International Yoga Day -21 June 2017

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United Nations General Assembly has declared 21st of June as an International Yoga Day in 2014.  And as the whole world observes it for the third time, TCV School, Suja too signified the day by observing it especially among the junior students. The students gathered in the school hall for the morning assembly. Two senior students namely Ms. Pema Khando of class XII and Ms. Tashi Lhazom of class XI took the assembly and acquainted the gathering about the importance of the day and taught them some basic yoga exercises that everybody should practice in their day to day life. Overflowing with excitement and liveliness, the students keenly followed the instructions and postures of the two mentors. The two student tutors taught the children 10 basic yoga poses and exercises.


35Yoga is considered an integral part of physical education. It not just brings in significant changes in the physical well-being of a student but also helps them maintain calm mental state through meditation.

Academic Excellence Award Ceremony -17/6/2017

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20170617_121348TCV Suja yet again soared high among all other Tibetan schools in exile with its excellent academic performance in class XII and X board exam 2017. It has continuously maintained its position at top since the school started class XII three years ago. 111 students from class XII sat for the AISSCE board exam and all of them cleared the test with 100% pass result.

The function started at 11 a.m. in the school auditorium. The program commenced by offering prayers to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom and His holiness the Dalai Lama. School principal then gave the introductory speech. He welcomed everyone and expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the passed out students of class X and XII for bringing out such outstanding result and name to the school. He also congratulated all the concerned subject teachers in specific and whole staff in general for providing the love, dedication and right environment for the students. Ceremonial scarves were offered to all the related teachers and staff and all the passed out students who came to the award ceremony. Ms. Rinchen Kyi delivered her speech. She is one of the two students who scored marks above 90. She started her speech by putting a question to the audiences. She asked them if anyone of them has made a decision (whether important or trivial) in their life on their own. Nobody from the floor raised their hands. She supposed the negative response as lack of self-confidence in oneself. She then highlighted the importance of trust and confidence in oneself. In her casual informal dialogue, she captivated the audiences by sharing her experience as a student and her strategies to perform well academically. She revealed that self-discipline is the root of all successes. She further opined the students have confidence and trust in themselves.

Then, the chief guest Mr. Choeying Dhondup la, general secretary TCV gave his speech for the day. He congratulated the whole school for such wonderful accomplishment and expressed his deep appreciation to every single person directly or indirectly involved in educating our student. He also emphasized the importance of moral values. He held it highest and requested everyone to become a good human being first.

Lastly, school director gave the speech for the day. Like all former speakers, he expressed his appreciation and thankfulness to all concerned people. He also emphasized on the importance of virtue and moral values.

A grand lunch awaited for all staff and passed out students in school conference hall.

Monthly News in English – June


TCV Suja Monthly News Video – May 2017

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Month long preparation for one of the most awaited and talked about event in the school, the Inter House Inter House Cultural Competition concluded in the evening of 1st June. Trisong House (the yellow team) outshined all the other houses and was the winner of the coveted competition.


Besides various academic programs that are carried out in the school, TCV also place a great importance to the co-curricular activities. School believes that these co-curricular programs has great social, practical and educational benefits to the students. One of the main aim behind holding this event in school every year is the preservation of Tibetan culture among the younger generations. The political situation of Tibet is such that it has become even more important and urgent for the Tibetans in exile to preserve Tibetan language and culture which otherwise is being targeted under the Chinese oppressed rule in Tibet. Thus, the Inter House Cultural Competition is one of the most important non-academic programs that is held in the school every year. It has always been dedicated to his Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama whose birthday falls on 6th July.DSC_0321



This year, in all about 350 students participated in the competition either directly or indirectly. The competition was held between four houses on four different varieties of items namely, a group song, a solo song, a junior dance and a senior dance number from each house. The quality and the competency of the competition was a proof that the students and the concerned teachers has worked really very hard for the competition. It was such a power packed contest and the audiences were just as excited as the participants to know the result.


The venue auditorium was packed with students, teachers and guests. It was beautifully decorated and a very big portrait of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama was set so gracefully on the altar. The main guest of the program was Mr. Karma Senge, the general secretary of Department of Education, CTA. He congratulated and admired all the participants and the concerned teachers for bringing out such high quality performance from the students. In awe and admiration of their hard work, he requested the school principal to declare it holiday for the next day. The houseful hall cheered and applauded for the announcement. The prizes were then distributed and coach teachers were felicitated with offering of traditional scarves by the chief guest. The detailed result of the competition are shown in table below:

























Behind the curtain, some students were seen overjoyed for their victory while some were seen with red moistened eyes for their loss. Some were seen consoling their friends while some were giving high fives. But that’s Life. And that is what students are taught from very young age at school. Winning and losing are like two sides of same coin. None is permanent. Similarly, the winner’s trophy doesn’t stay with one house, it keeps rotating every year. But for this year, it is with the Trisong House. Congratulations!!!!

