3rd Career Awareness Program

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15078566_1525576687469380_9191254658362909559_n21st November 2016: The 3rd Career Awareness Program was organized at TCV School Suja by Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, the career counselor. A group of 5 professionals were invited to speak to the students. They were Mr. Naga Sangay Tendar la, translator at LTWA, Mr. Kunchok Gyaltsen la, Lecturer at Sarah, Dr. Tseyang la, resident doctor at Bir, Mr. Tenzin Namgyal la, legal advisor of CTA and Mr. Tenzin Kalden la, a film maker. The program was attended by the schol Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la, teachers and the students above class VIII.

The program began with the welcome and introductory speech from Choesang Lhamo, a class XII student. After that master Sonam 15202554_1525577184135997_7342191136305136506_nPhuntsok another class XII student gave a brief introduction of the 5 guest speakers. This was followed by the experts sharing their expertise on their specialized fields for 5 minutes. The panelists spoke so nicely and gave a very clear picture about their professions. The also share some of their experiences and the most importantly the scope for future. The whole audience listened to the experts with lots of interest and expectation.

Master Tsemchok Dorjee, another class XII students opened the question answer session. He requested the students to ask their questions clearly. Soon, there were battery of questions and doubts shot 15181532_1525577050802677_8797852068826811013_nby the students on the floor. The experts lovingly took the questions and gave satisfactory answers in a very candid manner. After the short Q&A session, the panelists were taken for short refreshment. Before that, they were presented scarf and souvenir as a token of love and gratitude from the school.

After the short recess, the senior students were divided among the 5 professionals according to their choice and interest. The five panelists were allotted different locations and interacted with the students for the next hour. The students utilized this session very profitably and the professionals were very much elated to clear the student’s doubts and 15179002_1525577194135996_7510766829911642317_nqueries. They finally dispersed for lunch.

Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la organizes such career Awareness Day every year so that the senior students can get in touch with the real professionals who are already making their contributions in the society. The program is very much liked and appreciated by the students and it helps the students very much. Last year there were another 5 professionals selected according to the taste and interest of the senior students. Next year, there will be another group of experts who will be sharing their expertise.


Youth Outreach Program from TSP

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Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la talking to the students. Sitting beside him is Mr. Kalden la ( Photo: Gen Monlam la)

16th November 2016: Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la and Mr. Kalden la, executive members of TSP (Tibetan Scholarship Program) visited TCV School Suja and gave talk to the students of class XI and XII in Phuntsok Deshe hall during the last two periods. The duo has been touring and speaking to the students of class XI and XII and college students as a part of their Youth Outreach Program by Tibetan Scholarship Program Alumni Association funded by The Tibet Fund. The main objective of this program is to share their experience and guide the youngsters about this prestigious Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships abroad and give mentor to those interested aspirants.


The senior students listening attentively in the school hall (Photo: Gen Monlam la)

The school Hadmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la gave an introductory and welcome speech to around little more than 300 senior students including their teachers. After the introduction, Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la, a marketing Professional gave a bird’s eye view of the life and prospect of studying abroad especially in American Universities. He enlivened his presentation by using vivid pictures of his stay in the States.

After that, Mr. Kalden la, a Film making background gave talk with an informal introduction about him. He basically spoke on how to get there (Abroad) and the preliminary processes one has to go. He also spoke briefly about the recently unveiled TSP website http://www.tspalumni.org/ and the facilities it provides for the young aspirants.


The two resource persons for the Youth Outreach Program initiated by TSP Alumni Association in collaboration with the Tibet Fund

Both of them gave a very brief and candid talk keeping in mind the tight school schedule. Everybody in the hall including the teachers gave a big round of applause for their inspirational and informative talk. After that there was half an hour Q&A session which was profitably grabbed by the inquisitive students. Finally, the school Headmaster offered scarves as a token of our love and gratitude for the two young resource persons through school Career Counselor Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, an TSP Alumni herself.

