Suja Riglam Congregation

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Mr. Tsering Samdup la, Education Officer on Riglam Day ( Photo: Gen Lhaki la)

17th October 2016: Inter School Dialectic congregation was held in TCV School Suja to mark the 9th anniversary of conferment of US congressional Gold Medal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr. Tsering Samdup la, the Education Officer CTA was the chief guest on this congregation which was attended by the Philosophy teachers and the students of the three participating schools including TCV Suja, the school Director, the Principals, staff members and the students.


Riglam session in TCV Suja ( Photo: Tenzin Lhaki la )

The function began with the welcome and introductory speech by the school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la. The Director talked in great length about the importance of Riglam as recommended by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He requested everyone to take the responsibility of imparting this skill not just to a handful of students but to all the students.

After that, there were series of Riglam presentation by the students. They presented their debate on various topics ranging from Mind to the Energy and matter. All the audience was fully engrossed in the debate which seemed to be comprehensible due to the content area. It was really good for the teachers to see the students doing great in this Riglam.  After that, the chief guest gave a brief introduction about the Riglam congregation the Department of Education had organized. He thanked all the Riglam teachers and the students for taking great initiative and requested the school to impart this Riglam skill to larger students.

The afternoon program was same as morning. All the classes from VI to X participated in the Debate. Both the staff and students turned up in huge attendance. The school hope to see more students especially the senior classes to take more interest in Riglam.


Karmapa Graced Suja’s TOC Day

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His Holiness Karmapa, the chief guest (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

5th October 2016: TCV School observed its Tibet Our Country (TOC) Day on 5th October this year with His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa Urgen Thrinley as the chief guest. To mark the occasion, a grand function was held on the school basketball under a giant makeshift tent attended by the school Director, Principal, staff members, students and other dignitaries. Everybody was clad in pure Tibetan national day coinciding the white Wednesday ( Lhakar).The school Religious teacher led the lifelong prayer and Manjushree prayer in unison. This year, the main theme of TOC was compassion.


Karmapa Urgen Thrinley Dorji enjoying the program (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

During the function, the school Director presented a brief report and introduction to the day. There were few cultural program from the students. A ceremonial sweet rice and butter tea was served during the cultural show. There was also award ceremony for the winners of Olympiad and for the Primary teachers who had participated in the Tibetan in-service training organized jointly by Sherig and TCV School. Three students presented poetry on love and compassion and the Samaritan work done by a group of Suja students.


Primary Teachers blessed by Karmapa (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that Gyalwa Karmapa Urgen Thrinley Dorjee addressed the gathering. He expressed his great happiness over visiting the school once again after a long gap. He also talked about the good rapport between the school and his monastery. He blessed all those gathered including the people from nearby settlements and monasteries.


A group song by students (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

In the afternoon, there was Tibetan debate which was attended by the senior students. The speakers were very eloquent and it was appreciated by the whole audience. A special traditional lunch was arranged on the day from the school kitchen. In the evening, an hour long movie on Morality was shown. The movie was directed by Master Phurbu Tsering la, with help from Mr. Jigme Wangdue la, the Head of the Tibetan Department. The movie was attended by the school Director, the Principal and the staff and students. Finally, the school Principal gave a vote of thanks and officially concluded the eventful Tibet Our Country Day. He thanked each and every one who had made this day successful especially the Tibetan Department of the school.

TOC (Tibet Our Country) Day is celebrated all over TCV Schools. The main objective of celebrating this day is to preserve our Tibetan rich culture and tradition among the younger generation who had not seen their country. It was started way back in 1990s and since then all the schools have been arranging various activities and programs. As such it has become one of the major programs in all TCV Schools.

Class V Common Exam concludes

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English paper in progress ( Photo: Gen Pema Gyalpo la)

English paper in progress ( Photo: Gen Pema Gyalpo la)

7th October 2016: The first ever class V common exam held among all the Tibetan schools in India concluded today with the Mathematics paper. The exam came into being after thoughtful discussion among the Department of Education and the Education Officers of all the schools with the sole purpose of tracking the overall standard of the class V students in two languages and Mathematics. The first paper was conducted on 3rd October in their respective schools with special invigilators.


Students fully engrossed in their paper ( Photo: Gen Pema Gyalpo la)

Although there was strong voices going on against the standardized test everywhere yet sometimes it create some interest and motivation among the students. The common exam which was held in TCV schools were discontinued few years back since it caused competitive sense among schools participating. This class V common exam is being held in order to track the overall standard of the Tibetan students in these three subjects.

The checking would be done in November where representatives of schools meet in Dharamsala for a common checking.

