speaker said, “The punishment will never be passed on to the next generation after the death of the culprit, why is present Panchen Lama, Gedun Choekyi Nyima has to be be house arrested?”. A young boy named Gedun Choekyi Nyima was recognized as the reincarnation of late 10th Panchen Lama. The moment he was recognized he was put in prison and nobody know till now the whereabouts of this young boy. Today Gedun CHoekyi Nyima is the youngest prisoner who had not committed any crime.

In order to observe the Birthday of Panchen Lama, the group had organized essay competition in both Tibetan and English language and a painting competition among all the students a couple of days back. So, during the morning function, the results were announced by the group and prizes were given by the school religious teacher. After the function, the essays both in Tibetan and English and Paintings were displayed. This year’s Birthday coincided with the Lhakar ( White Wednesday).


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