Tibetan Extempore

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Senior Tibetan Extempore Contest, a speaker speaking on his topic (Photo: Gen Logya)

17th April 2015: Senior class Tibetan Extempore Competition was held in Phuntsok Deshe auditorium at 7 pm. The extempore was organized by the Tibetan Department of Senior Section. There were 12 participants from class X, XI and XII.  The host Mr. Agloe la unveiled the curtain and welcomed the speakers and the audience. He dedicated this event for the gratitude year of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He spoke few minutes on the rules and regulations for both the speakers on the stage as well as members on the floor. The stage was well decorated with a beautiful Tibetan calligraphy and a Tibetan National Flag in the center. Present for the program, were the staff members and the students above class IX.

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Certificate prepared by the Head of the Tibetan Department, Mr. Logya (Photo: Gen Logya)

The topics were chosen by the members of the Tibetan Department and were put in a jar, from which the speakers in turn picked up. All the topics were very much general and the speakers were eloquent and the delivery was par excellence. They all spoke on the topics from the bottom of their hearts without any preparation. The program lasted for one and half hour. Finally, the school headmaster, Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la distributed the certificates to the best speakers for the night and consolation prizes for all the remaining participants.

Extempore is spoken carried out, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought. The students come one after other, choose the topic from the jar and then speak for few minutes.

Weekly Lhakar Contemplation

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The School Principal giving talk to the staff and students. Also seen is the school Religious teacher Rev. Tseten Wangchuk la leading the Manjushree prayer (Photo: Gen Pemtse )

15the April 2015: As a part of Lhakar celebration, the students and the staff members gathered in the school hall during the morning assembly for Principal’s presentation on His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s speeches and one minute meditation for a smooth and productive day. This program has been going on since 2013 when the Principal first joined the school. The day begins with the recitation of Manjushree prayer.

The school Principal welcomed all the new class XI students who had come from TCV Bylakuppee, TCV Selakui , TCV Suja and TCV Upper Dharamsala. He once again announced the three focus area of this year i.e. to create bully free school, no bunking and proper classroom teaching. He reminded the students to be good students and abide by the school discipline. After that he showed two video clips of His Holiness in which His Holiness was addressing a group of students in South India. In both the video clips, His Holiness was telling the young students to give importance to education. He also requested them to make the best use of one’s life and be a good human being. He said he preferred quality to quantity.

After the two video clips, the school Principal started the usual one minute meditation wishing for a smooth and productive day. After that everybody retired to their respective classrooms.

In the evening at 6:30 pm, all the staff members gathered in the school temple for a weekly mass prayer. During the prayer, a special mantra was chanted. As usual a butter tea and snacks was arranged by the staff welfare committee.

New Batch of Class XI Humanities joins Suja

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13th April 2015: A new batch of class XI Humanities group reported today after their long break. Out of the two Schools i.e. TCV Gopalpur and TCV School Suja which have Humanities stream, TCV Suja received students from Selakui, Bylakuppee, Upper TCV and Suja. There were 125 students distributed into four sections, XI A, B, C and D.

The students along with their local guidance and parents reported at the main school office. After that, they were taken to their respective hostels with their belongings. The wardens of the two hostels; Boys and Girls allotted the well furnished rooms to the new students.

In the evening, orientation was given to new class XI students in the school hall. They were given detailed information about the school. The concerned teachers were also introduced to them. The next morning, during the assembly, the school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la gave a warm welcome followed by a big round of applause by both the teachers and the students.

The following evening, the school student Advisory Committee met the students in the junior section hall. The committee members gave talk to the students about the school rules and regulation. The meeting was preceded by the introductory speech from the school Principal.

Few days later, the students also met the school captains and prefects. So, everything was done so that they would have a very wonderful stay free from any problem.

TCV School Suja welcomes all the new class XI students and wishes all of them a good and healthy year ahead.

An Evening of Poetry Recitation

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The students of class VIII presenting their poem. (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

13th April 2015: The first Middle section Tibetan poetry recitation was held in Phuntsok Deshe hall at 7 pm. The program was initiated by the Tibetan Department, Senior Section and was attended by the staff members and the students of class X and below. This poetry recitation was dedicated to the year of gratitude for His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama.

The host of the evening, Mr. Choegyal Tashi la, a senior Tibetan Language teacher of the school welcomed everyone and explained the rules and regulation both for the participants as well as for the members on the floor for the show to go smoothly. Soon, he called the classes, 11 different groups one by one on the stage.

All the poems recited by the classes were either the immortal lines from our rich Tibetan culture and text such as Thirty seven practices of Boddhichitta, Eight verse mind training or some poems and tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. One of the classes recited the famous poem of the young Tibetan poet, Dhoundup Gyal titled “Waterfall”.