Chill Dren’s Day

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Nima la unveiling his new book with the school Director ( Photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

14th November 2016: In the wake of all the fuss going on with the Government’s Demonetization, TCV School Suja celebrated Children’s Day successfully. The function and the whole day program was conducted by the school Students’ Advisory Committee. The guest of honour was Dr. Tseyang la, TCV Suja Alumni and presently the resident Doctor at Tibetan Traditional Medical Centre, Bir. The school captains and prefects were the main guest for the occasion.


Dr. Tseyang la presenting the souvenirs ( Photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la, the chairperson of the SAC ( Students’ Advisory Committee) gave an opening and welcome speech. He wished everybody a Happy Children’s Day on behalf of all the staff members of the school. Mr. Ackloe la, the Secretary of SAC gave a brief introduction of the day. After that there was book inauguration by master Nyima of class IX, which was done by the school Director Gen Choeying Dhoundup la. The school captains and prefects and students’ volunteers were given scarves and souvenir by the Students’ Advisory Committee for their undaunting service for the school.


Phuntsok Deshe Band presenting their songs (Photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

After that refreshment was served for the students and the guest which was followed by nearly one and half hour program by school Phuntsok Deshe band. They presented some of their sweet and foot tapping numbers and the whole crowd had a wonderful time. Soon, the games for the Junior students started. The children had a wonderful time participating in various games organized by the Junior section teachers. Children were seen winning good prizes for their participation.

A special lunch was arranged in all homes and hostels by the staff members, who worked hard in the preparation of the dishes. After lunch, a game was arranged for the senior students. Mr. Choekyab la did a wonderful job in hosting the games along with other colleagues. The students supported by pouring in large numbers. A complimentary Tambola was arranged in the evening and prizes were the daily commodities which was very handy for the students.


Students enjoying their refreshments ( Photo: Gen Monlam la)

The evening program began at 6:30 pm on the basketball ground in the midst of the special full moon in its extra luminosity. There were songs, dances, drama and poetry from all the departments. The students had enjoyed as much as the staff members had enjoyed presenting their items. The eventful day eventually ended with a vote of thanks from master Thutop la, the school captain. Thank You all staff members especially the Students’ Advisory Committee for the making all the children HAPPY!

Key to Academic Success:Mindset

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Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la talking to the students on his topic ” Key to Academic Success: Mindset (photo: Lha Charitable Trust)

21st November 2015: Lha Charitable Trust, NGO based in Dharamsala organized an education talk, “Key to Academic Success: Your Mindset” at TCV School Suja. Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la, the former Education Officer of the Department of Education, CTA Dharamsala was the speaker. Having recently acquired MPhil in Education from Cambridge University, England he had felt the need to highlight this awareness among Tibetan Schools in exile.

The primary aim of the program is to motivate the students into learning by giving them essential tips on ways to becoming a good learner. He basically spoke about the two types of mindset; Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. He encouraged both the students as well as the teachers to develop growth mindset. He also disclosed various ways to identify the two mindsets and how to check which mindset you have.


TCV Suja students listening attentively to Mr. Gyaltsen la (Photo: Lha Charitable Trust )

The students listened to his talk with lots of interest and enthusiasm as he presented his talk with the help of powerpoint. He also captured the attention of the students by using his presentation skill which he had developed during his many years of teaching in the school. There was also half an hour interaction between the students. Many students cleared their doubts about learning from him.

Finally, the school Principal thanked Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la and the Lha Charitable Trust for throwing light on such important topic in the field of learning. He offered a scarf and school magazine as a token of love and gratitude.

Children’s Day Celebration

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The students being enlivened by Phuntsok Deshe Band with their assorted songs

14th November 2015: Children’s Day which falls on 14th November every year after the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated in TCV School Suja by arranging various programs by the school staff members. The program is being organized by the student Advisory Committee every year. The day is usually given lots of importance by both the staff members as well as the students and has become one of the most memorable days in school life. A great effort is put by the school to make the students happy.

