Nobel Peace Prize Celebration

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School Phundhe Band presenting few songs of tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Nobel Peace Prize Day(Photo: Gen Tseten Youdon la)

10th December 2015: A grand function was held on the basketball ground to celebrate the 26th anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama being conferred the Nobel Peace Prize. The function began with the lifelong prayer and incense burning ceremony for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and for world peace by both the staff and students who were clad in traditional Tibetan dress and school uniform respectively. During the function, the school Religious teachers, the management committee, staff members and the students’ councils offered scarf to the large portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Second batch of students enjoying the “Dham” on the occasion of Nobel Peace Prize Day (Photo: Gen Tseten Youdon la )

After the religious ceremony, the school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la called upon the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la, who read out the statement of Kashag for this special occasion. After that, Mr. Tsering Wangdue la, senior Tibetan Language teacher read out the statement of Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputy (ATPD) for the occasion. After the two speeches, the winners of the 2015 essay contest organized by the Department of Education, CTA were read out and given scarf and certificates by the school Director.


Junior students waiting anxiously for the “Dham” on Nobel Peace Prize Day on the school Basketball ground ( Photo: Gen Tseten Youdon la)

After that there was ceremonial songs and tribute to His Holiness by the school staff band “Phuntsok Deshe “ which enliven the special day. “ The songs were relevant for the occasion and well prepared by the band”, mused everyone. Their songs were joined in unison by the crowd who hummed “Gawa la dang Gawa la”, which was in fact on the tip of every Tom Dick and Harry’s tongue. The morning function concluded with the vote of thanks speech from the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Therchin la. Speaking on the occasion, he reiterated the importance of sense of gratitude among the younger generation towards His Holiness and all those who have made our lives comfortable. He also reminded all those gathered to have full faith in His Holiness and move forward. He also wished good luck for all the students for their Summative Assessment II on behalf of all the staff members.

As a special treat from the school, both the staff and students were treated “DHUM”, the famous Indian ceremonial meal. The meal was served on the open basketball ground in batches. It was in fact a nice experience for all to have a mass lunch on the ground. In the evening, there was official dinner for the staff members in the junior section hall.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was bestowed with one of the most coveted honorary award, Nobel Peace Prize on 10th December 1989 for his untiring non-violent struggle and work for the Tibetans and the world in general. It was one of the best moments for entire Tibetan community. Since then, His Holiness has become the messenger of peace for the entire word. His message of love and compassion has won the heart of millions of people across the globe. Every year 10th December is celebrated to commemorate this day everywhere and holds a very special place in everyone’s heart.


World Aids Day Celebration

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PowerPoint presentation on AIDS by Dr. Ashutosh and Raj Kumar in the school hall ( Photo Gen Paldon la)


A student wears the red sign of AIDS to support the day ( Photo Gen Paldon la)


Exhibition of the paintings and essays of the students at the entrance ( Photo Gen Paldon la)


Students doing painting for the World AIDS day ( Photo Gen Paldon la)


Final Basketball match between Bir and TCV staff ( Photo Gen Paldon la)

1st December 2015: Tibetan Children’s Village School Suja, in collaboration with the Tibetan Primary Health Centre (TPH) Bir, the Department of Health, CTA collaboratively celebrated and observed the World Aids Day with various programs like painting, essay competition among students from various classes and Inter Department Basketball Tournament.
A function was arranged in the school hall at 10 am to mark the day. The theme of the World Aids Day is “Zero Discrimination against HIV”, as proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Rajkumar, both senior doctors from Bir Government Hospital were the chief guests along with the Health Administer of TPH Mr. Tsering la and health center staff. The function was attended by the staff and students of senior section who were all wearing the red symbol.
The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la gave a welcome and introductory speech. After that one by one the two doctors gave a nice presentation on Aids, starting from the origin to the treatment. The students listened to their talk with lots of interest and importance. In today’s world, proper knowledge about Aids is very important among the youngster. As such lots of importance was given to observe this day in various schools and communities. After that, the health nurse Ms. Palkyi la from TPH gave detailed information about the guidelines of the Department of Health, CTA regarding the protection and welfare of HIV patients among Tibetan community.
During the function, the results of Painting and Essay competitions were declared. The winners were handsomely rewarded. Their paintings were displayed outside the auditorium for exhibition. The program lasted for little less than two hours. Finally, Gen Tenzin Paldon la, the school Career Counselor and the organizer of the event wrapped up the day by extending her vote of thanks for the two doctors, the Health Administrator and staff, the school Administration, the participating students and other colleagues, for their support and cooperation.
Various Programs had been arranged collaboratively a couple of weeks back in the school under the Initiative of Gen Tenzin Paldon la and Tibetan Primary Health Center, Bir Tibetan Colony. Inter Class XII English Essay was organized on the topic “I am HIV+ and I am living my life” and 124 students particpated. Apart from this, a painting competition was organized among the students from class VI to XII on AIDS. There were 26 students who had participated. There was also Inter Department Basketball Tournament going on a couple of days back and the final was played today i.e. 1st December between TCV Suja staff and Bir Tibetan Colony team. It was neck to neck competition. Finally after an hour the score was 46 and 48 and Bir team came triumphantly. Both the teams were given prizes by the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la.
The World Aids Day is one of the important International Days and every year the school leaves no stone unturned in observing the day every year by arranging various activities and programs in the school.

