SA I Kicks off

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The students of class IX and X giving their Summative Assessment I in the exam center (Photo:Gyen Ngawang Tseten la)

The students of class IX and X giving their Summative Assessment I in the exam center (Photo:Gyen Ngawang Tseten la)

8th July 2015: The Summative Assessment I (SA I) of class IX and X began today like all other TCV Schools after a slight change in their exam schedule. The school auditorium had been already turned into their exam center and seating arrangement had been done days in advance. There were around 300 students in class IX and X. The examination began successfully with proper planning and setting by the school Principal Office, the Headmasters and teachers. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la makes occasional visits during the exam hours to make sure everything is fit and fine.

Unlike previous years, this year class X question papers was from the CBSE directly. There were more excitement and curiosity as to how the paper would be. In spite of these, both the students and the teachers had left no stone turned in doing a great preparation. The first paper was English Communicative and the last paper would be Information Technology (IT).

School Auditorium beautifully turned into exam hall for Summative Assessment I (Photo; Gyen Ngawang Tseten la )

School Auditorium beautifully turned into exam hall for Summative Assessment I (Photo; Gyen Ngawang Tseten la )

All the staff members and the school heads send their good wishes to all the students. The Summative Assessment I (SA I) of the rest of the classes starts from 14th July and last for a week. After that, the students will leave for their exam break holiday. The school observes total zero tolerance to petty games and noises in the campus during these long exam days.

His Holiness turns 80

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Cultural presentation after the Sangsol and lifelong prayer

Cultural presentation after the Sangsol and lifelong prayer in the school hall

6th July 2015: The school had a grand celebration to mark the 80th birthday or Gayton of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Here in the school, the day began with the Sangsol and the lifelong prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The prayer was held in the school hall. After the prayer His Holiness portrait was ushered to the throne which was surrounded by the newly printed pictures of great Indian Buddhist masters. The school heads, Management committee, the staff members and the school captains and prefects offered scarves to His Holiness’ Photo.

The school Director read out the statement of Kashag on His Holiness’ 80th birthday followed by Miss. Tenzin Deyang la who read the statement of ATPD in English. After that, Mr. Rigzin Choedhen la talked on various achievements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He also spoke on how grateful Tibetans are to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The school Principal requested the staff and students to make His Holiness’ Birthday memorable by getting rid of any one bad habit and taking pledge in doing some good work.

A glimpse of staff members enjoying party games in the conference hall organized by staff welfare committee

A glimpse of staff members enjoying party games in the conference hall organized by staff welfare committee

After that, there were songs from 4 singers who had purposely come to present their songs. Two of the singers were former students of this school. All of them were given scarves and present by the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la after the song. There were four more songs, all in praise of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. All the songs were well prepared and everybody gave a huge round of applause especially when the band started singing “Happy Birthday to you”.

After the function which took little more than 3 hours, the staff members were invited for the inauguration of the school staff community center. There was brief refreshment for all. The students went back to their hostels, homes and dormitories for special lunch. For the staff members, the school welfare committee had arranged a grand feast in the conference hall. There were various party games and activities till late night. The food and the music was also good.

Suja’ s Got Talent

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photo 130th June 2015: Suja’s got talent was organized by Junior English department so as to give platform to the junior students to show their hidden skills and grow up with real education. It was held in the junior section hall on 30th June. There were 15 groups and individuals showing different talents. The talents which students had shown were Tibetan n English dance n song, slow motion, martial art, magic show, beat box, Hindi n Nepali songs.

photo 2Miss Tenzin Sangmo, a 4th standard student and the main host of show unveiled the beautifully adorned stage, with “Suja’s Got Talent” written in big letters. Her presentation and the hosting of the show itself was a great talent and left many awestruck. She called upon the four judges one by one, who were all teachers.

After that the names of the participants were called one by one. All the participants presented their talents and it really gave a tough time for the judges. The whole events went sensation and everyone was left with appreciation, laughter and wonder. It took almost two hours. The school director distributed the prizes to the winners who were unanimously selected by the four distinguished jurists. The school Director was pleased and filled with lots of admiration.

