Parents Day

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March 5 is celebrated as Parents Day by Tibetans all over. It is an official holiday for Tibetans in exile. “Parents Day” as coined is actually the birth anniversary of the late Dekyi Tsering la who was the great mother to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. She was a very compassionate lady and an exemplary mother. Today is a day to remember and offer gratitude to this great lady in specific and to all the parents in general.

The function at TCV Suja started at 9 am. School Director lit butter lamp and offered khatak in front of her portrait. Likewise, all the staff followed and offered khatak in front of her portrait. Then the Director, Mr. Namdol Tashi la gave the introductory speech. He educated the students about the purpose of the day and started by narrating a brief yet profound biography of the great mother. With his enchanting skill of story telling, he gripped the attention of all and narrated great account of events from her life. He also emphasised on importance of a mother from a religious point of view.



762C4D48-FB83-4BD2-A51B-EAC9C913885AThen Mr. Tsering Ngodup la read out the speech released from the Department of Education, CTA for the occasion. The function ended with thank-you words from the senior headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la.


School Opening Day 1/3/2018

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After two month winter holiday, TCV Suja reopened again for a new academic session. School Opening day was held on 1st March 2018.

Students reported back to school a day before after having spent two month holiday at home. Opening ceremony was held at 9.30 in school hall. Education Director from TCV head office was the chief guest for the function. As customary, school director Mr. Namdol la gave the welcome speech. Thereafter, prizes were distributed to students who excelled in last years exam. The prizes were given away by the chief guests. Then followed the main speech of the day. The chief guest delivered his speech with great poise and affection. He reminded all the students and staff of their moral duties and requested all to work unitedly towards common goal.

The program came to end with an obligatory speech from the school headmaster. He thanked the chief guest for his impactful speech and presence at the function. He also thanked the school director and respectively and all the people involved in making the function successful.

In the afternoon, the chief guest exclusively met with the outgoing students of class 10 and 12 and gave a very inspiring talk to them. These students will sit for upcoming CBSE board exam in the coming week. The mother of all exams, 10th and 12th board exams are the turning points in a student’s life. The Education Director wished them all a very good luck and expressed his great hope from them for an outstanding result.

Staff Orientation Program 2018 27/2/2018 to 28/2/2018

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New academic session 2018 started today with two day orientation program for staff organised by school administration. All the staff reported back to school after two month long winter holiday. Looking fresh and vibrant, all gathered at school hall greeting each other. The program started by offering prayer to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom. Then the school Director Mr. Namdol Tashi la welcomed everyone to the school and wished everyone a very successful new academic session. He then followed by giving brief report of the MDC meeting held earlier during the winter break. HIs key points in his speech was to strengthen unity among staff and team work. He also emphasised on the importance of professional development and appealed everyone for self development.

After the twenty minutes tea break, followed the Principal’s talk. He greeted everyone and started by giving brief report on various academic and non academic programs carried out during the winter for students who were back at school during the holiday. Then followed brief introduction to changes in school’s academic calendar, time table, period allotment and key changes in exam pattern- adoption of new exam pattern from class 6 to 10.
Day two Orientation- distribution of time table and department wise meeting was held. It was as a good start of a year.




Urgent Notice for class XI students

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Final Term Exam begins

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Time has finally come to bear fruits of year long hard work and aspiration. As the students and teachers gear up for the final exam, the weather seems to favour them by bringing out bright sunshine in the morning. It has been cloudy, windy and rainy last few days. But today it shines so brightly, highlighting the freshly snow capped mountains.

The final exam of the year begins today at TCV Suja. School principal wished luck to all the students during the morning assembly and encouraged everyone to adopt fair means to success in their exams and in life too.

Best of luck to all the students.

World’s AIDS Day observed in TCV Suja

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World’s AIDS Day was observed today at TCV Suja. It is celebrated worldwide on 1st DecembeRed-ribbonr and is the first ever global health day. TCV School Suja too observe this day every year under the directives from the Principal Office.

