23rd June: TCV Suja Celebrates SOS Day

Enthusiasm and enjoyment lived all day long when entertainment of highest degree was kicked off one after another in T.C.V Suja on the birth anniversary of Dr. Harman Gmeiner. The day started with the morning assembly at 8.00 am, where home mothers were the chief guest in recognition to service and love to the students of homes to which Dr. Herman Gmeiner was known for. In the gathering Mr. Ngodup Wangdu, The school Director not only introduced the day to the students but he also called upon the students to take inspiration from Dr. Herman Gmeiner  to bring some changes not only in their lives but also to the world at large. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sonam Sichoe, the Principal, reminded the importance of time and earnest need to utilize it in more productive ways, he also called upon the dire need of taking care of its fragile environment and keeping one’s surrounding clean. And with the junior section’s Headmaster Mr. Tashi Topgyal‘s vote of thanks the event was concluded.

But that was not the end of the day, as the most prominent part of the day was still to go, and that was the final foot ball matches that was to be played in the noon, between the boys finalist and girls finalist teams. The four teams reached in the final after defeating almost twenty teams in the knock out matches that was played as a tribute to Dr. Herman Gmeiner.

Mr.Kalsang Lhundup, the secretary Games Committee appraised the successful completion of this year’s Herman Gmeiner tournament at the closing ceremony. Perhaps he was right beyond any doubt particularly if the final matches were to be considered.

The match was played at the perfect backdrop, where the sun was at its best and weather was in all time good. The first of the two final matches that was kicked off on the day was between Team A and Team B of class X girls. The girls’ final match was kicked off at 3.20 p.m with the low start from the both the side. Though it was Team A, who dominated the first half in all the departments, be it attacking, ball possession, passing and in defence, but that couldn’t help them to get the desired lead as  both the team had to retreat back to their dressing room without any goal till the first half.

The match gained the momentum just in two minutes of the second half when Tenzin Choekey of Team A  seized a goal for her team when referee Tenzin Namgyal penalized the opponent team for a handball in the spot kick area.

The dominance of team A further continued when Tashi Dolma with her right kick put the lead further to 2-0 at the 48th minute. Though it was desperate but team B tried it’s best to bounce back but it was again a shot from Tashi Dolma leading the score to 3-0. Though in the last minute Dawa Youdon of Team B, scored a goal for the team, putting the score to 3-1 which was not enough to win the match.

Though the match finished off, the blistering performance that was staged soon after the match by solo singer Loden and group dance by XYZ group and Pepsi Smash group on English numbers brought back the crowd’s enthusiasm to the same height.

But that was not the end for the day, as the expression of face and reflection of eyes of the crowd speaks of something more that was to happen and yes there was a reason, as the final match of boys between the Phoenix and SOS was scheduled after the performance.

The much awaited match of the boys’ team was finally kicked off just after the performances. Though the weather could prove to be a spoiler in the beginning of the match but thankfully it didn’t cause much harm.

The tussle between the two was worth watching but none of the team couldn’t breach the opponent’s defence in the first half. The later part of the half brought a great change in scene, the Phoenix who looks dangerous throughout the game, showed their true colour when Dhundup Tsering catapulted his team to 1-0 lead and the fate of SOS team was finally sealed when Sonam Dakpa’s left foot shot put its team to 2-0 lead in the final minutes.

Finally winning team Phoenix (Boys) and Team B of class X lifted the cup and brought an end to the month long tournament played in the remembrance of Dr. Herman Gmeiner.

At last the day met its final point of celebration when kindergarten students staged an incredible performance, that it not only added life to the musical show that was organised by the junior school and but made the whole day remarkable one.

Hermann Gmeiner Football Tournament 2012

IMG_8925 by rongpo2003@yahoo.comThe Hermann Gmeiner Football Tournament , popularly known as” Cake Tournament” among TCV schools was kicked off on 11th June 2012 at TCV School Suja. The Tournament  began with the march pass of the teams with the school band and the school Captains and Prefects. This year there were 14 Boys’ teams and 6 Girls’ teams including two Staff Teams. All the 20 teams assembled on the football ground in their respective Jerseys and flags and sang Tibetan national Anthem followed by one minute mourning for our Martyrs. The school Captain Master karma choedak took the oath on behalf of all the  teams. After that all the teams posed for a group photo in the presence of the school Director and the principal Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la and Mr. Sonam Sichoe la respectively. The opening match was between Class X Boys’ team and Class IX Boys’ team.
This knock-out tournament will be going for the next few days. The Tournament was started in the memory of the Late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS villages. The tournament  is played in various TCV schools in India. The final match will be played on 23rd June, the SOS Day and the winners will be treated for a big cake and juice.
IMG_8925, a photo by rongpo2003@yahoo.com on Flickr.

5th June: Book Tractor Fair 2012

IMG_8817 by rongpo2003@yahoo.com
IMG_8817, a photo by rongpo2003@yahoo.com on Flickr.

The Book Tractor Fair 2012 which has been touring the schools in the north India visited TCV School Suja after having visited TCV Dharamsala and Gopalpur. The Gurgoan based Book Tractor reached TCV School Suja on 8th June and the fair was held in the school hall and it lasted for three days during which both the students and staff members procured their most wanted books on little discount.

During the three days’ Fair the students were taken during the class period by their respective teachers. Since it was the first time such Book Fair was held, both the students and the staff members was able to get a real experience of what was really happening in Book Fairs held in big cities. The manager of the Book Tractor had arranged the books into various genres. Some of the students spent their time reading the books they liked rather than buying.

Those who had bought books amounting to more than Rs. 400 were given gifts comprising of items related to students. Through out the three days’ Fair, a good number of students kept pouring in and purchasing the books of their choice. The school also looks forward such Fair in future.

8th June: National Science Olympaid winners

IMG_8851 by rongpo2003@yahoo.com
IMG_8851, a photo by rongpo2003@yahoo.com on Flickr.

The winners of the National Olympiad Science and Mathematics were presented certificate and medals by the school Principal Mr. Sonam Sichoe la during the Joint morning assembly. Mr. Pema Rigzin la, the Department head of Science and maths read out the names of the students one by one. The National Olympiad is held every year all over India in various subjects like English, Maths, Science and Computer. Every year the students of Suja also Participates and has been bagging prizes even in the district level. This year again quite a large number of students are registering their names for the test which charge Rs. 120/ per subject. This year the exam will be held in the month of November.


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  1. kalsang tsering
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 10:20:58

    it me kalsang tsering from upper tcv and now i am read in +1…… my ex school is suja and now i really miss a lots but nothing to do … we the all of tcv suja are reallly missing a lots and wish you all the staffs and students are very very good luck for all …. love you suja thank you a lots ..


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