A workshop on Teaching and Learning

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1st April 2017: A week long workshop (16 hours Package) on “Teaching and Learning” is under way at TCV School Suja. The workshop is being given by Dr. Pema Yangchen la, former Vice Principal and English Lecturer at Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education (DLIHE), Bangalore as a part of Professional Development for the teachers.  Prior to this, she had given the same workshop to the teachers at SOS TCV Choglamsar Ladakh last year and more recently at TCV Chauntra School.

Due to the tight schedule at all schools especially in the wake of new academic session, the workshop was held right after the regular classes. Despite that, the teachers actively participated and enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. Each session was two hours long and the sessions were very interactive where most of the things were done by the participants among themselves. Dr. Pema Yangchen la started the workshop by introducing herself and how she struggled in life for her present profession, which was of course teaching. And that was a great inspiration for all the teachers who also had similar stories to share and that cemented the bond between the resource person and the participants throughout the workshop session.

Unlike the subject specific workshops, her workshop covered large varieties of our work as a teacher in general. It also made the participants reflect upon their daily teachings, collaborative work, learning theories, effective teachings, rubrics and some other important areas related to teaching and learning. She aimed the workshop with the sole purpose of telling the teachers that there are so many things teachers can learn and work together among themselves, which was pivotal of Teacher professional development.

There were so many games, activities and ice breakers one could learn
throughout the workshop when she began each session. Teachers got to read intensively some of the research papers as a part of their daily home assignments. In nutshell, the workshop was very intensive yet the teachers learnt so many new things from the resource person. “Although I have worked as a teacher for so many years, I realize that there are still so many I don’t know. There are many ways to make learning fun and effective for my students. I find it very important for me as a teacher to keep learning and always develop professionally”, say Tenzin, a senior teacher.


Talk on Tibetan Legal System

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1st April 2017: Mr. Lhadup la, alumni of TCV School Suja and the present Tibetan Justice Commission at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement Uttarkhand visited his Alma matter and gave valuable talk to the senior students and the teachers on the Tibetan Legal system.

It was great inspiration for the students and a proud moment for the teachers as he began his talk with the words of dedication and gratitude to this school for making him what he is today. This was followed by a big round of applause.

His talk lasted for little more than an hour. The whole session was very lively as he based his talk with lively example according to the students’ context. During this hour long talk, he made so many things clear about the Tibetan legal system and that of host country’s. He made clear to all that Tibetan Justice Commission is for settling of disputes and not to air one’s grievances. He also told the senior students about the scope of pursing Law in their undergraduates and dire shortage of Tibetan lawyers.

As requested by the school headmaster, he shared some of his early childhood experience at the school, struggling with the Tibetan alphabets. He talked about the difficult times he and his contemporaries had undergone having literally no relatives in India, which ultimately made him do something in his life himself. He highly spoke about the hard work and dedication of the teachers and the staff members and how they revered them. Finally he requested the students to respect their teachers and put more effort on their studies. Both the students and the staff came out fully inspired and motivated.

The talk was followed by Q&A session. The school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la offered scarf and souvenir to Mr. Lhadrul la on behalf of all the staff and students for his visit and his valuable talk on Tibetan Legal system.


Science and Math Quiz

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photo 429th April 2016: Inter class VI, VII and VIII Science and Math Quiz contest was held in Phuntsok Deshe hall at 7 pm. The Quiz was arranged by the Senior Science and Math Department as one of the important Co-Scholastic programs. There were 6 groups (4 members each) which were named after the famous Tibetan rivers which run through India. There 6 different rounds like Science, Math, General Knowledge, Fastest Finger First, Rapid Fire and Value.

Miss Tenzin Youtso la, Math teacher was the host and the presenter. She unveiled the stage which was adorned beautifully with the water conservation as the main theme of the evening quiz. She welcomed all the students and the teachers for the first Science and math Quiz contest. She called upon the participants and the quiz masters. After that, she called upon the rounds one by one. The quiz masters came one by one to take their rounds; they all had spent a lot of time preparing questions. The participants had also come well prepared. All the rounds were like before.

photo 3One new round introduced this year by the Science and Math Department was the Value round. A question based on value was put to a group. The group as a team worked on the question for a said time duration. One of the members then gave the answer to the quiz master. Instead of the Quiz master giving the marks; all the science teachers gave their own marks. Finally the consolidated score was awarded to the team. The participants could also request any of the Science teachers for an appropriate answer.

Finally Mrs. Yangdon Tsering la, School Recycle and Environment group In charge was called upon the stage by the presenter to give away the prizes to the winning teams. The quiz as usual went successfully. The Science and Math department members had put a lot of effort in planning, working and finally executing their plan.

Junior English Sing a Song Nite

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photo 129th April 2016: Inter class III and IV English Song Contest was held in the junior school hall at 6:30 pm. The contest was organized by the English Department of Junior School. Both the students and the English teachers of class III and IV had worked so hard that the program went so successfully.

