21st Inter House Athletic Meet

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The school band presenting Drum Salute@Gen Monlam la

30th September 2016: Annual Inter House Sports Day was held in TCV School Suja on 30th September. Mr. Ngawang Rabgyal la, the Secretary of the Department of Education, CTA was the chief guest along with Dignitaries from TCV Head Office, Nearby Schools and Settlement. Some more guests present during the event were the local Pradhan and the Principal of Matroo school. This was TCV School Suja’s 21st Annual sports day in which the four houses competed for both track and field events.


The school March Past with vibrant Tibetan National Flags@Gen Monlam la

The day began at 9 am with the march past by the students with the school band and the presentation of group song by the students of Junior section. After the formal function, the athletic events started with the chief guest declaring the meet open. The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a welcome speech and presented a brief report on the school. There were hurdles, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres, 800 metres, relay races and field events like High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump etc. The events went successfully because of the well co-ordination between the officials and the PETs on the ground.


The track events: Inter Girls 100 mts Race@Gen Monlam la

There were so many other schools including local Matroo school who participated in the final Invitational relay. The eventful day concluded at 4 pm. The chief guest distributed the awards and trophies to the individuals and houses who excelled in the competition. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la gave a vote of thanks by thanking all those who had made the program successful.

Inter House Athletics Meet is one of the major events of the school where a large number of staff and students participate either directly or indirectly. A lot of preparation was done few weeks ahead by both the house masters and the students. The ground was arranged and decorated by the school PETs with the help from the students of class X and IX E.

This year, Songtsen House headed by Mr. Nyima Tsering la and miss Tenzin Youtso la stood first position leaving all three houses behind with a huge gap.


Inter Class Tibetan Song Contest

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Song Presentation by students ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

27th September 2016: Junior Section Inter Class Tibetan Song contest was held in the hall during the 5th and 6th period. There were 9 classes excluding class V participating in the contest which was attended by the school Principal, the Headmaster, the teachers, staff members, the students of Junior Section and parents. The contest was organized by Mrs. Pema Choekyi la, the school Music teacher.


Song Presentation by students: First position ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

The presentation was par excellence. All the classes had really worked hard. The songs selected were very good; songs on nationality, tribute and praise for the Tibetans. That was really one way of imbibing in our younger generation the love and loyalty for our country, nature and our heroes. There was also large number of students using traditional Tibetan instruments, which was really praise worthy.


Song Presentation by students ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

The program lasted little more than an hour. It was really a tough moment for the anchor to read out the results because all the classes presented really good. Nevertheless the result was announced. There was one winner each in class III, IV and VI categories. The school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la gave away the prizes to the winning classes.

The anchor, a student did a great job in making the program successful. He finally thanked all those who had made this program a grand success. The audience gave a big round of applause at the end.

Tibetan Department Conducts Olympiad Test

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Tibetan Olympiad in progress ( Photo: Gen Jigme Wangden la)

23rd September 2016: Around 500 students of class VI to XII participated in the Tibetan Olympiad Contest on the basketball ground during the 5th and 6th period. For the first time, the Department of Tibetan came up with an idea of having a similar Olympiad in Tibetan subject like other subjects. The members of the Tibetan Department headed by Gen Jigme Wangden la had series of meeting and discussed on the content of the question papers.


Tibetan Olympiad in progress ( Photo: Gen Jigme Wangden la)

Finally the Olympiad was held. There were two sets of questions; one for class VI to VIII and the other one for class IX and above. There were 50 MCQ questions on various topics like grammar, history, philosophy, general etc.  The test lasted for little more than an hour during which all other teachers gave their helping hand in conducting the test. The results of the top students would be declared during TOC ( Tibet Our Country Day to be held on 5th October 2016.

A short and Simple Drama

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Suja Journalism Club (SJC)

16th September 2016: A Short and simple drama was presented in the school hall Phuntsok Deshe on 16th of September, where most of the staff and


Tibetan Dubbing Society presenting Drama (Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam)

students of senior section were present including the school Director and the Principal. The drama was staged by “Tibetan Dubbing Society”, Norbu Lingka Dharamsala in collaboration with the Counseling Cell of the Department of Education, CTA. This was a part of their project to tour the Tibetan schools to create awareness about Vocational Education. This sole aim of drama was to encourage the students and Tibetan youth to learn Vocational Training also as it’s equally important as degree education in this century. The drama revolves around the wrong belief among students and parents, what parents expect from their children, what children want to be and what they want to become at last.

The special technique which captivated the audiences was the language they used; which was according to the children’s dialect, the funny punch lines and good interactions with the audiences.


Staff and Students enjoying the drama ( Photo: Gen Tenzin Monlam la)

TCV Suja’s stage was not new for them. They had performed another drama on Alcohol last year which was quite popular among students. After the drama, they introduced the students with some vocational centers all over India. All the performers were offered scarves by the school Director Choenyi Dhoundup la. The short function concluded with small speech by the school Director. They finally presented their debut dubbed film CD to the school Director and gave a brief introduction about their Organization.

Staff Day Celebration

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14212817_10208307484139426_1339572402052103063_n5th September 2016: A grand function was organized on the basketball ground by the students’ council to celebrate the Staff Day cum Teacher’s Day, the day the children every year waited patiently. The function was attended by the school Director, the Principal, the staff members and the students. The function began with introductory and welcome speech by the school captain. He thanked all the staff members for their sincerity and dedication and wished everyone a wonderful day.

14199520_1095772143842935_1873106890992634579_nThere was cultural show by the students. A variety of programs was shown to the staff members. The students had been practicing these for the last few weeks. There was also light refreshment for the staff members during the cultural program. After the function, the staff members were given refreshment in the school hall, which used to the center of attraction every year. The hall was amazingly transformed into a big banquet hall. The walls were adorned with children’s paintings and words.