Key to Academic Success:Mindset

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Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la talking to the students on his topic ” Key to Academic Success: Mindset (photo: Lha Charitable Trust)

21st November 2015: Lha Charitable Trust, NGO based in Dharamsala organized an education talk, “Key to Academic Success: Your Mindset” at TCV School Suja. Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la, the former Education Officer of the Department of Education, CTA Dharamsala was the speaker. Having recently acquired MPhil in Education from Cambridge University, England he had felt the need to highlight this awareness among Tibetan Schools in exile.

The primary aim of the program is to motivate the students into learning by giving them essential tips on ways to becoming a good learner. He basically spoke about the two types of mindset; Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. He encouraged both the students as well as the teachers to develop growth mindset. He also disclosed various ways to identify the two mindsets and how to check which mindset you have.


TCV Suja students listening attentively to Mr. Gyaltsen la (Photo: Lha Charitable Trust )

The students listened to his talk with lots of interest and enthusiasm as he presented his talk with the help of powerpoint. He also captured the attention of the students by using his presentation skill which he had developed during his many years of teaching in the school. There was also half an hour interaction between the students. Many students cleared their doubts about learning from him.

Finally, the school Principal thanked Mr. Jamyang Gyaltsen la and the Lha Charitable Trust for throwing light on such important topic in the field of learning. He offered a scarf and school magazine as a token of love and gratitude.

Children’s Day Celebration

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The students being enlivened by Phuntsok Deshe Band with their assorted songs

14th November 2015: Children’s Day which falls on 14th November every year after the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated in TCV School Suja by arranging various programs by the school staff members. The program is being organized by the student Advisory Committee every year. The day is usually given lots of importance by both the staff members as well as the students and has become one of the most memorable days in school life. A great effort is put by the school to make the students happy.

The most awaited day began with a function on the basketball ground at 8 am. Mr. Choedak Gyatso la, the Chairperson of the Students’ Advisory Committee gave a warm welcome and introductory speech. Speaking on the occasion, he said that students should always remember the expectation put on by their parents and likewise move forward. He also requested them to obey their teachers and study hard. During the function, the school Captains and prefects were given appreciation certificate and souvenir by the committee which was soon followed by the song presentation by the school Phuntsok Deshe band. During the performance, ceremonial sweet rice and tea were served by the teachers. The students had a wonderful time listening to the songs while relishing on sweet ceremonial rice and tea.


The students wooed by the school Staff band as the band members serenaded

There were various programs after the function. There were class-wise games for both the Junior as well as the Senior sections. The organizers had arranged interesting party games and above all, the presents were really good and worthy for the students. Both the staff and students were called around the basketball ground and games were presented one by one. The students were very cooperative and the staff members encourage the students by coming up in large attendance. The worries of the exam and the studies were all left aside and the students left no stone unturned in enjoying their own day.

A special meal was prepared at their respective homes, dormitories and hostels by the staff members who were scattered into various places to help prepare those meals. The students were found going back to their respective places in anticipation of a special meal.

IMG_3368In the evening, there was special program comprising of song, dance, drama etc by the staff members who had spent a handsome time practicing. The students enjoyed watching the program as much as the staff members had enjoyed presenting to them. There were around 20 items yet it seemed it finished so fast. Finally, Miss Norbu Dolkar la, the school captain extended vote of thanks to all the staff members on behalf of all the students for making the student happy and always working hard for the students. One important day in the life of a student concluded with lots of good memories for all.

Career Fest

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The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

The 8 panelist during the Career Fest at TCV School Suja

30th October 2015: 2nd Career Fest was held at TCV School Suja on 30th October as a part of Social Day and Career Day. Experts from 8 different professions like Journalism, Software engineering, writer, activist, teacher, Lawyer, Computer Engineering etc. These 8 professions were found to be in great demand among our senior students according to the need based survey done few weeks earlier. The function began in the school hall in the presence of the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la.

The entire month of October was dedicated to Social Day and as such different projects were undertaken by different classes and their respective teachers with kind guidance from the Social Science Faculty. A mock interview and resume presentation was done a day in advance exclusively for the class XII students and they were awarded marks by the concerned teachers. So, the winners were given prizes during the function by the Department Head Mr. Choedak Gyatso la.

A brief introduction of the 8 panelists was done by a class XII student followed by 5 minutes talk by the panelists on their own chosen profession. The hall which was filled with students above class VII and teachers listened to the panelists with great interest. The panelists shared their experiences and encourage the students to dream high and start achieving excellence. After that there was Q&A session for half an hour during which students cleared their doubts and got enlightened by the panelists.

After that the school Director presented souvenirs for the 8 panelist. The school captain Master Tamdin la extended his vote of thanks on behalf of the school to all the panelists for coming from various places and encouraging and supporting the students. After the function, the students were divided according to their choice of streams and each group was joined by the concerned expert. There was interactive session between the expert and the students.

