Tibetan Handwriting Program (Junior Section)

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Under the directives of the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la, Tibetan teachers of junior section of TCV Suja took the initiative and challenge to help improve the Tibetan handwritings of all the students in junior school. To start with, the teachers were given practicum on Tibetan Handwriting by Mr. Mingchung la (Tibetan Mentor for all primary classes in TCV schools) and Mr. Choekyab la (Senior Tibetan teacher in TCV Suja ) separately on two different days (14th and 15th Sept.). All the teaching staff of junior section attended this practicum.


Mr. Mingchung la taking class


Mr. Choekyab la

Both of the resource teachers began by giving a brief introduction to the origin and the historical importance of learning Tibetan Calligraphy. They unanimously pointed towards ‘continuous practice and correct guidance’ for way to achieve good handwriting. Both of them gave basic tips and tricks to learn the calligraphy. They also tried to answer the queries of the teachers regarding the topic. Mr. Choekyab la also advised the teachers to use correct type of pen for the purpose. He also taught the teachers on ways to correctly trim the fountain pens used in writing Tibetan Calligraphy. He demonstrated by trimming few pens and few teachers practiced following his instructions.

The school principal attended both the sessions given by Gen. Mingchung la and Gen. Choekyab la. He extended his heartiest acknowledgments to both the teachers for having accepted to take the sessions for the teachers. All the participant teachers had great experience and acquired much new knowledge about the Tibetan calligraphy. Now, that the session has concluded successfully, the teachers will pass on their knowledge to the students by taking up special handwriting classes for a period of one month. The programme has already commenced and after a month, a big improvement and change is anticipated.



Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la thanking the teachers.


Exile Tibetan Primary Education Policy Awareness Programme in TCV Suja 13/9/2018

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Under the joint working of Department of Education of Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan Children Village School Dharamsala, awareness program on the Tibetan Primary Education Policy was carried out in various Tibetan schools. The Tibetan Children Villages school’s round of the programme was completed by a trio team of mentor teachers from TCV School namely, Mr. Mingchung la, Mrs. Thinley Palmo and Mr. Sonam Gyalpo la. After having completed their round of all other branches of TCV Schools, the team arrived finally at TCV School, Suja.



IMG_7289The programme focussed mainly on the basic objectives behind the adoption of the so called ‘Tibetan Basic Eductation Policy’ in all Tibetan schools since 2004.  Mr. Minchuk la presented a powerpoint presentation on the topic and explained in detail the principal aim of adopting the policy in Tibetan education system and therewith keeping Tibetan language as the medium of instruction in primary sections. In between his presentation, Mrs. Thinley Pelmo la and Mr. Sonam Gyalpo la took turns to enliven the audience with their beautiful simple activities relating to the four  pillars of the “Basic Education  policy”. Refreshments were also served to all the attendees.

Junior section – Tibetan Reading Fair

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As part of “Tibetan Month program”, junior section of TCV Suja engages in various classses wise Tibetan language programs like reading, writing, speaking, dramas, dialectics, singing, poetry, dancing etc. One such is the reading of Tibetan speeches of Dalai Lama.


Today, students of classes V and VI participated in reading out and explaining the speeches and quotes of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama to any listeners that would come to them. Seated on their respective seats in the hall with hand held speeches of Dalai Lama on wide range of topics, listeners of other classes would visit them to listen to the reading and explanation.

In the morning, class VI students occupied the hall to read out and in the afternoon, the opportunity was given to class V students. Students from rest of the classes visited hall in turn to listen to their reading. Refreshments were served to them in between from RDL (Readers Of Dalai Lama) club of TCV Suja. Highly active interest and participation  was seen among the listeners and readers. 

Hand held speeches mostly touched topics related to Secular Ethics. 

58th Tibetan Democracy Day (September 2)

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TCV Suja observed the 58th Tibetan Democracy Day with official function at 9 am in school’s main auditorium. The function started by observing a minute long silence for all those Tibetan people who lose their lives fighting for their basic freedom and rights.  After singing the Tibetan national anthem and Tibetan Democracy song ‘Mangtso Sarshey’, senior Tibetan teachers  Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la and Mr Rigzin Choeden la read out the official statement of Kashag (Executive body) and Chithue (Tibetan Parliament in Exile) of Central Tibetan Administration respectively. In the speeches, students were reminded of the importance of Democracy that Tibetans enjoy in exile as the greatest gift from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his people.  It is a gift that Tibetans in Tibet dream of every day. The Chinese policy of annihilation of Tibetan language, culture and heritage has urgently increased the desire for Democracy in Tibet and in resultant has led to many self immolation until now. In the speech, Tibetans were reminded to stand united for Tibetan cause and respect the Democracy that has been bestowed to them.



