Mr. Tibet 2017 visits TCV Suja 30/10/2017

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Mr. Tibet 2017  Nyima la visited his old school TCV Suja. It was a very cheerful and joyous moment for all the students and staff. He recently won the Mr. Tibet competition in exile held on 28th October 2017. It was the first of its kind ever held and TCV Suja proudly welcomed him today. (


Mr. Tibet with school Principal Karma Sherab la and other teachers.

Mr. Nyima la was born in Tibet and TCV Suja was the first school in exile from where he started his schooling in 2007 and completed his higher secondary in year 2015.  As a student, he was very hardworking, dedicated and obedient student. He is currently pursuing his higher studies in law from Bangalore.

School’s Principal Mr. Karma la welcomed Nyima to the school and gave his brief introduction to the students. He congratulated Nyima for his victory and offered traditional Khatak as sign of auspices.  He then called upon Nyima to talk to the students.


Group Picture with his old teachers.

In a very eloquent and impressive tone, Nyima gave a power pack heart-to-heart to the students. He started by thanking the school principal for having invited him to the school. He offered his sincere appreciation to all the teachers. Then he continued with the students who were very excited to see him. He talked briefly about his school life and then continued advising the students that they must have an aim in their life. They must pursue their interest and be more serious in their commitments towards their interests.  He said that Hardworking and Discipline are key to all the successes. He concluded by saying that Education and Fitness are two important aspect in his life. Students cheered for him as he left the stage. TCV Suja wishes him all the best of luck in his next ventures in life.

TCV Suja has history of 3 Miss Tibet and now 1 Mr. Tibet winner.





Teacher’s Professional Development Program (TPD) 2017 winds up on 26/10/2017

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T.C.V. Suja observed the final TPD discussion for the year 2017 on 26th October. Under the guidance and support of T.C.V. TPD program coordinator Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la, all teachers of T.C.V. Schools participate in various professional development programs besides their regular academic obligations. Teachers are given full freedom to choose their programs and approaches to carry it out. Teacher’s Professional Development is considered very important for the Educators. Education is a never-ending process and it must not stop at all. TPD program is now made mandatory in most schools. TCV has officially adopted it few years back.

In TCV Suja, TPD program was mostly carried out department wise. Though some individuals carried out the program on their own, but most of the teachers carried it out faculty wise. Today was the final day for TPD discussion for 2017 academic year. Summative 1 TPD sharing was held in the month of August. As the year is now nearing to its end and more focus is put on to the preparation of Term end examination, TPD program for this year took its culmination with very positive windup.

The teaching faculty of both junior and senior sections gathered in the school hall to attend the final TPD discussion. As the teachers entered the venue, beautiful inspiring posters relating to Teachers’ profession were hanged around. Picture slide show of teachers participating in TPD programs were projected on the screen and soft background music of the famous song, “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu was played. A very welcoming and friendly environment was created. School’s Headmaster welcomed everyone to the gathering and invited Mr. Ngawang Thupten la to start the program.

  • Mr. Ngawang Thupten la gave an oral report of TPD program carried out by Science Department of senior section. He shared their group’s experiences and approaches in taking out their program. They participated in “Team Teaching” and discussion on a common topic. He reported that it was a very new experience and it had a very positive outcome. They had made assessments of their programs and are very much inspired to adopt their approaches later too.
  • Then, Mrs. Pema Tsering from junior English department presented a PowerPoint presentation report on their TPD program. Some teachers of English department of junior section proposed to make Tibetan teaching aids to help enrich print rich environment in primary classes. She gave a detailed report on working of their group and outcome thereafter. It was a very wonderful initiative taken by these teachers.
  • Lastly, Mr. Tseten Rabgyal shared his next year’s Professional Growth Plan. One good thing about TPD program in TCV School is that a teacher can uptake any program not necessarily academic but adopt non-academic program too for their TPD plan. So, Mr. Tserab la accepted to plant flowers in the school campus. He plans to utilize all vacant area in the school to plant flowers and plant trees. His proposal was in a way an inspiration to many teachers.
  • Lastly, Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la summed up the TDP program for year 2017. With so much humility and sincerity, he encouraged everyone to participate indulging in anything productive no matter big or small. He said that every individual has capacity to bring positive change. Claiming Teaching as a very pious profession, he requested everyone to be more dedicated and sincere towards their profession. Quoting a famous quotation by J.F. Kennedy, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, he requested everyone to start taking their own small initiative in building the nation.
  • He also presented a presentation of his survey conducted on teacher’s profession. With the help of the bar graphs, he presented the report of his survey.
  • Finally, the school principal Mr. Karma Sherab la extended his vote of Thanks. He thanked each and every member involved in the program and lauded them. He assured his full support and monetary backing for any skill development programs.

