Tibet Our Country Day


Tashi Phuntsok la, the Information Secretary of DIIR, CTA flanked by school Director, Principal and Tibetan Department (DIIR)

5th October 2015: TCV School Suja celebrated 5th October as Tibet Our Country Day, a month long program where both the teachers and the students spend entire month researching on one particular topic related to Tibet and then present to the school in the form of charts, models, visual and audio presentation and plays. Mr. Tashi Phuntsok la, the Secretary of Information from the Department of Information and International Relations, CTA was the chief guest along with Tibet Museum, CTA.

Students of Class X A singing a song dedicated to His Holiness’ Gayton (DIIR)

The function was all arranged by the students themselves under the kind guidance of all the Tibetans teachers. The day began with the installation of His Holiness’ photo on the altar with ceremonial chants. After that a minutes’ prayer service in honour of our martyrs. After that a brief life history of His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama was shared by one of the senior students. There were few songs, presentations and repartee from both the Junior and Senior sections. Whatever the students presented was all great and done with great sincerity and the whole audience had a great learning environment under a large makeshift tent.


Students enjoying the exhibition put up by DIIR Tibet Museum in the school hall (DIIR)

The chief guest Mr. Tashi Phuntsok la spoke during the function. He specially reminded the students the three commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama; promotion of human values, promotion of religious harmony and preservation of Tibet’s Buddhist culture by giving vivid examples. During the function, the winners of the class-wise magazines and models called upon and given prizes by the chief guest. Both the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin spoke. The Director gave background information on how, when and why this idea of Tibet Our Country materialized. He also disclosed the name of the person who pioneered this idea, Mr. Tsewang Mingyur Samkhar, a former teacher, Headmaster and a Principal at TCV School. He concluded his talk by requesting the students to feel the gratitude of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Students watching a documentary shown by DIIR Tibet Museum in the school hall (DIIR)

After the function, the chief guest was escorted by the school Director and Principal to the conference room where exhibition was displayed. The chief guest inaugurated the exhibition and interacted with the students about their models and presentations. The chief guest had a tradition Tibetan dish with rest of the staff members in the staff common mess. After the lunch, he was escorted to the school hall to see the exhibition put up by the Tibet Museum of DIIR on the biography of His Holiness the XIth Dalai Lama.

Information Secretary of the DIIR CTA inaugurating the Tibet Our Country Exhibition (DIIR)

In the evening, the students of class IX presented their Tibetan Play titled “Sangchoe Meyna Rho Dang Dra” meaning Man without Morality is like a corpse. The hour long play was well prepared and really hit the bull’s eye in sending the message. Some of the characters played parts really well. The school Principal finally concluded and summed up the great day with big round of applause for all those who are directly or indirectly involved in making this year’s Tibet Our Country Day a memorable one.

Gandhi Jayanti: The Joy of Giving

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Students presenting cultural show during Gandhi Jayanti (Gen Lhaki la)

Students presenting cultural show during Gandhi Jayanti (Gen Lhaki la)

2nd October 2015: A function was arranged by the school on the open stage to mark Gandhi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Gandhi ji. The function began with the singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem followed by the introductory address by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la, PGT Political Science teacher. Speaking on the life, achievement and sacrifices of Gandhi ji, Mr. Choedak la requested the students to take optimum lessons from the life history of Gandhiji especially his commitment and gratitude towards his goal and mother respectively.


Students taking part in Swatch Bharat campaign (Gen Yangdon la)

Students taking part in Swatch Bharat campaign (Gen Yangdon la)

There were cultural program related to the day by both the Junior as well as the senior students of the school. After that, the result of the recently held Inter TCV School Tibetan and English Essay competition was read out and the winners were given the prizes. Mr. Pema Gyalpo la, senior Hindi teacher gave a concluding speech in Hindi language. After the function, Clean India campaign was started and all the classes were assigned different zones to clean. A part of the school went to nearby villages and roads with banners in support of Swaach Bharat. In some part of the road, the students were joined by other schools and locals.

Junior students reciting poem dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi ji ( Gen Lhaki la )

Junior students reciting poem dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi ji ( Gen Lhaki la )

A one rupee campaign had been started on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti to experience the joy of giving. Few piggy boxes were kept around school campus for both the students and staff to put one rupee. The boxes were later taken and all the money would be used to buy stationary for the needy students during exam. Gandhi’s birthday is also celebrated as Non Violence day by the United nations Organisation. It is also celebrated as Thank You India. In the evening, there was a movie “Gandhi” shown to the students on the open air.

