A short and Simple Drama

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Suja Journalism Club (SJC)

16th September 2016: A Short and simple drama was presented in the school hall Phuntsok Deshe on 16th of September, where most of the staff and


Tibetan Dubbing Society presenting Drama (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

students of senior section were present including the school Director and the Principal. The drama was staged by “Tibetan Dubbing Society”, Norbu Lingka Dharamsala in collaboration with the Counseling Cell of the Department of Education, CTA. This was a part of their project to tour the Tibetan schools to create awareness about Vocational Education. This sole aim of drama was to encourage the students and Tibetan youth to learn Vocational Training also as it’s equally important as degree education in this century. The drama revolves around the wrong belief among students and parents, what parents expect from their children, what children want to be and what they want to become at last.

The special technique which captivated the audiences was the language they used; which was according to the children’s dialect, the funny punch lines and good interactions with the audiences.


Staff and Students enjoying the drama ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

TCV Suja’s stage was not new for them. They had performed another drama on Alcohol last year which was quite popular among students. After the drama, they introduced the students with some vocational centers all over India. All the performers were offered scarves by the school Director Choenyi Dhoundup la. The short function concluded with small speech by the school Director. They finally presented their debut dubbed film CD to the school Director and gave a brief introduction about their Organization.

Staff Day Celebration

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14212817_10208307484139426_1339572402052103063_n5th September 2016: A grand function was organized on the basketball ground by the students’ council to celebrate the Staff Day cum Teacher’s Day, the day the children every year waited patiently. The function was attended by the school Director, the Principal, the staff members and the students. The function began with introductory and welcome speech by the school captain. He thanked all the staff members for their sincerity and dedication and wished everyone a wonderful day.

14199520_1095772143842935_1873106890992634579_nThere was cultural show by the students. A variety of programs was shown to the staff members. The students had been practicing these for the last few weeks. There was also light refreshment for the staff members during the cultural program. After the function, the staff members were given refreshment in the school hall, which used to the center of attraction every year. The hall was amazingly transformed into a big banquet hall. The walls were adorned with children’s paintings and words.

14192544_1095770597176423_2227207702272122231_nGames were arranged in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The organizers had in fact left no stone unturned in entertaining the staff members. A handful of staff members participated in the party games organized by the students. Both the students and staff members had a great time.

The evening program of the main day was postponed to the next day due to the unprecedented rain.  The evening program went uninterrupted the next day. Apart from the songs and dances, there was also model show by the students of class X and XII which drew huge applause. The staff members had enjoyed as much as the children had enjoyed presenting their songs and dances.  The school captain Pema gave a vote of thanks at the end of the program. They extended her vote of thanks to all the concerned people who had helped in making the day great. After that the school Principal Gen Karma Sherap la thanked all the monitors and the students for the wonderful day and the arrangement.

14224888_1095772397176243_8005057430601244797_nA very sumptuous lunch and dinner was extended to the staff members in the school hall. There was also refreshment in between, particularly the late night changkol and butter tea. As usual, the Staff Day was a restful day for all the staff members. THANK YOU STUDENTS.


56th Tibetan Democracy Day

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14182152_926041890856728_1021408559_n2nd September 2016: The staff and students of TCV School Suja gathered in the junior school hall to celebrate the 56th Democracy Day. The function began with the welcome note and introductory speech by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la, Political Science teacher. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Tibetan Democracy came into being not through revolution like all other nations but through evolution through sheer hardwork and dedication by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai lama. He narrated in length about the evolution of Tibetan Democracy right from the time of His Holiness’ enthronement to the recent changes in 2011, when His Holiness fully devolved all political and administration to the elected Sikyong. He finally requested all to use the democracy judiciously.

14159079_926040410856876_700619659_nThe school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la read out the 15th Kashag’s statement loudly and clearly. At the end of the delivery, he reiterated the appeal and the request conveyed by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la. He also spoke on the importance of Tibetan Democracy and there by requested the senior students to organize symposiums or debate on Tibetan Democracy. After that, Mr. Jigme Wangden la, Tibetan teacher read the statement of Tibetan Parliament in Exile.