14192544_1095770597176423_2227207702272122231_nGames were arranged in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The organizers had in fact left no stone unturned in entertaining the staff members. A handful of staff members participated in the party games organized by the students. Both the students and staff members had a great time.

The evening program of the main day was postponed to the next day due to the unprecedented rain.  The evening program went uninterrupted the next day. Apart from the songs and dances, there was also model show by the students of class X and XII which drew huge applause. The staff members had enjoyed as much as the children had enjoyed presenting their songs and dances.  The school captain Pema gave a vote of thanks at the end of the program. They extended her vote of thanks to all the concerned people who had helped in making the day great. After that the school Principal Gen Karma Sherap la thanked all the monitors and the students for the wonderful day and the arrangement.

14224888_1095772397176243_8005057430601244797_nA very sumptuous lunch and dinner was extended to the staff members in the school hall. There was also refreshment in between, particularly the late night changkol and butter tea. As usual, the Staff Day was a restful day for all the staff members. THANK YOU STUDENTS.


56th Tibetan Democracy Day

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14182152_926041890856728_1021408559_n2nd September 2016: The staff and students of TCV School Suja gathered in the junior school hall to celebrate the 56th Democracy Day. The function began with the welcome note and introductory speech by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la, Political Science teacher. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Tibetan Democracy came into being not through revolution like all other nations but through evolution through sheer hardwork and dedication by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai lama. He narrated in length about the evolution of Tibetan Democracy right from the time of His Holiness’ enthronement to the recent changes in 2011, when His Holiness fully devolved all political and administration to the elected Sikyong. He finally requested all to use the democracy judiciously.

14159079_926040410856876_700619659_nThe school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la read out the 15th Kashag’s statement loudly and clearly. At the end of the delivery, he reiterated the appeal and the request conveyed by Mr. Choedak Gyatso la. He also spoke on the importance of Tibetan Democracy and there by requested the senior students to organize symposiums or debate on Tibetan Democracy. After that, Mr. Jigme Wangden la, Tibetan teacher read the statement of Tibetan Parliament in Exile.

After that Mr. Jigmen Wangden la unveiled two new children’s Literature in Tibetan language. He spoke on the aims and objectives of publishing these two books for children. He thanked Tibet Fund for jigfunding and extended his vote of thanks to those who had supported him in making these two books. The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la inaugurated the two books.

Finally, the function concluded with the singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem with the school band. The 56th Tibetan Democracy Day was celebrated successfully and the organizing committee was applauded by the school headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la.

Science and Math Day

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Gen Tenzin Youtso la welcoming and introducing the Day in the school hall

9th September 2015:  TCV School Suja had their Science and Math Day on 9th September. This year a full day was dedicated to the Science day as unanimously decided by the Science Department members. The day began with an introductory speech and presentation on this year’s Science day theme “Light” by Miss Tenzin Youtso la and Mr. Tsering Londhen respectively in Phuntsok Deshe hall during the morning assembly. After the presentation there were two rounds of Tibetan Dialectic session; one on Science topic “Living Things” and the other on Math topic “Number system”.  Unlike previous year, this year the department had started this dialectic session which was commendable. Both the students as well as the teachers had been practicing for a long time and eventually their hard work bore good result when the program went well. In between, there was a beautiful song from the students of class IX who presented an English song called “Math we do”. The first phase of the Science and Math day in the hall concluded.


Gen Tsering Lodhen la giving a presentation on on Light on Science and Math Day

The second phase was on the school basketball ground and the main anchor was the young and charismatic Math teacher Mr. Tsering Londhen la who did a wonderful job in making everyone entertained irrespective of the hot scorching sun which was pouring from above. They had arranged an “On the spot painting contest”. The contest was for class VI to class XII and they were asked to draw a sketch of the late Indian president Dr. Abdul J Kalam. To give this contest a taste of Math and Science, the participants from each class were given 1/4 of Dr. Kalam’s Portrait and asked to draw. Finally all the four portions were joined and the best team with proper portion and measurement was given award. The contest began with light background music on one side and the cheering of the students for their respective classes. The painting was done in little less than an hour and the students from class VIII were presented award by the school Principal.


Dialectic Session in progress before the panelists during Science and math Day

In the meantime, there were three presentations going on; all working models by different classes. There was Solar cooker models from class IX on one side and the teachers were noting down the temperature of the water. On the open stage there were models and charts of Three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse from class X students. Near them there was a working model of Train Signal from the students of class VII. There were two teams in Tibetan Dialectic. They debated on math and science topics Quadrilaterals and Metals respectively.


Display of working models of Railway Signals and Chart Presentations of the three “Rs” Reduce, Recycle and Reuse by class VII and X

In the evening, a quiz was organized by the Science and Math Department. The participants were the ones who scored highest in Science and Math in the summative Assessment I.  The quiz was between class IX and X students. Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, senior Science teacher hosted the quiz. There were 6 rounds all related to Science and math and the evening was dedicated to the Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche and Dr. Abdul J Kalam. The participants were divided into six teams which were named after the books written by Dr. Kalam. The participants performed very well and the the quiz was a great success.


On the spot Live Sketching of Dr. Abdul J Kalam on Science and Math Day on the basketball ground

Finally, the winners were handsomely rewarded by the school Principal, who later thanked all the members of the Science and Math Department for the innovation they had brought in regarding the celebration of Science and Math Day. He also thanked the students who had participated in all the programs and for their hardwork and sincerity. With a big round of applause, the day successfully concluded in a very happy ending.

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