Suja Bags Champions’ Trophy

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The Champions' Trophy flanked by students and PET with the chief guest

The Champions’ Trophy flanked by students and PET with the chief guest (TSO)

20th September 2015: The three days Northern region Inter Tibetan Schools Girl’s Basketball Tournament was held at Tibetan Children’s Village School Lower Dharamsala from 18th September to 20th September 2015. The tournament was among  the Himachal region Tibetan schools but due to the ongoing examination in schools, many could not participate. As such there were 5 TCV Schools competing for the most coveted trophy. The teams were given warm reception on Thursday and the match began on Friday.

Upper TCV and TCV Suja teams who came for the final match

Upper TCV and TCV Suja teams who came for the final match (TSO)

Our girls were given a rigorous training by the school PET Mr. Kalsang la, Mr. Namgyal la and Mr. Karmala. The girls took the training seriously and sincerely during their training sessions which was obviously shown during the tournament. The hard work and the dedication of both the teachers and the students bore result when TCV School Suja girls came out triumphantly and bagged the most coveted trophy of the tournament. TCV School Upper Dharamsala came second position.

Girls in full swing, the match between Suja Girls and Lower Girls (TSO)

Girls in full swing, the match between Suja Girls and Lower Girls (TSO)

Back home, both the staff and students gave a warm reception to our teams during the morning assembly. The players were presented scarves one by one by the school Headmaster for their great performance. They would soon be getting ready for their next level match if possible. Mrs. Rinchen Khando la, former Cabinet minister was the chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony. The tournament was organized by the Tibetan National Sports Association (TSNA) and overall it was the 4th such tournament. Apart from Girls’ Basketball, TSNA is organizing soccer tournament as well.

Science and Math Day

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Gen Tenzin Youtso la welcoming and introducing the Day in the school hall

9th September 2015:  TCV School Suja had their Science and Math Day on 9th September. This year a full day was dedicated to the Science day as unanimously decided by the Science Department members. The day began with an introductory speech and presentation on this year’s Science day theme “Light” by Miss Tenzin Youtso la and Mr. Tsering Londhen respectively in Phuntsok Deshe hall during the morning assembly. After the presentation there were two rounds of Tibetan Dialectic session; one on Science topic “Living Things” and the other on Math topic “Number system”.  Unlike previous year, this year the department had started this dialectic session which was commendable. Both the students as well as the teachers had been practicing for a long time and eventually their hard work bore good result when the program went well. In between, there was a beautiful song from the students of class IX who presented an English song called “Math we do”. The first phase of the Science and Math day in the hall concluded.


Gen Tsering Lodhen la giving a presentation on on Light on Science and Math Day

The second phase was on the school basketball ground and the main anchor was the young and charismatic Math teacher Mr. Tsering Londhen la who did a wonderful job in making everyone entertained irrespective of the hot scorching sun which was pouring from above. They had arranged an “On the spot painting contest”. The contest was for class VI to class XII and they were asked to draw a sketch of the late Indian president Dr. Abdul J Kalam. To give this contest a taste of Math and Science, the participants from each class were given 1/4 of Dr. Kalam’s Portrait and asked to draw. Finally all the four portions were joined and the best team with proper portion and measurement was given award. The contest began with light background music on one side and the cheering of the students for their respective classes. The painting was done in little less than an hour and the students from class VIII were presented award by the school Principal.


Dialectic Session in progress before the panelists during Science and math Day

In the meantime, there were three presentations going on; all working models by different classes. There was Solar cooker models from class IX on one side and the teachers were noting down the temperature of the water. On the open stage there were models and charts of Three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse from class X students. Near them there was a working model of Train Signal from the students of class VII. There were two teams in Tibetan Dialectic. They debated on math and science topics Quadrilaterals and Metals respectively.


Display of working models of Railway Signals and Chart Presentations of the three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse by class VII and X

In the evening, a quiz was organized by the Science and Math Department. The participants were the ones who scored highest in Science and Math in the summative Assessment I.  The quiz was between class IX and X students. Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, senior Science teacher hosted the quiz. There were 6 rounds all related to Science and math and the evening was dedicated to the Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche and Dr. Abdul J Kalam. The participants were divided into six teams which were named after the books written by Dr. Kalam. The participants performed very well and the the quiz was a great success.


On the spot Live Sketching of Dr. Abdul J Kalam on Science and Math Day on the basketball ground

Finally, the winners were handsomely rewarded by the school Principal, who later thanked all the members of the Science and Math Department for the innovation they had brought in regarding the celebration of Science and Math Day. He also thanked the students who had participated in all the programs and for their hardwork and sincerity. With a big round of applause, the day successfully concluded in a very happy ending.