When all the classes recited their poems, three of the students from the floor grabbed the opportunity and presented their own poetry. After that, Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, Assistant Headmaster was called and asked to do the honour in presenting the prize and scarf to the first position. Out of 11 classes that participated, class VIII came out as the winner of this elementary Tibetan Poetry Recitation contest for the year 2015.

Inter House Basketball Tournament Kicks Off

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Junior Girls’ category Triral (Blue) Songtsen (White). Referee is signalling Jump ball. (photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

13th April 2015: The first Inter House basket ball tournament was kicked off yesterday at 4:15 pm with two opening matches in Girls’ Junior Category and Boys’ Inter Category. Due to the large number of students’ involvement, the tournament was following a knock-out system. Overall there are three main categories; Senior, Inter and Junior according to one’s index which was taken right from the beginning of the year. Both the boys and girls of the four Houses take part in the tournament. The tournament which involved so many people including the house masters, officials and the PET will last for little more than two weeks. The house masters had been giving practice and drill to their teams for the last one month. Before the tournament started, a considerable time and practice had been given to the students.


Triral House Player (Blue) taking his free shot. Inter Boys’ category (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

In the opening match, which was played between Songtsen House Junior Girls and Triral House Junior Girls, Songtsen won the match. In the match played between Triral and Trisong Inter Boys, Triral House defeated its opponent Trisong House by a small margin of basket.

Games and sports has become a very important part of education in our school. The school organizes various games and sport for the children according to the weather and climate. The spring season is for the basketball, volleyball, handball and football. These games and sports has also become an important assessment for the Non scholastic skill. As such both the students as well as the concerned teachers look into this seriously.

Inter House Basketball Tournament Fixture 2015

Inter House Basketball Tournament Fixture 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend Feast

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The school gate adorned with scarves by the out-going students as a token of gratitude (Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

11th April 2015: A day long program was arranged by a group of 2012 Class X batch, who had all completed their Class XII board exam this year from TCV Suja, TCV Selakui and TCV Bylakuppee to pay their heartfelt gratitude to their Alma Mater. A similar gathering of ex-students happened a couple of days back by the 2005 Class X batch. It was a great moment to cherish for the entire Sujian especially when former students pay their tribute to their home school. For this gathering, the guest of honour was the former Director of the school; Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la, who had come all the way from Upper TCV, Dharamsala. The day long program began with the morning breakfast for all the staff members in the school hall. A friendly basketball followed soon after between the staff and students in both the categories; male and female. Refreshment was flowing unceasingly during the matches for all which really came as a blessing especially during the hot days of summer. After the matches, a sumptuous lunch was served for the staff members in the school hall which was decorated with colorful ribbons and wordings. During the feast, the students and the staff sat in their small cluster of groups and enjoyed their lively conversation which gave a new live to the gathering. Present during the feast were the group of sponsors from Luxemburg, who had been a good Tibetan friend. In the afternoon, a friendly football match was played between the students and the staff members. Both the students and the staff members really had a nice time playing after a long time.


Staff members enjoying the dinner with students (Photo: Gen. Ngawang Tseten)

In the evening, a special program filled with light moments especially sharing feelings, presenting songs and music was arranged by the students in the school hall. The program which was attended by the former Director, the present school Director and Principal, the sponsors and the staff members began with welcome speech by the host Master Takla Gyal. He called upon the students one by one to present songs and to convey their messages from their students. The students who presented the songs were the ones who had never sung in their school life. There was also a video clip which was a compilation of messages from students who were abroad. They all spoke from the bottom of their heart how grateful the school and the staff members were. Apart from them, there were the same good messages from students who could not come for the occasion. The whole staff members gave a big round of applause for their touching messages. There was a loving talk from the former Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la. He highly praised the kind gesture of the students for organizing such program as a gratitude for the staff members, which was not heard often. He requested them to be a good person and contribute to the society. He also praised the unity and the co-operation among the staff members. After that Mr. Sonam Sichoe la thanked the students for the good gesture. He wished them good luck wherever they go. The school Principal also thanked the students for their kind thought and gesture. Soon, the dinner started.

Dinner hosted by the class X 2012 batch ( Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

Dinner hosted by the class X 2012 batch ( Photo: Gen Ngawang Tseten)

After the dinner, Master Tsebhu, one of the organizers and former school captain gave brief background information of this great congregation. He also read out the contributions poured in not just from the students here in India but also from the students scattered all over the world. A souvenir was presented to Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la and Mr. Karma Sherab la, who later took turn and shared their inner feelings . After that they offered scarves to all the staff members on behalf of Class X 2012 batch. The students also missed those staff members who could not make their presence. After the scarf ceremony, a series of talk and songs came one by one from the staff members. The night went deeper and deeper and the entertainment never ceased.

The whole school including the students appreciated the kind of gesture shown by the senior Ach alas and Chocho las. A series of such programs came one after the other and it had sent a strong message for the staff members that whatever they had done till now had not gone in vain. They all got motivated and touched by such move by the students. The entire staff members thanked all the students and wish them success in their lives.