After that Mr. Jigmen Wangden la unveiled two new children’s Literature in Tibetan language. He spoke on the aims and objectives of publishing these two books for children. He thanked Tibet Fund for jigfunding and extended his vote of thanks to those who had supported him in making these two books. The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la inaugurated the two books.

Finally, the function concluded with the singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem with the school band. The 56th Tibetan Democracy Day was celebrated successfully and the organizing committee was applauded by the school headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la.

Science and Math Day

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14034714_1249936668372573_633871112598885231_n26th August 2016: TCV Suja’s Science and Math Day of Junior and Senior section concluded successfully on 24th and 26th August respectively.  The day is observed by the Department of Science and Math with lots of hard work and preparation from a month in advance. There were programs like Science and Math Olympaid, projects making, presentations and Math skits.

The senior section Math and Science day began with a presentation in the hall. Mr. Lhundup Namgyal la, the senior Science teacher at TCV Lower Dharamsala was the chief guest. The Head of the Science and math Department, Mr. Tseten Rabgyal la welcomed all and introduced the day. He unveiled this year’s theme “PULSES” among the beautifully adorned stage.

14021692_1249936791705894_7401259493201717704_nAfter that, some of the students of class IX gave a nice presentation on this year theme “PULSES”. Through their presentation, they also shared the utilization of meals and food wastages among the hostels and dormitories. And finally, they persuaded everyone to eat food and not to waste food.

14079895_1249936978372542_4128430517480648778_nThe school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la spoke on the occasion. He highly appreciated the effort by both the students and the department members for such wonderful presentation. He also reminded the students to put effort on these two subjects also, citing the reasons for the acute shortage of Science and maths professionals in our society. After that, Mr. Lhundup Namgyal was called on the stage to give away the prizes to the students who had excelled in the recently held Science and Math Olympaid.la. He extended his sincere thanks for the school for inviting him as the chief guest. After that, he gave a wonderful and motivating talk to both the teachers and students. He gave his talk on the basis of his long service in TCV School as a teacher. The talk which lasted for little more than half an hour was welcomed with a big applause.

14045970_10208198064003991_1277388700756635448_nAfter the function, light refreshment was arranged for the teachers outside the school staff room. The Chief Guest, Mr. Lhundup Namgyal la, accompanied by the school Director, the Principal and the Department Head inaugurated the Science Exhibition at conference room. The students displayed their models and explained about their models. In the evening, there was a small skit related to Math. The play was very good and revolved around the Congruent Triangle. After the skit there was a small Quiz for the students of class VI to IX. The students and their math teacher had worked so hard. Everybody in the hall had a great learning and learnt the lesson, “It is OK to make Mistakes”. The eventful day concluded with the vote of thanks from the school Principal to all the participating students and the teachers of Science and Math Department.


Independence day: Final Match

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photo 115th August 2016: To celebrate India’s Independence Day, the GCT ( Gmeiner Cake Tournament) final match was played among the Men’s and Women’s teams. The football ground was adorned with vibrant colours of Games flags despite the muddy environment due to the torrent rainfall; and the announcement was made welcoming everyone and wishing everyone Happy India’s Independence. A huge crowd and fans had occupied each and every dry space around the ground to show their moral support for their teams.

photo 2The organizers, this time the students of class X had left no stone unturned in making this final match as entertaining as possible by arranging live commentaries and interviews. Like a typical International Games, the teams entered the area with their junior fans following the rhythm of the music. The crowd cheered the teams. The first match was between the Girls’ Never Give Up team and Class XII girls. Both the teams played well and it was 1:1 in the first half. Towards the end, the class XII United scored its final deciding goal and proved themselves the champion. The Never Mind Team could not counter goal and eventually came runners up.

In the men’s category, staff team A played against class XII Boys. Both the teams played really good despite the muddy ground which hampered their performance. The score was same as the women’s team. The first goal came from the class XII united which was equalized by a wonderful goal from Gen Tenzin Palbar from Staff Team A. It was a stale mate game for some time. Very soon, another goal came from Gen Tenzin Palbar again and that was the final deciding goal. Staff team A came out triumphantly beating the Class XII united by one goal.