IMG_7199After the reading of the statements, the students of class XI presented short skit on deprivation of human rights in China and Tibet and brutal suppression of people who stood for their right in Tibet and China by the communist Chinese. The students staged a great show with a great message befitting the day. Followed later group song from the senior students and speech from school Director Mr. Namdol La.


TCV Suja mourns the demise of India’s former Prime minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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TCV Suja urgently held a joint morning assembly this morning  to pay respect and prayers for the great politician and human being; late Mr. Atal Bihari ji. School announced two days holiday of mourning and respect for this great man. 

Both junior and senior sections who normally hold separate morning assemblies held joint assembly this morning at school’s basketball ground. School principal presided the assembly and announced the sad news to the whole assembly. He gave a brief introduction of this great personality and educated everyone of his great contributions to the society and his support to Tibetans in particular. Then, led by school’s religious teacher Rev. Tseten wangchuk la, the whole recited prayers for the departed soul and offered butter lamp in front of his portrait. The whole school offered their prayers for his peaceful soul and quick rebirth. Finally school’s Director Mr. Namdol la delivered his talk. He again emphasised on late former prime minister’s  great contribution to this country. It is indeed a great loss for people of India and to Tibetans too. 

May his soul rest in peace. 

TCV Suja observed 72nd Independence Day of India

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15th August is a very special day for not only the Indians but also a great blessings to the Tibetans. It’s Independence Day is always cherished with great reverence and jubiliance. TCV Suja hold special programs every year on this day inviting neighbouring Indian people, dignitaries and sometimes high officials if possible. This year, ex. Pradhan of Suja was the chief guest. He was accompanied by local Indians and friends. The function started with recitation of Indian and Tibetan National Anthem with school band. The whole venue resonated with the rhythm of the band and pride in the voice of students as they sang the national anthems. Next followed the introductory speech in Hindi and English by the students’ representatives. In their speeches, the speakers acknowledged great happiness and gratitude to this great nation India and its people for extending enormous generosity and support to Tibet and its people for almost 60 years now. It’s not just Indian Independence Day today but also a “Thank you India Day” for Tibetans. It’s a day to express Tibetan people’s gratitude to Indian people for welcoming the Tibetans to their country since 1959. Their speeches bore pure respect and love. After the introductory speeches, school principal Mr. Karma Sherab la offered respect and souvenirs to the chief guest and all other guests as token of gratitude. Next followed various cultural programs. The students participated in Hindi poem recitation, local dance forms and patriotic Hindi songs. Their performance were highly applauded. Towards the end of the program, school principal gave his speech for the day. He reiterated his gratitude and thankfulness to the Indian government and Indian people for supporting the Tibetans in their land for this long. He especially thanked the local Indians for their good relationship. Lastly, the chief guest delivered his speech. He started by thanking everyone for inviting them to the occasion and reconfirmed his faith towards Indo-Tibetan relationship. The program concluded on a very positive note and refreshments were served to the guests by the school.



Happy 83rd birthday His Holiness!

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TCV Suja today celebrated Trungkhar Duechen (Dalai Lama’s birthday) with prayers, sangsol,  cultural programs and many more. Today is the 83rd birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and we Tibetans feel very fortunate to have him as our spiritual guide.  Tibetans live each day with  great reverence for this great man and his birthday is a day for everyone to rejoice. Tibetans all over the world celebrate this day with great festive mood.

The day started here at Suja with prayer and sangsol at 7.30  in the morning followed by official function at 8.45. School headmaster presided the function and the first proceeding was offering of khatak to portrait of His Holiness by school staff and prefects. Then followed series of cultural programs, reading of Kashag’s and Chitue’s speech for the day, speech of school’s Director and launching of Tibetan book brought out by school prefects. School Director in his speech reminded everyone of Dalai lama’s messages of kindness and compassion. He requested all students to follow his teachings and become a good Tibetan citizen.

Special vegetarian lunch was treated to all by school administration.

Happy birthday His Holiness!


Prayer and Sangsol

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