Happy Staff Day

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Entrance of the school hall fully adorned with beautiful cards and messages from students (photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

5th September 2015:  TCV School Suja celebrated its annual Staff Day with great pomp and show as usual. There was a function on the basketball ground. On the very outset, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la offered butter lamp on the altar of His Holiness’ Photo. The school Captain Mr. Therchin gave an introductory speech about the special day. After that, cultural presentations of the students were done one after the other. The performances were outstanding and vividly showed their love and hardwork for their staff members. During the function, a small bilingual book of messages was unveiled by the school Director and later distributed to all the staff gathered there. There was also light refreshment for all the staff members.

After the function, all the staff members were ushered to the school hall for more refreshment. As usual, the main decoration or rather the center of attraction used to the school hall as school monitors and prefects spend lots of time giving their best. So, this year, the main decoration in the hall was the ancient Tibetan Kitchen. It was beautifully designed especially for this day. One could see the hardwork and the sincerity behind this colorful decoration. The staff members were found taking various photos to keep remembrance of the great day. The entrance of the hall was adorned with beautiful cards and messages from the students. Each and every staff were handed a card and a pen at the very doorstep of the hall.


Staff members enjoying the games arranged by the students (photo: Gen Lhakyi la )

Both the lunch and dinner were served in the hall. The lunch was the popular Indian “Dham” and the dinner was dumpling. There were also party games for the staff members on the basketball ground. In the evening there was song and dance by the students. After the program, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a vote of thanks on behalf of all the staff members for the eventful day.

 When the whole India celebrate 5th September as Teacher’s Day after the Birthday of the first President of India Dr. Radhakrishnan Sarvepalli, TCV Schools celebrate this day as Staff Day to remind the children that TCV is a big home. In TCV schools, all the staff members take care of the children like their own parents and so in order to feel their gratitude, every year 5th September is celebrated as Staff Day. Thank you students for the wonderful day!

Mr.Kutin’s maiden Visit Successful

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Mr. Kutin interacting with SOS children and staff members during his visit accompanied by TCV President and Secretary (photo: Gen Lhakyi la)

30th August 2015:  Mr.Helmut Kutin, the President of the SOS International Village visited SOS TCV School Suja on 30th August 2015. He was accompanied by the chief Co-coordinator of SOS Villages India. Prior to his TCV Suja’s visit, he spent a days at SOS TCV Gopalpur as the chief guest for the Inter House Cultural Competition dedicated to the Gayton Celebration.

Both the staff and students gave him a warm welcome near the school gate. He was accompanied by mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV schools, Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, the Secretary and Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, the Education Director along with the chief coordinator, Mrs. Sudha. Upon reaching here at the gate, he walked all the way to the SOS hall where a Junior Science Exhibition was arranged. He had a wonderful time interacting with the students during the Exhibition. Mr. Kutin and his entourage had a short visit around the school. After the exhibition, he was taken for an official lunch in the school staff mess.


Mr. Kutin being given an official luncheon by the school in the staff mess ( photo: gen Lhakyi la )

SOS Children’s Village Foundation was first founded by late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner after the Second World War. To look after the children of the people who were killed in the war. Gradually, the Organization spread out to many different countries. Today, Mr. Helmut Kutin, who was himself from SOS children’s village, is the president. This was Mr. Kutin’s first ever visit to SOS TCV school Suja. He had few plans which didn’t materialize in the end. The school is honoured to receive him and whole heartedly thank him and SOS for all the help.

Students’ Book Club

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Toppers in English from class IX to XI Summative Assessment I (photo: School Principal Office)

29th August 2015:
Not all the time, the high achievers be given presents and prizes. Sometimes, they should be given some unique privileges like taking part in book discussions, visiting new places etc. instead. well, something similar happened here in TCV School Suja. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la after arranging special funds for this new project, ” Students’ Book Club” called upon all the students who had scored highest in the two languages namely Tibetan and English. They were all given a chance to participate in the Students’ Book Club as a present for their outstanding achievement.


Toppers in Tibetan Language from class IX to XI Summative Assessment I (photo: School Principal Office)

Those who scored highest in English were given few titles in English and those who scored highest in Tibetan were given few titles in Tibetan. Some of the books distributed to them were, The Noodle maker of Kalimpong, Wisdom of Compassion, A Force for Good,  How to Practice Compassion, A Tibetan Revolutionary etc. This was the first time; the high achiever students were given few selected books and formed Students’ Book Club. The students will be reading the books and giving a final presentation to all the students towards the end of the session. With this, it is hoped that students will be motivated to develop a good reading habit and create a ripple effect in other institutions.

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