A Sumptuous Feast treated to the Staff of TCV Suja by Ex. Students

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A grand banquet was thrown by group of ex. students to the school staff yesterday. It came rather unexpectedly and a big surprise treat in midst of our hectic school schedule and work.

This group of ex. students were the first batch of junior section who completed their fifth standard and left to various other TCV Schools for further classes. Though there were total of 58 students in this batch, only seven could make it to the school yesterday. It was their sudden decision to revisit their old school and pay their gratitude to staff. Within the short period, they were able to connect to all other batch mates in various parts of the world, and laid down their plans to revisit their old school and treat the staff with sumptuous feast as mark of their gratitude. It was such a beautiful and memorable surprise. Not just the present staff of the school, the former staff nearby also joined the party.

20170522_134309Their program started at 1.30. As the bell for the last period rang, the staff gathered in Conference hall for the lavish lunch waiting for them. These former students stood at the entrance and welcomed everyone with a beautiful smile on their face and hands folded as sign of respect. A landscape picture of their batch students with their teachers taken back in 1997 was framed and put up near the entrance. It was exactly 20 years from now. We were surprised to see the hall so well and beautifully decorated. Heart touching letterings were pinned up on walls and as we read through these letterings, our eyes moistened.mmexport1495604440749

Master Dawa la, representative of former student from the batch of 1997, unfold this special surprise program with a brief introduction to their motive and left the detailed introduction for the evening program. Then, the school director and principal lit the butter lamps as sign of good auspices. Lunch started thereafter.20170522_135036

The evening program started from 5 p.m. All the staff gradually started gathering in the hall. And before the actual dinner was served, these students enlightened us with their motives to revisit their old school and throw us such grand banquet.  The idea was in their minds from long time but the actual implementation started within a short period of time. Within this short period, few of those who are here in India managed to contact all other batch mates living in diverse part of the world and collect fund to put their idea into practical. From many reasons that kindled this idea in them, the most important were the love and respect that they have for TCV Suja. Mr. Dawa la spoke on behalf of his batch mates and told us that there were 58 students in their batch and all came from Tibet at tender age. So, TCV School Suja was not just their first school but their first home in Exile. They are very indebted to the love and hard work of their teachers and home mothers at school that time. They highly applaud the dedication of our staff and recalled how under difficult circumstances, they all stood as one family. Dawa la also pointed out that their one motive to revisit was to set examples to the present and younger generations of students. “Gratitude” is a positive emotion that must be cultivated in the DSC_0091minds of our younger generations. They must not take goodness of one’s as granted. It takes a willingness of someone to show you that goodness and we must learn to appreciate it. They have some little funds especially for junior section that can be utilized for some mini projects.  They then offered khatak to every staff in the hall and a photo session was started. The power of their words once again rekindled the spirit in us and encouraged us to work even harder for our future generations. At last, school director and education director spoke to the gathering. Both of them shared their profound DSC_0111views. Education Director especially urged all to extend support by joining TCV membership.

FB_IMG_1495604661026Dinner started and in between the course, the former students and staff took the stage and entertained the gathering with song, poetries and sharing their opinions. Finally, everybody joined in for the traditional Tibetan group dance (gorshey). We shared lot of laughter and fun. It was such a wonderful day.

Thank you so much dear students for the wonderful treat and for making us proud of ourselves. Your gesture of appreciation will be cherished for long. Wishing you all more success in life.


English Book Fair- Class IV Junior Section 20/5/2017

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20170520_092839English Book fair, mainly aimed at generating reading habits among our children are held in our school every year. Different levels of junior classes hold this fair at different time in a year. Headed by English Department, we saw an English book fair at junior section today shared by the students of class IV. The event was held in junior section Hall.

20170520_094636As we enter the venue, we see all the participants waiting anxiously with their books in their hands and waving to the onlooker students and teachers to listen to their sharing of the books they have read. They all spoke in English. The hall was filled with their muttering and it was so exciting to see their expressions while they narrate their stories. Some students had comment books where they received comments from the listeners.

There were written reports and summaries of the books that the students had read. It was pinned on the walls around the hall. Some students were seen reading the book reports while many had taken seats and listened earnestly to the speakers.

It is very important to implant the culture of reading in our children who mostly prefer sitting on net and watch televisions these days.

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