During the school’s morning assembly, all the teachers and students assembled in school’s main hall. Everyone had AIDS logo red ribbon pined on their chest. Science teacher Mr. Tseten Rabgyal la delivered the introductory speech. He educated the student about the disease- it’s nature, diagnosis, treatment and most importantly the precautionary means. Short informative videos were also shown to the gathering. He warned the gathering that one can’t assume that one will not be part of it just because one doesn’t have it now. We never know and we should always be caution and educated about the disease. He also presented updated reports on the disease that he has collected from various sources. He highlighted that if a person is infected with the disease, it’s very important to get it treated. Many victims suffer because they are not treated. The fear of being cajoled by the society inhibits most victims from seeking professional medical treatment. Therefore, he indicated the gathering to avoid biases for the victims and accept them in society like any other human being. The social stigma and discrimination is far more deadly than the disease itself for the victim. One of the importance of observing World’s AIDS day is to unite all people worldwide to fight against the disease not just medically but ethically too. It is observed not just to create awareness about the disease itself but also to help the victims fight it positively by supporting them socially.


Science Teacher Mr. Tserab la educating the gathering with his presentation



Master Yarphel la rapping his self composed rap song on AIDS

After his talk and presentation, school’s western band presented a musical performance relating to the disease. Master Yarphel la sang a self-composed Tibetan rap song. He rapped on the disease and sent a powerful message to the audience. In between the musical tribute, Tibetan teacher Mr. Lhundup Dorjee la read out the press release speech from the Department of Health, CTA for the occasion. Then again, Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la and Mr. Tsering Ngodup la sang a wonderful song for the day. Mr. Dhargyal la sang a Tibetan song on AIDS composed and sung by famous Tibetan singer Tsering Gyurmey la. And Mr. Tsering Ngodup la sang a popular song composed and sung by Singer Jigmey Namgyal la. With their melodious powerful voice, both the singers gave a wonderful performance dedicated to the Day and all the victims around the world.

Lastly, the school principal gave the acknowledgment speech. He thanked everyone involved in making the function successful. He requested the students to be informed and responsible for oneself.

6th Trashion Show in TCV Suja

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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Students at TCV Suja exhibited great creativity and talent at the Trashion Show in the evening of 25th November. Their fashion creation out of garbage and trash in school campus was highly admirable. It was not just an onstage show but a competition. The competition was judged on four categories namely, creation out of paper, plastic, fabric and mixture of all above three material. There were individuals as well as groups who took part in the contest. The participants have spent hours using their creativity in utilizing the garbage in the school campus into beautiful costumes and the result was outstanding. Their beautiful costumes were modeled by various students who adorned it with great style and grace. The Stage was set up such that models could walk on the ramp with confidence and ease. From the stage setup to the background sound and the lighting system, the show simply bore an image of a real fashion show in a showbiz. The creation of young minds were simply incredible. In between the ramp, short videos were shown to the audience about environment destruction caused by our waste of paper, plastic and fabric. It was very touching and inspiring. The show was judged by four panels of judges. Winners from each category were given cash prize. On the whole, it was a very educative night to all the students taking part in the show and those sitting on the floor witnessing it.

The Trashion Show was actually an initiation taken by school’s environment group.  This school has about more than 1000 inhabitants and Garbage has always pose a great challenge to school administration. Every year, School has group of volunteer students who take big role in managing school’s garbage and keeping school’s environment clean. This group of volunteers are led by a volunteer teacher Mrs. Yangdon Tsering la. She has been willingly taking charge of this group for last many years. The group involves in segregating the school garbage into recycling and dump the waste in safe location. They also clean the school environment every morning. There are around 80 volunteer students in this group.

Environmental pollution is the greatest threat and problem faced by the world today. Initiatives are taken by world bodies to educate the children from primary level to conserve our environment. After all, they are the future generation who would suffer from the impact of environment pollution now if not checked on time. So in schools, students are taught to manage their waste and turn waste into wealth. They are taught to share their things and mend the broken things instead of discarding them. This Trashion Show was in a way a practical application of the principles that are imparted now and then to the students.

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