World Yoga Day 21/6/2018

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TCV Suja observed International Yoga Day / Thank you India day in the school. Under the guidance of school’s physical instructor, the staff and students participated in the Yoga practice during the school’s morning assembly. Educating the gathering about the importance of practicing Yoga for a healthy body and mind, the instructor exhibited few basic yoga Pose and breathing techniques to everyone so that all can practice them in their daily lives. School Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la took special initiative in organizing the program and wished everyone healthy and meaningful life ahead! Everyone also remembered and offered gratitude to India for its undying support and hosting Tibetan peoples in India as a special guest and friend for very long.  Thank you 🙏 and hope you will continue the same in future!



Songtsen House wins the Inter House Cultural Competition

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One of the most anticipated happenings in the school, The Inter House Cultural competition was held on 29th May.  As it always was, this year too, the program was very impressive and was witnessed by many important guests. The chief guest of the program was Ven Karma Gelek Yuthok, the honorable minister for Religion and Culture Central Tibetan Administration.

The competition took place in the school main auditorium at 4 p.m. It started with House wise group songs and ended at Senior group dance sequence. The overall winner of the Cultural Competition this year was bagged by Songtsen House. The detailed score sheet of the competition is as below.



83D9533F-30AD-446D-8037-C930F365712D797F8B1D-804C-4F8A-AB56-3F9F0729E0B6This cultural competition is always held during the summer time table of school. As the students are free in the afternoon, they can participate in the activity without any hindrance to their regular classes. The practice and rehearsal takes about 20 days. And this competition has been continuously dedicated to the birth anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai lama.

In order to preserve our rich Tibetan Culture, school had been conducting Inter House Cultural Competitions every year. This co-curricular activity is as old as the school. Large numbers of students participate in this program. The competition is held between the four Houses of the school and it is judged on the basis of four categories namely; Group Song, Duet song, Junior Group Dance and senior group dance. House masters and students work really hard to bring the trophies to their names.

TCV President visits TCV Suja

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TCV President Mr. Thupten Dorjee la paid an official visit to TCV Suja on 25th May 2018 during his round visits to various TCV Schools in Himachal Region. He toured around the school and met with staff and students. He visited classes and educational resource centers and interacted with students and staff during their regular working curriculum. Then, he met with members of management committee of the school and shared dialogue. Before he left, He met with all staff (teaching and non-teaching) members of the school and shared a lengthy discourse on TCV and its vision and mainly about TCV-‘Past, Present and Future’. He stimulated all the staff members to work towards quality education and requested them to stay united against all odds.  All the staff appreciated his visit very much.

Saka Dawa in TCV Suja

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Every year, TCV School Suja carries out special religious activities in the holy month of Saka Dawa. Trying to collect extra virtues in this sacred month, school engages in reading the most holy Buddhist texts Kangyur and Tengyur.  Kangyur and Tengyur are huge volume of texts comprising of some 70,000 pages depending on the edition. School devoted two complete working days in reading these texts. Entire students and teachers of senior section engaged in this meritorious action. The attempt was to complete reading the whole volume of Kangyur and Tengyur within two days. Volumes were divided among various classes to read.  Refreshments were served in between the breaks.

Other religious activities that will follow will be holding Dolma Tsendhon (recitation of prayer “Dolma” entire night) on 24/5/2018 and Soltsok (Prayer and Offering) on 26/5/2018.

Tibetans observe month of Saka Dawa, the most sacred month in the Buddhist calendar that celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Lord Buddha. It is believed that any virtue performed during this month bore merits in multiple. Buddhists all over the world engage in extra meritorious actions during this month.


Junior Section Teachers visits homes to talk with children about their problems.

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The teachers in junior sections are allotted homes they would visit on regular basis to talk about the problems of the children with the children themselves. This year’s first home round visit was done on 18th May. Two teachers each went to their allotted homes during the evening to interact with the children. The main purpose of the home round visit is to make the children feel close to the teachers and encourage them to share their problems if they have.

This time, the home visit was mainly given to talk on three points namely, Bullying, Gender Equality and Sexual Abuse. Though these topics are very familiar to the senior students as they are regularly educated, but small children need to be explained separately and in simpler way. The school administration and counselor repeatedly communicate on these topics to the students. The school administration always encourages the students to open up their problems to them. Like every year, this year too, a whole week in April was observed as “Anti-Bullying Week” in senior section. The students were educated thoroughly on the subject. Various videos, skits, talks and presentations related to the subject were shown to the students so that they are fully aware of the seriousness of the matter.

Children in homes are mostly from Class I to VI aged between 6 years to 11 years. They are to be taught about these topics in a very simple way. So, this time junior teachers aimed to educate the younger children on the subjects in their way of understanding by explaining the actions and telling stories. The teachers had prepared charts and writings and came up with various stories about overcoming shyness, fear, bullying and inspired them by sharing stories of love, kindness and sharing. They were also educated on signs of sexual abuse. The home mothers also  participated in the talk and extended full support to the visiting teachers.



Home 9

School’s Alumnus Gongyal la won the prestigious Rochester Scholarship.

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School extends its heartiest congratulations to Master Gongyal for winning the scholarship  to the University of Rochester.   He is one of the two candidates who won the scholarship for 2018.

Master Gongyal was an ex. Student of TCV Suja. He completed his senior secondary in the year 2015. He was among the few who won the prestigious Gaden Phodrang award that year for their outstanding result. He scored 91.2% then. He continued further to study Law.

TCV Suja is very happy and proud to have you as our student. We wish you a lot more successes and luck in your future endeavor.




Recieving Gaden Phodrang Scholarship in 2015

Junior English Quiz

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The First Junior English Quiz was held today at junior section. Students from class IV to VI participated in the Quiz. The little ones did an awesome job. The quiz masters came up with interesting rounds and participants attempted all questions very smartly. The winner of the First English Quiz was class IV D.་IMG_5798(1)IMG_5797IMG_5771

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