The most awaited day began with a function on the basketball ground at 8 am. Mr. Choedak Gyatso la, the Chairperson of the Students’ Advisory Committee gave a warm welcome and introductory speech. Speaking on the occasion, he said that students should always remember the expectation put on by their parents and likewise move forward. He also requested them to obey their teachers and study hard. During the function, the school Captains and prefects were given appreciation certificate and souvenir by the committee which was soon followed by the song presentation by the school Phuntsok Deshe band. During the performance, ceremonial sweet rice and tea were served by the teachers. The students had a wonderful time listening to the songs while relishing on sweet ceremonial rice and tea.


The students wooed by the school Staff band as the band members serenaded

There were various programs after the function. There were class-wise games for both the Junior as well as the Senior sections. The organizers had arranged interesting party games and above all, the presents were really good and worthy for the students. Both the staff and students were called around the basketball ground and games were presented one by one. The students were very cooperative and the staff members encourage the students by coming up in large attendance. The worries of the exam and the studies were all left aside and the students left no stone unturned in enjoying their own day.

A special meal was prepared at their respective homes, dormitories and hostels by the staff members who were scattered into various places to help prepare those meals. The students were found going back to their respective places in anticipation of a special meal.

IMG_3368In the evening, there was special program comprising of song, dance, drama etc by the staff members who had spent a handsome time practicing. The students enjoyed watching the program as much as the staff members had enjoyed presenting to them. There were around 20 items yet it seemed it finished so fast. Finally, Miss Norbu Dolkar la, the school captain extended vote of thanks to all the staff members on behalf of all the students for making the student happy and always working hard for the students. One important day in the life of a student concluded with lots of good memories for all.

Career Fest

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The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

30th October 2015: 2nd Career Fest was held at TCV School Suja on 30th October as a part of Social Day and Career Day. Experts from 8 different professions like Journalism, Software engineering, writer, activist, teacher, Lawyer, Computer Engineering etc. These 8 professions were found to be in great demand among our senior students according to the need based survey done few weeks earlier. The function began in the school hall in the presence of the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la.

The entire month of October was dedicated to Social Day and as such different projects were undertaken by different classes and their respective teachers with kind guidance from the Social Science Faculty. A mock interview and resume presentation was done a day in advance exclusively for the class XII students and they were awarded marks by the concerned teachers. So, the winners were given prizes during the function by the Department Head Mr. Choedak Gyatso la.

A brief introduction of the 8 panelists was done by a class XII student followed by 5 minutes talk by the panelists on their own chosen profession. The hall which was filled with students above class VII and teachers listened to the panelists with great interest. The panelists shared their experiences and encourage the students to dream high and start achieving excellence. After that there was Q&A session for half an hour during which students cleared their doubts and got enlightened by the panelists.

After that the school Director presented souvenirs for the 8 panelist. The school captain Master Tamdin la extended his vote of thanks on behalf of the school to all the panelists for coming from various places and encouraging and supporting the students. After the function, the students were divided according to their choice of streams and each group was joined by the concerned expert. There was interactive session between the expert and the students.

This career fest was the second time Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, career counselor of the school had conducted with the sole aim of creating awareness for our children. As usual she was given support from the senior class teachers and the school heads.

There was also presentation of different career chosen by the students on the basketball ground. Each profession had their own booth and the students explain about their profession. The booths were beautifully adorned with charts and models. Some of the students were also found in their own professional costumes and uniforms. The senior classes had spent lots of time and hard work in putting up all those presentations. All the classes visited the booth turn by turn. So many students were inspired and learned a lot about their future career.

