Riglam Day observed on the 10th Anniversary of conferment of US Congressional Gold Medal to his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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TCV Suja observed the 10th anniversary of conferment of US congressional Gold Medal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama by holding Riglam/Dialectic Day in the school. Ten years ago, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded this award in recognition to his advocacy of religious harmony, non-violence, and human rights throughout the world and for his efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue though dialogue with the Chinese leadership. It was the highest US civilian award that was awarded to him. Every Tibetans cherish and value this day.

For the last few years, TCV Suja has been observing this auspicious day as “Riglam/Dialectic Day” in the school. His holiness has repeatedly encouraged and shown great wish in the incorporation of Buddhist dialectic system of probing knowledge in a school’s educational system. And accordingly, the Dialectic or Riglam studies was started in most Tibetan schools from last many years. It is introduced to students from their primary levels. It has been so successful till date and proved to be very beneficial tool in acquiring knowledge in any fields.  So, to express gratitude to his great vision and insight, TCV Suja holds the Riglam or Dialectic Day in the school on this very special day that coincides with his anniversary of conferment of US congressional Gold medal.

Though the students have regular dialectic classes in school, but the last one week’s morning assembly of the school was specially utilised to practice open dialectic debate between students of various class levels. The students voluntarily participate in the debate by their own choice of opponents and debate on various topics. They indulged in very comprehensive debate by correctly following the technique of Buddhist dialectic system of debating.


Students practicing Riglam during the morning assembly.

Today’s official function started at 9 am in school’s main auditorium. The guest of honor was His Eminence Sakya Dhungsey Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche.                                              ( http://www.sakyaheritage.org/AboutUs/avi.html )


The function started with an introductory speech by school’s principal Mr. Karma Sherap la. He gave a brief account of observing the day as “Riglam Day” and how Tibetan buddhist dialectic studies became integrated into school’s academic curriculum. He presented a brief report on yearly dialectic practices and participation in the school by the students and teachers respectively.


After the introductory speech, students of class VII and VIII presented their dialectic debate. Names of the debating groups and topics were put into a basket and the chief guest randomly picked a name and thereby, the chosen candidates took over the stage and presented their debate on the topic picked by the chief guest. It was quite exciting and students waited in eagerness. Two teacher representatives from science department, Mr. Ngathup la and Ms. Gyaltsen Pelmo la too presented a very interesting dialectic debate on a scientific topic. Everyone in the audience listened to it with great keenness and enthusiasm.



Gen. Ngathup la and Gen. Gyaltsen Pelmo la debating

Then, a Tibetan teacher from junior section of the school Mr. Tsering Ngodup la was given an opportunity to launch his first musical video. With the help of some colleagues in his school, he was able to bring out this musical video which he requested the chief guest to officially launch it on this auspicious day. His musical video was named “Gangchen Bodh Ki Nyima” referring to His holiness the Dalai lama and it was his musical tribute to His Holiness the XIV Dalai lama for his life time commitment towards Tibetan people and world peace. His musical video was showcased in the auditorium with the help of a projector.  It was indeed a very beautiful song.

At last, the speech of the Day came from the Guest of Honour. He highly appreciated the initiatives taken by various Tibetan schools in including the Buddhist dialectic studies in their regular academic curriculum and expressed immense gratification on witnessing the presentation by the students. He further pointed on the importance of practicing dialectic in our daily lives and gave a brief account of history of Tibetan dialectic practice in Tibet and India. He then advised the students to choose right friend and companion in their life. He related to this statement by citing few real instances of some people whom he knew that was affected by right and wrong friends. He also advised the children to refrain from bad habits and lifestyles. With his wonderful personality and in-depth knowledge, he captured the audiences from his first word to his last one.

The function concluded with Thank You speech from the philosophy or Riglam teacher, Ven. Yeshi Tashi la. Starting from thanking the chief guest to everyone involved in the occasion, he put an end to the function by reciting an auspicious Tibetan stanza.


English Play by class V and VI (Junior Section) 4/10/2017

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A very popular fictional story of ‘Peter Pan and the Never land’ was beautifully dramatized by the students of Class V and VI. Headed by the English Department, the play was staged after so much hard work and practice by all the participants. The background music score, the costumes and especially the performance of the students were highly commendable.  It was staged in junior section Hall and the audience loved each and every character. The perfection and the quality of the play represents the hard work and dedication of the students and teachers. The play was full of laughter and excitement. The audience watched it in awe and anticipation. Congratulations to the whole team!


Team of the play “Peter Pan “

Gandhi Jayanti Observed in TCV Suja: 2nd October, 2017

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TCV Suja observed 148th birth anniversary of the legend, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ with much reverence and devotion. Mahatma Gandhi is considered the epitome of Non-violence. His approach of non-violence towards India’s freedom struggle was exemplary. He is a renowned International figure and his birth anniversary is celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence by the world body. His Holiness the Dalai Lama too draw inspiration from him.