Inputs by Gen Tenzin Choedon la)

World Drug Day

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photo 1 (1)29th June 2015: As a part of World Drug Day, a brief function was held on the basketball ground during the morning assembly. Mr. Nyima Tsering la, a senior science teacher introduced the day and gave a detailed talk on Drug Abuse and its harmful effect in our precious human life. He also introduced everybody to the two types of drugs; stimulants and depressants. He concluded his talk by requesting the students to stay away from unhealthy habits and remain healthy.

photo 2 (1)After that, a group of students headed by Gen Yangdon Tsering la presented a drama related to drugs and its catastrophic disaster. The students had really worked hard in advance and thus their drama was appreciated by all with a huge round of applause. The students were able to get into the characters properly. It was really true that “Picture speaks more than words”. Through their drama, they were able to convince the students that unhealthy habit formation due to peer pressure would definitely land on into hot water. The drama concluded with all the characters taking a pledge not to fall prey to such unhealthy habits like consuming tobacco and drugs.

photo 4

The school Principal gave a vote of thanks to all the participants and their teacher for a state of art performance. He requested the students to pick up the main message from the drama. He concluded his talk with a note of hope that no students would ever be seen falling victim to such harmful habits.

Family Meeting at Homes and Hostels

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Gen Youtso la and Gen Tenzin Deyang la talking to the students of Lhawang Gyal students with matron Mrs. Pema la (Photo: Principal )

Gen Youtso la and Gen Tenzin Deyang la talking to the students of Lhawang Gyal students with matron Mrs. Pema la (Photo: Principal )

28th June 2015: A special program called “Family Meeting at Homes and Hostels” was organized under the leadership of the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Therchin la. Some of the teachers were assigned to various homes and hostels to give parental talk on two important Agendas prepared by the school Principal; 1) Self discipline and Habit development   2) Joyful and meaningful learning. A total of 11 teachers were divided among the 6 hostels and homes.

The family meeting started at 6:30 pm on Sunday evening in their respective hostels and dormitories. The teachers had been informed about the talk a day in advance for better preparation on the above two agendas. The students turned up in huge numbers and listened attentively. There was also interaction at the end of the talk.

The program was arranged with the hope of helping the students develop a good habit and also creating a joyful and meaning learning for them. The students also enjoyed listening to because different teachers were assigned different homes and hostels and thus sometimes it becomes more effective if the same piece of lecture or advice is heard from a different person.

The first round of Family meeting concluded successfully and there were very good feedbacks coming from both the students and the teachers.

Women’s Basic Health Training

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th2T1XG58R26 and 27th June 2015: A two days’ workshop on “Women’s Basic Healthcare Training” was held in the school from 26th to 27th June. The workshop was organized by the Department of Health, CTA and funded by PRM (US). There were 43 students, all girls from class VII and VIII.

On the first day of the workshop, there were 4 speakers who gave presentation on various health problems like Hepatitis B, Mental Health, Tuberculosis (TB) and UTI & Cancer. The participants were given program schedule and literatures. There were also occasional breaks in between the workshop.

On the second day, there were 3 speakers who were all doctors from Allopathic and Tibetan Herbal Medicine. They gave presentations on STDs/HIV and women’s Basic Healthcare. During the presentations, the students and the speakers interacted with each other on various doubts and queries. In the after of the second day, the participants were put into groups and they were asked to do their own presentation on the topics discussed during those two days. All the groups gave wonderful presentations including plays on various diseases.

The two days’ workshop concluded with a brief tea and snacks refreshment for all the participants and the resource persons. The Department of Health extended their vote of thanks to the school for the hospitality. They presented souvenir to Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, the school counselor for being the co-coordinator from the school. All the participants experienced lots of new learning from this two days’ workshop and they were more aware of various women’s basic healthcare.


Tibetan Poetry Recitation

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25th June 2015: Tibetan poetry recitation of class V and VI was held on 25th June in the Junior school hall. There were six teams. All the teams came up one after the other and made the audience spell bound with their melodious performance. The poems they had recited were all dedicated to His holiness the Dalai Lama on his 80th birthday. Both the students as well as their respective teachers had really worked hard. Soon all the poetry came to an end and the prizes were distributed to the winning teams. Class V B took the first position.

Unlike previous years when the Inter class competitions used to be large, this year some of these competitions were broken down and thus held between two groups of classes. The event thus became timely and better in performance.

Inputs by Gen Tenzin Choedon la.

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