In the evening, a career quiz was organized by the Department and all the quiz masters and the hosts were students. The students were well equipped in everything and the quiz went very successfully. There were six rounds starting from Colleges and University rounds to Entrance Test rounds. The career and social Day concluded with a happy note and everybody had something to learn from this eventful day. The school thanked all the Social Department members headed by the chairperson and the school Career Counselor Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la for their systematic and well chalked out plan.

Talk to Class XI Students by Miss Dhadon la and Pelkyi la

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25th November 2013: This year owing to the introduction of class XI Humanity stream, a lot of workshops and talks have been arranged by the school particularly by the faculty members. One such was the talk by Miss. Dhadon Sharling la and Mrs. Tenzin Pelkyi la. They had been invited by Mrs. Tsering Dolma la, a teacher of class XI.

The talk was arranged in the school hall for the students of class XI. The two speakers talked turn by turn on some of the major issues concerning the youngsters and their future career. The two speakers, particularly Dhadon Sharling, who had given countless workshops in various Tibetan communities, enliven their talk by various stress-busters and activities.

Their talk began with from simple yet important things like taking care of one’s food and eating habits to developing creativity and moving forward in life. The students enjoyed the talk by these young female speakers, who have been idols for many. The session, though quite short was very helpful for the students.

Students’ Day Celebration

14th November 2013: 14th November which is the Birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal, was celebrated as Children’s Day all over India. Here TCV School Suja, like other TCV Schools celebrated the day as Students’ Day. Like every year, it is the day which is anticipated by both the staff and students. On the very outset, the staff members presented the march pass, where there was maximum participation of the staff members. The march pass was led by the staff band followed by the march pass of the staff members in four different houses. There was a huge round of applause as the staff members marched out on the basketball ground. There were tears tolling from some of the students’ eyes as they saw the staff members doing such things for the mere enjoyment of the students.

After the march pass, there was a function on the basketball ground and the school captains, prefects and Cleanliness monitors were the chief guest. After the hour long function, there was morning program by the school staff Phuntsok Deshi band. For nearly two hours, they presented their songs in various languages while the students nursed their tea and sweet rice.

After lunch there was games and sports for the children below class III. A large number of staff members made their presence along with the students to give their moral support for the tiny tots.

In the evening, the staff members presented their cultural programs. The cultural program had a good variety such as songs, dance, jokes etc. The students enjoyed the program thoroughly as much as the staff members had enjoyed performing in the midst of the cold waves blowing from all directions.

 Photography and Videography Workshop

12th November 2013: A group of two students and a senior Faculty member from Jamia Milia Islamia, a prestigious University of Mass Communication in New Delhi arrived at TCV School and gave intensive Five Days workshop on Photography and Videography for the Photography Club students and those who had passion for these two.

The main aim of this workshop which has been going on in various schools in India is to make the students develop interest in Photography and Videography, which play important role in Education now a days. The workshop also aims to create some awareness about Journalism as a career.

There were around 30 fully interested students from various grades who had attended the workshop from the beginning to its end. Mr. Tenzin Sangpo la, who is very much interested in Photography himself co-ordinated the workshop. Every day the workshop began in the afternoon without hampering much to the students’ daily classes.

The workshop was divided into theory and practical classes. Unlike other workshops, this time the students were able to handle various still and video cameras both semi professional and professional ones. Miss. Sumeran and Aksa, made the students felt comfortable with the cameras and they took the classes turn by turn with Mr. Akzam as the overall guidance.

On the fourth day, the students were put in groups of four and five along with one teacher each and went for practical shooting. The students shot the whole activities of the school one by one. The students were very happy to know that they were holding the professional video camera themselves. “It’s my first time taking such workshop on Photography and Videography without having to pay a single penny and I felt so happy to learn so many things. It will also help in choosing my career in futures. So, I thank the school for arranging such workshop”, said Tashi, an attendee.

From the five days’ workshop, the group has come up with one Documentary on Life in TCV Suja and Joy of Reading, which the students themselves had shot. The Documentary has been taken back with the mentors for post production.