Remembering this great man on his birth anniversary, TCV School Suja hosted an official program where this day was not just celebrated as his birth anniversary but also rejoiced as a day to thank our host Indian people and government for supporting Tibetans in India and having them here on their land as guests for long years. Indian government has granted refuge to Tibetans on Indian soil since 1959, and Indian people has welcomed Tibetans like their own people. So, this day was also dedicated to all Indians as “Thank You, India” by TCV School, Suja. Various Indian guests were invited to the function. Many local Indian friends too joined in for the occasion. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Rana, head of electricity board Jogindernagar. He was accompanied by his wife.

DSC_0282The official program started at 10.30 am. The program started by singing of Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram, Gandhi’s favorite devotional song by students of class VIII. Then followed the detailed narrative of the observation of this day by the school Director.  Various cultural programs consisting of patriotic songs, poetry recitation and Himachali dances by junior and senior students and teachers followed respectively. Finally, the chief guest then gave the much awaited speech. He congratulated all the performers for their wonderful performance and thanked administration for inviting him as the guest. At last, a souvenir of Lord Buddha’s painting was presented to the chief guest and a photo session with the Himachali dance group followed. Refreshments were served in between the function to all the guests.

To express gratitude and thankfulness to this great man Mahatma Gandhi, various social activities was carried out in the school. On 30/9/2017, the students from class VII to XII cleaned school’s senior campus and on 1/10/2017, the students of class VII and VIII voluntarily cleaned the school junior campus from 7 am to 9 am.  The students of class XII voluntarily renovated a rain shelter in Matroo that was built by the school some years back to express gratefulness to India and its People.  The students cleaned the rain shelter and whitewashed it.

“Tibet Our Country Month” concluded successfully in TCV Suja. 30/9/2017

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A month long Tibet Our Country Project concluded successfully today with a grand function at school’s basketball ground. “Tibet Our Country Project” was first coined in year 1978 at middle section Upper TCV. The project was very successful that year. And since then, it was followed in all TCV Schools every year as part of main academic curriculum. The main aim of holding this project is to keep our students connected with Tibetan culture, customs and traditions. The invasion of Chinese in Tibet and migration of Tibetans in various parts of the world has pose great threat to the Tibetan Culture, tradition and language. The Tibetan race itself is at the verge of extinction. TOCP is therefore one of the important scholastic program of the school. Every student in the school take part in it class wise.

This year, the TOCP closing ceremony took place on 30th September. His eminence, the 11th Kirti Rinpoche (http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meetdocs/2009_2014/documents/droi/dv/501_biokirtirinpoche_/501_biokirtirinpoche_en.pdf) was the guest of honour. The official function started at 9 am. After customary ceremonial formalities like offering butter lamp and Khatak (traditional scarf) to portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by the Chief Guest, the program started.


Mr. Choekyab la, head of Tibetan Department of senior section presided the program. He gave a detailed account of the month long project and explained that only selected few would be presented at the function. The first of all was reciting of the eight verses of “Lojong” i.e. mind training practice in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These eight verses were given to students a month earlier and they had to learn it by heart. Few days earlier, the explanation of these verses were enlightened to the students by Mr. Choekyab la during a morning assembly. So, it was an honor to recite it by whole school in front of the chief guest.

The function then continued with presentation of Tibetan Dialectic by senior students. The students did a great homework on their debating topic and after having acquired in-depth understanding and confidence of the concept of their subject, they presented their dialectic performance by process of reasoning and debate following the rules of Tibetan Dialectic practice. They engaged in a very interesting disputation and took the audience by awe.

The school’s Director then gave the welcome speech and gave a brief account of the school since its inception to the Chief Guest. TOCP introductory speech was delivered by Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the school Headmaster.

The program continued respectively with staging of class wise presentation on Topics like, Tibetan traditional scarf Khatak by students of class VI, Buddhist Thanka painting by students of class X and short Tibetan skit by junior students on Virtues and vice.  Then, prizes were given away to the students who excelled in Tibetan Olympiad held in the school and Model making Competition.

At last, the much awaited speech from the chief guest came. It was his maiden visit to the school. He started by giving a brief self-introduction and expressed admiration and keenness towards the work of the students. He followed by giving a very enriching talk on ‘The Dalai Lama’s Secular Ethics: Beyond Religion’. At last, he urged all the staff to work even harder and sincerely for the children.

After the official function, the chief guest was escorted to school’s conference room to witness the model display of the students for TOCP. Class wise models were displayed in the hall and students stood by their models to give narration. The chief guest was extremely delighted and conveyed appreciation to the students.

In the evening program, a play on King Dremay Kunden was staged by students. This play is about a very generous and kind king Dremay Kunden, a very famous Tibetan Opera.