First Class XII Graduation with Honorable Sikyong

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Honorable Sikyong During the First Class XII Graduation Ceremony at Suja (Photo: Tibet.net)

10th April 2015: The honorable Sikyong, Dr. Lobsang Sangay la graced the graduation ceremony of the first class XII batch of TCV School Suja with his kind presence. The staff and students of the school gave a warm welcome to honorable Sikyong and the dignitaries with the school band. The grand function was held on the basketball ground. Present during the function were the Secretary of Department of Home, dignitaries from Kashag Office, the representatives Officers of nearby Tibetan settlements, monasteries, the Principals and Directors of nearby Tibetan Schools.

A large and beautiful graduation poster lay on one side where the 128 graduating students were seated. The main open stage in the middle of the basketball ground was adorned with a large size photo of His Holiness below which the honorable Sikyong and the other guests were seated. The staff and students of the school were seated on the floor surrounding the center open space which was created for the cultural performance.


Honorable Sikyong with the Out-going 2015 Class XII and School Director and Principal (Photo: Tibet.net)

The function began with the Manjushree prayer followed by the welcome and introductory speech by the school Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe la. He presented before the honorable Sikyong and the guest the past and the current status of the school. He also spoke highly of the achievements of the school in almost every field including both academic and culture. Some of the other things he said were the good relationship among the staff members and the up gradation of the teaching facilities, health and sanitation etc.

DSC_0116-1A series of cultural programs soon followed starting with the recitation of two beautiful poems dedicated to the honorable Sikyong and the graduating class XII students. The poems were beautifully presented by the two students in their rich baritone and carried a very powerful message. A group of small children performed Himachali dance. The school staff band also presented few of their songs. The school Dance and Music group also presented some of their songs and dance.


Cultural Presentation “Cholka Sum” Dance by the students (Photo : Principal )

The cultural program was followed by the speech from Miss Choekyi la, former school captain and the representative from the graduating class XII. Miss Choekyi la, who had begun her schooling from here and one of the many grown up from this school, first paid her greetings to all and then started speaking quite emotionally from the bottom of her heart without any rhetoric. The spontaneity, the eloquence and the sincerity in which she spoke wooed most of the audience. In her parting speech, she vehemently requested the students to be good students and not to discourage the staff members. For the staff members, she requested them not to get discouraged and give up their sincerity, dedication and loyalty.

After that, the honorable Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Singay la addressed the crowd by greeting the honorable guests and presenting his warm wishes to the out-going class XII students. He explained the repeated invitation by the school Principal and the reason why he had finally consented to be the chief guest for this special occasion. He said, “The purpose of our education is not just for our livelihood. The purpose is deeply rooted to our Tibetan cause. We can only challenge our enemy by using our education as a weapon”. In his speech, he spoke about the importance of education and fulfilling the wishes of the Tibetans in Tibet. For the graduating students, he warned them in advance the chances of misusing the first two years of college life thinking they were free birds. He advised them lovingly by giving examples of his own life in the Delhi University. He told them that the students have to spend at least 10 hours every day on their studies so that they can move shoulder to shoulder with the students of other countries. He expressed sadness over the inability to utilize the three reserved seats for the Medical line previous and the general inability of the Tibetan students to come up at par with other International students. Taking this opportunity, he also reminded the students the extra responsibility especially the Tibetans in exile have; particularly when it comes to the demographic data of the Tibetans and the Chinese. He said that each Tibetan has to face around 8000 Chinese! He said we don’t have to underestimate our small population. He encouraged everyone by taking an example of Singapore and the Jews. Lastly, he concluded his hour long talk by wishing the out-going students good luck for the Sikyong award and the college life; and the school for the wonderful cultural presentation. A big round of applause followed soon after.

11150436_10202811470888067_7864440636304111220_n (1)

Staff band “Phunde Band” during Graduation Day in the presence of honorable Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay (Photo:Principal)

The morning program concluded with the vote of thanks speech from the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la. He thanked honorable Sikyong la and other guests for their presence on behalf of the staff and students. He also thanked all those who have extended their helping hand for making this graduation ceremony a grand success. For the out-going students, he reminded them to feel the gratitude, to be a good Tibetan and to feel the gratitude of His Holiness the Dalai Lama wherever they go.

A lunch was arranged for Sikyong and all the guests. After the lunch, the out-going class XII students posed with honorable Sikyong, who then left to attend two more programs in the locality. A friendly football match was arranged between the out-going students and the staff members in the afternoon. In the evening, a farewell dinner was arranged for the students and their teachers in the school hall. Both made the evening a memorable by sharing their feelings and songs. It was really All is well that ends well. The entire school wishes everyone good luck and hope for a colourful result.

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