The program finally ended over a refreshment of tea and snacks organized by Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la.

22nd Inter House Athletics Meet 2017- 21st Oct. 2017

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T.C.V. Suja witnessed its 22nd Annual Sports day on 21st October, 2017 with a grand celebration. The spirit of festivity filled the atmosphere of the school. The perfect weather, the colorful decorations and the most important of all, the huge turnout of the guests and audiences boosted the moods of the athletes and audiences alike.  It is one of the biggest event that takes place in the school and where maximum number of participation from the students and staff are seen. It is one of the most anticipated and awaited program of the year in the school’s calendar.

The honorable speaker of the Tibetan Parliament CTA, Khenpo Sonam Tenphel la was the chief guest of the event. He arrived little after 9 am. There were so many other guests that included delegates from neighboring TCV Schools, neighboring Tibetan settlements’ representatives and few sponsors of the students in the school. The main event officially started at 9.30 am with class wise March Past led by school’s musical band group and school prefects. The students marched in on the ground with great perfection and synchronization.  Each class level had their own designed flag which two students carry in the front. There was a competition between class wise March Past and Flag design. The theme of the Flag was “Love and Compassion”. The students of class 10 skipped the March Past Competition but they participated in it. Group of 109 students held three different designed flags. 27 white flags with TCV logo symbolizing the 27th founding anniversary of TCV School Suja and 82 flags blend with Tibetan National and Buddhist flag symbolizing the 82nd Birth anniversary of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. These 109 students held these flags and surrounded the ground. This honor has been given exclusively to students of class X as a symbol of good luck and best wishes for their coming board exam and because it would be the last year in this school for many of them.

The program then continued with a welcome speech from the school Director Mr. Namdol Tashi la and narration of a brief report of the school. After that followed the unfurling of the Meet’s flag, chief guest speech and the declaration of the Meet open by the Chief Guest along with oath taking of the athletes commenced the meet open. Then the students marched out from the arena to give way to the next event to start. Before leaving the ground, the school’s band group gave a spectacular performance. The drummers and the flutists presented their skills and captured the attention of the whole school. As they marched out to exit, the students of junior section entered in the arena from the other side of the ground. They presented a Tibetan group song named “Yeshi Norbu” referring to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. The sweet innocent voice of the children filled the whole valley.

Then, the main event, i.e. sports event started. There were total of 56 sports item played on that day. 19 items were already played a day before during the Heat. Each houses have four divisions of boys and girls team respectively. Ranging from sub. Junior, junior, Inter and Senior, the boys and girls team from each house compete in these sport items. As the students participate in these events, the whole school staff were allocated various official duties like guest reception, catering, announcers, recorders, starters, time keepers, field marshals, finishing judges, track judges, mike in charge, photographers, refreshment teams, medical teams, officials at high jump, long jump and shot-put event and still many more. This event was a team work of the whole school and that is why it is considered one of the most important program of a school.

Starting from the first event that was 100m hurdles to the last event in the evening that was invitational relay, the whole event went on very competitively and smoothly. Everyone’s eye was on the score board as the event was getting to its end. All the children cheered for their houses with great sincerity and interest. Refreshment was also provided in between by the refreshment team for the whole school. Special Lunch was treated for everyone.

After the last event of the day, the school band group led the athletes from the four houses to the ground with their respective house flags for the closing ceremony. As the result was read out, the Chief Guest gave away the medals and trophies to the sports event winners. 16 new records were created in various events.