A brief description of the program carried during the Tibet Our Country Month in senior section are listed as below:



1 Class-wise Riglam Debate during the morning Assembly on various topic assigned by the Tibetan Department. (There are 20 classes from class level VII to XII.)
2 Class-wise model making. Each class made models on concept given by the Tibetan Department.
3 Conducted Tibetan Olympiad for classes from class VII to XII.
4 Tibetan play by students of class IX on popular Tibetan opera about King Drimey Kunden.
5 Besides the regular teaching in the class, time was taken out to teach the students the eight verses of Lojong and description of Thanka to the whole school. About 80% of students were successful in learning the verses of Lojong by heart and accordingly was recited on TOC day in front of the chief guest.



Book Discussion: “Beyond Religion” By: His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, 25th Sep. 2017

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Members of RDL, short for Readers of Dalai Lama gathered today to discuss and share their views and understandings of the book “Beyond Religion”. Adhering to the objectives of this club, the members read books of Dalai Lama and at some scheduled time, the members gather and engage in meaningful discussion and sharing of ideas from the book. The club’s main aim is to imbibe the principles of His Holiness in our daily lives. The student members of the club often gather on Sundays and share their ideas and viewpoints. It has been a success till now.


Gen. Tenzin Dhargyal la sharing his view points.


English Teacher Gen. Dorji Dolma la

This time the Teacher members of the Club met together to discuss on the book “Beyond Religion”. The discussion was mainly based on chapter 5 and 7. Over a refreshment and a friendly environment, the teachers shared their experience, viewpoints and transformation that many of them felt in their dealing in daily lives after reading the book. It was a wonderful gathering where the members engaged so deeply and voluntarily.


Group Photo: Members of RDL

This Club was initiated by Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, social science teacher. He takes keen interest in the club and encourage everyone to read books and engage in meaningful dialogue between the teachers and students. The school administration has further supported his endeavor by rendering him all support and backing. Hats off to all those who have brought up this beautiful Club.

TCV School Suja won the Inter TCV Girls Basketball Tournament 23rd Sep-24th Sep, 2017

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Tibetan schools around Dharamsala participated in Inter school Girls’ basketball tournament held on 23rd and 24th September in TCV School, Chauntra. The participants’ school were TCV Upper, TCV Lower, TCV Gopalpur, TCV Chauntra and TCV Suja and CST Chauntra. It was organized by the TNSA Dharamsala and hosted by TCV Chauntra this year.

The opening started with each school team taking part in a March Pass cladded in their school’s team uniform and flag. After the official opening ceremony, the matches were played between the teams as per the fixtures previously decided. It was a knockout game


Opening Ceremony. School wise March Pass.

between two pools. The final was played a day after on Sunday.

After defeating its opponents in the pool, Girls Team of TCV Suja and TCV Upper reached the finals.  TCV Suja squashed their opponent team by scoring 27 against 2 and won the trophy this year. The girls exhibit wonderful skills and sportsmanship during the tournament.


Team Suja v/s Team Upper


The winning team being awarded by Education Director.

Congratulations to the team of TCV Suja and their coach for the brilliant triumph.

Staff Day 5/9/2017

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5th September is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day” throughout India. It is the birth date of the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a staunch believer of education, philosopher, academician and a great teacher himself. Teachers are considered the torch bearers of our future generation.  They are the gardener who sow the seed for the future. But unlike other schools, Tibetan Children’s Village schools celebrate this day as “Staff Day”.  They dedicate this day not just to the teaching faculties but to non-teaching faculties too. TCV is not just a school but a home to many orphans and semi-orphans children. Therefore, not just teachers but many non-teaching staff like home mother, cook and office staff takes a big role in shaping the growth of these children.


Book by Students for Staff Day 2017

This year was not different. TCV School, Suja celebrated the Staff Day very grandly. It was a day of celebration, acknowledgement and gratitude. Official function started at 8.30 am on school’s basketball ground. Befitting the day, the staff came out in their beautiful attire and sat refreshingly on the chairs that were set for them. The function was opened by school’s prefect with singing of Tibetan and Indian National Anthem. A minute long silence was observed for the Tibetan martyrs. Then, the student captain of junior section talked to the gathering about the importance of observing the day.  The function continued with various cultural performances by the students and inaugurating of two new books by the students for the day. Refreshments were served to the staff in between the function. Then, basketball match was organized between boys and girls team of senior and junior section staff. The whole school cheered for the teams. The staff of junior sections came out winners winning both the title. After the match, a grand lunch await for the staff in school’s main auditorium.  The hall was so attractively decorated by hand paint hangings and letters by the students. Beautiful messages were pasted on the walls. In the evening, the student’s council has arranged a wide range of cultural performances. The students had worked so hard to make the staff feel special and happy. And their hard work bore the fruit. All the staff enjoyed very much. This day has always rekindled the spirit in the staff to work even harder for their children. Thank you Students!



Students performing traditional Dance


Staff boy’s Team


Staff Girl’s Team in Action..


Evening Program

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