This career fest was the second time Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, career counselor of the school had conducted with the sole aim of creating awareness for our children. As usual she was given support from the senior class teachers and the school heads.

There was also presentation of different career chosen by the students on the basketball ground. Each profession had their own booth and the students explain about their profession. The booths were beautifully adorned with charts and models. Some of the students were also found in their own professional costumes and uniforms. The senior classes had spent lots of time and hard work in putting up all those presentations. All the classes visited the booth turn by turn. So many students were inspired and learned a lot about their future career.

In the evening, a career quiz was organized by the Department and all the quiz masters and the hosts were students. The students were well equipped in everything and the quiz went very successfully. There were six rounds starting from Colleges and University rounds to Entrance Test rounds. The career and social Day concluded with a happy note and everybody had something to learn from this eventful day. The school thanked all the Social Department members headed by the chairperson and the school Career Counselor Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la for their systematic and well chalked out plan.

20th Inter House Athletic Meet

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20th Inter House Athletic Meet 2015 Opening March Pass

20th Inter House Athletic Meet 2015 Opening March Pass

21st October 2015: TCV Suja observed its 20th Inter House Athletic Meet on 21st October after proper preparation and planning from all those involved. Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la, Director of Upper TCV Dharamsala was the chief guest along with dignitaries from nearby Tibetan settlements, Directors and Principals from nearby Tibetan schools. There were many parents from nearby Tibetan settlements.

The day began with the March pass by the students into the arena which was beautifully adorned with meet flags, house flags, victory stand and the center decoration. The march pass was led by the students carrying the Tibetan and Indian national flag. The two announcers introduced the groups one by one in both Tibetan and English language. There were drum presentation by the school band which was followed by the group song by the whole students of junior section.

House wise march pass with the school band

House wise march pass with the school band

The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a welcome and opening speech. The school captain took the oath. The chief guest the declared the meet open by hoisting the meet flag in the center of the arena. Around 38 events including both track and field events were played till afternoon. There was a tough competition going on among the four houses. The spectators gave their support to their respective houses. Despite the large number of events going on there was not a single incident of dispute. Such was the work of preparation and precision from both the PET and the concerned officials on the ground.

The afternoon event began at 2 pm and it was all relay races. The final event of the day was the Invitational Relay in which different teams participated. There were student representatives from nearby TCV Schools. All the afternoon events were coming in quick succession with lots of cheer from the spectators.

The school band display drum presentation

The school band display drum presentation

The chief Guest finally gave away the prizes to the winners. This year the overall champion’s trophy was taken by Songtsen House followed by Trisong House. Finally, the chief guest declared the meet close and the meet flag was taken down. The school Principal gave a final vote of thanks.

Inter House Athletic meet is one of the  major events which carries huge mark in TCV School Suja. There is a participation of large number of students and it create a platform for the students to show their talent, stamina, skill, leadership, team building, cooperation etc. Both the house master as well as the students spend enough time doing the training. PET and the Games Committee chairperson undertake this event from various angles especially providing necessary resources and man power.

Riglam Congregation Concludes successfully

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17th October 2015: The weeklong Riglam congregation of North zone Tibetan schools concluded successfully today at TCV School Suja. Mr. Tsering Samdup la, the Education Officer of the Department of Education, CTA was the chief guest. Earlier His Eminence Karma pa Ogyen Thrinley Dorjee was invited but he could not make his presence due to some unavoidable circumstances. Present during the concluding ceremony were the representative officers from the nearby Tibetan settlements, dignitaries from local assembly and monasteries and school Principals and Directors from nearby schools.

The function began with welcome and introductory speech from the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la who spoke in length about the progress of dialectics in various Tibetan schools. Speaking on the occasion, he requested all the teachers to learn this art of debating themselves so that through them larger number of students could be reached. He concluded his speech with the hope of seeing more students and students incorporating this art in their learning. His speech was followed by the dialectic session from few of the schools on various topics. The students debated well and received a big round of applause from the audience.

After the Riglam session, all Riglam teachers from various schools received scarves and souvenirs from the chief guest on behalf of the host school. Along with them, all the 120 students who had participated in this congregation were given scarves and certificates. Soon after that, Mr. Tsering Samdup la, the chief guest spoke in detail about the when, how and why of such Dialectic congregation. He was the one who had been one of the pioneering members in creating and starting such awareness among the Tibetan schools. His talk was well appreciated by the audience for his art of speaking. During his talk, he extended his vote of thanks to all the Riglam teachers for their effort in bringing the level of Riglam to this commendable level.

Rev. Yeshi Tashi la finally gave a word of thanks starting from the Riglam teachers, participants, school administration and all those who had made this congregation successful especially he thanked the hostel wardens for the hospitality extended for the student guests. In the evening a special drama on the life of late Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche was presented especially for the students and Riglam teachers from other schools. The drama was very emotional and made many weep especially when the actors presented how the Chinese ill treated Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche. Action speaks louder than words. Through their drama the life and struggle of Tulku was vividly depicted. Finally the school Principal, Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin thanked the students for their wonderful performance.

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