The result of the 22nd Inter House Athletics Meet 2017 as below:


House Points Position
Nyatri 133 4
Trisong 284 3
Songtsen 286 2
Triral 312 1

Result in Detail.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Tharchin la. He thanked each and everyone involved in making the event a super successful one. He also thanked the chief guests and all the other guests for making their presence in the school’s major event. The meet was finally declared closed by the chief guest and the School Flag was handed over to the Principal.  With this, the 22nd Inter House Athletics Meet of TCV School Suja ceased in mixed emotions for all the participants. The winner house rejoiced over their victory by taking group pictures with the trophies while the losing house watched the winners enviously. But it was a super success.



As the quotation goes, “Together Everyone Achieve More”, it was a great TEAM effort.

Annual Picnic For Children Of Junior Students 18/10/2017

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Every year, Anita (Taiwanese madam) and her group from Taiwan voluntarily take around 100 children from junior sections for an annual picnic nearby the school. It mostly fall in the month of October. She sponsors the whole picnic expenses and also provide gifts in terms of monetary and things for the school. This year too, she came to the school with group of 16 Taiwanese to attend the picnic for the small children. She plans for the picnic from the beginning of the year with the sponsorship dealing secretary of the school. The school enlists all those children who are really poor, orphan and who mostly doesn’t go on holidays. All the arrangements for the picnic is done by the school. She then visits school with her group in month of October and attends the picnic. Kids love this moment and wait for it with much anticipation.

This year’s picnic was held just near school campus where there is a fresh stream and meadow. As the children are small, they chose a spot nearby so as to avoid the inconvenience caused during travelling to further distances. Total of 124 children joined the picnic. They left from school in the morning and stayed there till evening. 6 teachers escorted them to the picnic. Various games and activities were organized for them. They had lot of fun. The weather supported the picnickers perfectly.

As a gesture of gratitude to Anita and her group, the school organized a cultural show for them in the school main auditorium. They enjoyed it very much. Her group also presented a group song in Taiwanese. Before they left, they had some friendly sharing of dialogue between the group and the school administration. The school administration expressed their appreciation and gratefulness to her for her constant support to the school. She also shared her unconditional drive to help the children. Her talk was a big inspiration to all the listeners. The program ended with a very positive energy.


Riglam Day observed on the 10th Anniversary of conferment of US Congressional Gold Medal to his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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TCV Suja observed the 10th anniversary of conferment of US congressional Gold Medal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama by holding Riglam/Dialectic Day in the school. Ten years ago, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded this award in recognition to his advocacy of religious harmony, non-violence, and human rights throughout the world and for his efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue though dialogue with the Chinese leadership. It was the highest US civilian award that was awarded to him. Every Tibetans cherish and value this day.

For the last few years, TCV Suja has been observing this auspicious day as “Riglam/Dialectic Day” in the school. His holiness has repeatedly encouraged and shown great wish in the incorporation of Buddhist dialectic system of probing knowledge in a school’s educational system. And accordingly, the Dialectic or Riglam studies was started in most Tibetan schools from last many years. It is introduced to students from their primary levels. It has been so successful till date and proved to be very beneficial tool in acquiring knowledge in any fields.  So, to express gratitude to his great vision and insight, TCV Suja holds the Riglam or Dialectic Day in the school on this very special day that coincides with his anniversary of conferment of US congressional Gold medal.

Though the students have regular dialectic classes in school, but the last one week’s morning assembly of the school was specially utilised to practice open dialectic debate between students of various class levels. The students voluntarily participate in the debate by their own choice of opponents and debate on various topics. They indulged in very comprehensive debate by correctly following the technique of Buddhist dialectic system of debating.


Students practicing Riglam during the morning assembly.

Today’s official function started at 9 am in school’s main auditorium. The guest of honor was His Eminence Sakya Dhungsey Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche.                                              ( )


The function started with an introductory speech by school’s principal Mr. Karma Sherap la. He gave a brief account of observing the day as “Riglam Day” and how Tibetan buddhist dialectic studies became integrated into school’s academic curriculum. He presented a brief report on yearly dialectic practices and participation in the school by the students and teachers respectively.

After the introductory speech, students of class VII and VIII presented their dialectic debate. Names of the debating groups and topics were put into a basket and the chief guest randomly picked a name and thereby, the chosen candidates took over the stage and presented their debate on the topic picked by the chief guest. It was quite exciting and students waited in eagerness. Two teacher representatives from science department, Mr. Ngathup la and Ms. Gyaltsen Pelmo la too presented a very interesting dialectic debate on a scientific topic. Everyone in the audience listened to it with great keenness and enthusiasm.