The award ceremony was held right after that. The school Director and the school Principal who were the chef guest gave away the trophies and medals for both the runners up and the winners. The officials, the ball boys and other helpers were given token of appreciations from the organizers. One of the highest participation programs of the school came out successfully.

All is well that ends well.

Fist PTA Meeting Concludes Successfully

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photo 212th August 2016: Around hundred parents, local guardians, teachers and home parents attended the first Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) meeting of 2016 held in TCV School Suja. The meeting was arranged in the beautifully decorated hall by the Parent Teacher Association of the school under the leadership of the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. The parents and the teachers had a free and frank discussion on each and every student’s overall academic and general performance for the first semester.

photo 3A prior notice was sent to all the parents, relatives and local guardians of the students about the PTA meeting. Accordingly a huge number of dedicated people had made their presence for this very important meeting. The meeting began with Mrs. Sonam Dolkar la, the Chairperson of PTA giving an introductory and key note address about this meeting. The school Director addressed the congregation asking for a stronger and sincere support from the parents and relatives of the students. He also reminded the parents about good parenting and how our negligence could and improper parenting could land one’s child into trouble. The school Principal gave a bird’s eye view of the students’ academic performance in the Summative Assessment I. He spoke highly about the students’ discipline and students ‘stream choices for which parents had huge accountability. He spoke about the new changes that had happened this academic year. He concluded his speech by assuring everyone the full support and dedication from the school staff and heads in giving the best education for the students. A light refreshment was given to all in between.

indexThe parents were also given opportunity to share their views and opinion after that. There was only one from the floor who shared his opinion about the new practice in the school. For the next one hour, the parents and teachers had a vigorous and serious discussion about their students. All the class teachers and subject teachers from both the sections were seated on their chair and the parents met the respective teachers of their child. The parents were found taking seriousness in this interactions. A huge impact was made through this meeting.

PTA has become an important part in each and every school.  The Department of Education, CTA had also made it mandatory to hold such meetings in the schools. Parents are one of the stake holders in children’s education development. For a meaning education, there should be a very good cooperation among the teachers, parents and school administration. As such every year, the school organizes two PTA meetings; one after the SA I and the other soon after the SA II.

TCV President’s Visit

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images11st August 2016: Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, the newly appointed President of overall TCV Schools paid three days’ visit at TCV School Suja as a part of his On-site School visit after being sworn in unanimously as the President of TCV Schools.  He was the General Secretary of TCV Schools prior to his new post. TCV School Suja welcomes and congratulates him.

During his three days’ stay, he met with all the staff and students of the schools. On his first day, he had a meeting with all the Management committee members and the heads of all the different committees of the school. On the second day, he had a meeting with all the Non- Teaching staff members followed by the Teaching Staff. The meeting was held in the school Conference room.

During the meeting, the President addressed the gathering which comprised of the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. He categorized his talk into 4 parts; Purpose and aims of his visit; contributions of TCV Schools; achievements of Ama Jetsun Pema la; and most importantly words of encouragement for all the staff members.

imagesOn the very outset, he congratulated all the staff members starting from the school heads to home mothers for producing outstanding class XII CBSE results for two consecutive years. He really had a tough time talking for a long time in one stretch and meeting various people during his visit. There were so many new things we had not heard of especially about how our elder staff members had worked so hard to make TCV reach its present status. Everybody had got a very good bird’s eye view of the contributions and achievements of TCV schools for the last 56 years.

He also reminded the staff members the important contribution each was making in this critical situation of our country by molding the future seeds. There are 22,000 students according to the data collected from Sherig, the Department of Education, CTA out of which 12,000 students are under TCV Schools, in which we all are part of. He further requested everyone not to retreat whatsoever problem they encounter.

During his stay, he visited various departments, classrooms, hostels, libraries etc. He also interacted with some of the staff members during his on campus tour. On the final day, a luncheon was arranged for him along with the Management Committee members. From there, he left for TCV School Chauntra.


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