21st Inter House Athletic Meet

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The school band presenting Drum Salute@Gen Monlam la

30th September 2016: Annual Inter House Sports Day was held in TCV School Suja on 30th September. Mr. Ngawang Rabgyal la, the Secretary of the Department of Education, CTA was the chief guest along with Dignitaries from TCV Head Office, Nearby Schools and Settlement. Some more guests present during the event were the local Pradhan and the Principal of Matroo school. This was TCV School Suja’s 21st Annual sports day in which the four houses competed for both track and field events.


The school March Past with vibrant Tibetan National Flags@Gen Monlam la

The day began at 9 am with the march past by the students with the school band and the presentation of group song by the students of Junior section. After the formal function, the athletic events started with the chief guest declaring the meet open. The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a welcome speech and presented a brief report on the school. There were hurdles, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres, 800 metres, relay races and field events like High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump etc. The events went successfully because of the well co-ordination between the officials and the PETs on the ground.


The track events: Inter Girls 100 mts Race@Gen Monlam la

There were so many other schools including local Matroo school who participated in the final Invitational relay. The eventful day concluded at 4 pm. The chief guest distributed the awards and trophies to the individuals and houses who excelled in the competition. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la gave a vote of thanks by thanking all those who had made the program successful.

Inter House Athletics Meet is one of the major events of the school where a large number of staff and students participate either directly or indirectly. A lot of preparation was done few weeks ahead by both the house masters and the students. The ground was arranged and decorated by the school PETs with the help from the students of class X and IX E.

This year, Songtsen House headed by Mr. Nyima Tsering la and miss Tenzin Youtso la stood first position leaving all three houses behind with a huge gap.

Inter Class Tibetan Song Contest

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Song Presentation by students ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

27th September 2016: Junior Section Inter Class Tibetan Song contest was held in the hall during the 5th and 6th period. There were 9 classes excluding class V participating in the contest which was attended by the school Principal, the Headmaster, the teachers, staff members, the students of Junior Section and parents. The contest was organized by Mrs. Pema Choekyi la, the school Music teacher.


Song Presentation by students: First position ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

The presentation was par excellence. All the classes had really worked hard. The songs selected were very good; songs on nationality, tribute and praise for the Tibetans. That was really one way of imbibing in our younger generation the love and loyalty for our country, nature and our heroes. There was also large number of students using traditional Tibetan instruments, which was really praise worthy.


Song Presentation by students ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

The program lasted little more than an hour. It was really a tough moment for the anchor to read out the results because all the classes presented really good. Nevertheless the result was announced. There was one winner each in class III, IV and VI categories. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la gave away the prizes to the winning classes.

The anchor, a student did a great job in making the program successful. He finally thanked all those who had made this program a grand success. The audience gave a big round of applause at the end.

Tibetan Department Conducts Olympiad Test

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Tibetan Olympiad in progress ( Photo: Gen Jigme Wangden la)

23rd September 2016: Around 500 students of class VI to XII participated in the Tibetan Olympiad Contest on the basketball ground during the 5th and 6th period. For the first time, the Department of Tibetan came up with an idea of having a similar Olympiad in Tibetan subject like other subjects. The members of the Tibetan Department headed by Gen Jigme Wangden la had series of meeting and discussed on the content of the question papers.


Tibetan Olympiad in progress ( Photo: Gen Jigme Wangden la)

Finally the Olympiad was held. There were two sets of questions; one for class VI to VIII and the other one for class IX and above. There were 50 MCQ questions on various topics like grammar, history, philosophy, general etc.  The test lasted for little more than an hour during which all other teachers gave their helping hand in conducting the test. The results of the top students would be declared during TOC ( Tibet Our Country Day to be held on 5th October 2016.

A short and Simple Drama

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Suja Journalism Club (SJC)

16th September 2016: A Short and simple drama was presented in the school hall Phuntsok Deshe on 16th of September, where most of the staff and


Tibetan Dubbing Society presenting Drama (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

students of senior section were present including the school Director and the Principal. The drama was staged by “Tibetan Dubbing Society”, Norbu Lingka Dharamsala in collaboration with the Counseling Cell of the Department of Education, CTA. This was a part of their project to tour the Tibetan schools to create awareness about Vocational Education. This sole aim of drama was to encourage the students and Tibetan youth to learn Vocational Training also as it’s equally important as degree education in this century. The drama revolves around the wrong belief among students and parents, what parents expect from their children, what children want to be and what they want to become at last.

The special technique which captivated the audiences was the language they used; which was according to the children’s dialect, the funny punch lines and good interactions with the audiences.


Staff and Students enjoying the drama ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

TCV Suja’s stage was not new for them. They had performed another drama on Alcohol last year which was quite popular among students. After the drama, they introduced the students with some vocational centers all over India. All the performers were offered scarves by the school Director Choenyi Dhoundup la. The short function concluded with small speech by the school Director. They finally presented their debut dubbed film CD to the school Director and gave a brief introduction about their Organization.

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