Gen. Ngathup la and Gen. Gyaltsen Pelmo la debating

Then, a Tibetan teacher from junior section of the school Mr. Tsering Ngodup la was given an opportunity to launch his first musical video. With the help of some colleagues in his school, he was able to bring out this musical video which he requested the chief guest to officially launch it on this auspicious day. His musical video was named “Gangchen Bodh Ki Nyima” referring to His holiness the Dalai lama and it was his musical tribute to His Holiness the XIV Dalai lama for his life time commitment towards Tibetan people and world peace. His musical video was showcased in the auditorium with the help of a projector.  It was indeed a very beautiful song.

At last, the speech of the Day came from the Guest of Honour. He highly appreciated the initiatives taken by various Tibetan schools in including the Buddhist dialectic studies in their regular academic curriculum and expressed immense gratification on witnessing the presentation by the students. He further pointed on the importance of practicing dialectic in our daily lives and gave a brief account of history of Tibetan dialectic practice in Tibet and India. He then advised the students to choose right friend and companion in their life. He related to this statement by citing few real instances of some people whom he knew that was affected by right and wrong friends. He also advised the children to refrain from bad habits and lifestyles. With his wonderful personality and in-depth knowledge, he captured the audiences from his first word to his last one.

The function concluded with Thank You speech from the philosophy or Riglam teacher, Ven. Yeshi Tashi la. Starting from thanking the chief guest to everyone involved in the occasion, he put an end to the function by reciting an auspicious Tibetan stanza.

English Play by class V and VI (Junior Section) 4/10/2017

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A very popular fictional story of ‘Peter Pan and the Never land’ was beautifully dramatized by the students of Class V and VI. Headed by the English Department, the play was staged after so much hard work and practice by all the participants. The background music score, the costumes and especially the performance of the students were highly commendable.  It was staged in junior section Hall and the audience loved each and every character. The perfection and the quality of the play represents the hard work and dedication of the students and teachers. The play was full of laughter and excitement. The audience watched it in awe and anticipation. Congratulations to the whole team!


Team of the play “Peter Pan “

Gandhi Jayanti Observed in TCV Suja: 2nd October, 2017

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TCV Suja observed 148th birth anniversary of the legend, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ with much reverence and devotion. Mahatma Gandhi is considered the epitome of Non-violence. His approach of non-violence towards India’s freedom struggle was exemplary. He is a renowned International figure and his birth anniversary is celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence by the world body. His Holiness the Dalai Lama too draw inspiration from him.

Remembering this great man on his birth anniversary, TCV School Suja hosted an official program where this day was not just celebrated as his birth anniversary but also rejoiced as a day to thank our host Indian people and government for supporting Tibetans in India and having them here on their land as guests for long years. Indian government has granted refuge to Tibetans on Indian soil since 1959, and Indian people has welcomed Tibetans like their own people. So, this day was also dedicated to all Indians as “Thank You, India” by TCV School, Suja. Various Indian guests were invited to the function. Many local Indian friends too joined in for the occasion. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Rana, head of electricity board Jogindernagar. He was accompanied by his wife.

DSC_0282The official program started at 10.30 am. The program started by singing of Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram, Gandhi’s favorite devotional song by students of class VIII. Then followed the detailed narrative of the observation of this day by the school Director.  Various cultural programs consisting of patriotic songs, poetry recitation and Himachali dances by junior and senior students and teachers followed respectively. Finally, the chief guest then gave the much awaited speech. He congratulated all the performers for their wonderful performance and thanked administration for inviting him as the guest. At last, a souvenir of Lord Buddha’s painting was presented to the chief guest and a photo session with the Himachali dance group followed. Refreshments were served in between the function to all the guests.

To express gratitude and thankfulness to this great man Mahatma Gandhi, various social activities was carried out in the school. On 30/9/2017, the students from class VII to XII cleaned school’s senior campus and on 1/10/2017, the students of class VII and VIII voluntarily cleaned the school junior campus from 7 am to 9 am.  The students of class XII voluntarily renovated a rain shelter in Matroo that was built by the school some years back to express gratefulness to India and its People.  The students cleaned the rain shelter and whitewashed it.

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