Miss Tenzin Choedon la, the anchor welcomed the whole audience comprising of the school Principal, the headmaster, staff members, local parents and the students as she unveiled the stage which was beautifully decorated aptly for the event. She gave a brief introduction about the contest, the songs and read out the interview she had done for few junior students about their thoughts on songs. She made everyone fully enjoyed by her lively presentation. She then called upon the three judges.

photo 2After that one by one, she called upon the classes to present their songs.  All the songs were sweet and one could see the hard work behind their flawless performance especially in terms of uniformity, presentation and expression. In order to give the event better look, after every song the class sang, Mr. Tenzin Dawa la, an English teacher played the original song. The entire hall joined the song and for few minutes, there was song in everyone’s heart. This sent a strong message among that songs make us all happy and forget our sorrows.

There were 6 songs from 6 different classes. Some of the songs presented were from singers like Kenny Rogers, Raffi etc. The members on the floor also presented some of their songs during the short interval. Finally the school Principal was called upon to give away the prizes to the winning teams. Miss Tenzin Choedon la once again bade good night and sweet dreams after thanking each and every one there especially the concerned English teachers and the Department members for their helping hand.

Finding Common Ground

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Mr. Kunga Tashi la, former Chinese Laison Officer Office of Tibet, New York

26th April 2016: The former Chinese Liaison Officer, Office of Tibet, New York and present Additional Secretary of Department of Security, CTA Mr. Kunga Tashi la visited TCV School Suja and gave little more than two hours’ insightful talk, as per the invitation sent by the School Chinese Language Department in collaboration with the school Administration.  Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, a senior Social Science teacher contacted Mr. Kunga la and his office and after few correspondences the visit finally substantiated.


Mr. Ngawang Tseten la introducing Mr. Kunga Tashi la

The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la, the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la, the Headmasters, the teachers, the students and the Students’ Chinese Department gave a warm welcome to Mr. Kunga Tashi la in the school hall, which was beautifully adorned with the topic written both in Tibetan and Chinese by the Organizers. A big round of applause was given to him as he took his seat on the center of the stage. Mr. Ngawang Tseten la gave a brief introduction of Mr. Kunga Tashi la, his schooling, past responsibilities and present responsibilities. He also explained about the purpose of arranging such talk and its development.

After thaIMGP6676t, Mr. Kunga la started his talk. First of all, he thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make his visit possible and for inviting him in the school.  After that, he began his talk. The topic for the talk was “The importance and benefit of reaching out to the common Chinese people”. Mr. Kunga Tashi la, the only person in the Tibetan Administration who had profound knowledge and experience in this field wooed the whole audience comprising of both the staff and students by his eloquence and skillful oratory skill. He also enlivened his talk by sharing some of the anecdotes of Chinese scholars, students and laymen. Whatever he had learnt and experienced during his six long years being the Chinese Liaison Officer in USA, he shared with the audience.


Ku-Ngoe Kunga Tashi la talking in packed hall

The main point he said were the importance of interacting with the common Chinese people especially the writers, students, pro-democratic, Buddhists, common people and telling the truth about Tibet, the working of CTA, the main wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama etc. This was one of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s main wish and desire; to make and reach the common Chinese people to whom we all trust if not the working of the Communist Chinese Government. He also spoke about the importance of dispelling the wrong pre-conception of the Chinese people. He also shared some of the substantial outcome of having worked so hard in his own capacity as the Chinese Liaison Officer for the last 6 years.


Students’ Chinese Department with school Director, Principal and Mr. Kunga Tashi la

He even gave candid examples of how to start a good conversation with the Chinese friends. If we have to resolve our problem, the only way is to deal with our own counterpart i.e. the Chinese people after all they are the future leaders. Finally, he requested everyone to study and learn about Tibet, Tibetan Policies, the working of CTA, the Middle Way Approach etc. so that one can share proudly with the Chinese people. Reflecting into his own life, he loving requested all to go ahead and start any endeavor provided it does not go against the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people and Administration.


Question & Answer Session with Kunga la

There were Question and Answer session for little less than an hour. Both the staff and students poured in their genuine doubts and questions. And Kunga la addressed all the questions lovingly and satisfied them all. After that a small girl presented Tsering Woeser’s Chinese poem which was dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a word of thanks and presented Mr. Kunga Tashi la, a scarf and school Magazine as a token of love and gratitude on behalf of both the staff and students. Through Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, the main moderator of the evening was due to present Mr. Kunga la a book which is a compilation of students’ write-up in Chinese language. The talk was worth listening to and a great eye opener for many and everybody listened attentively right from the beginning to the end. We have to make friends with the common Chinese people and find a common ground in our own individual capacity and make them know that Tibetans are not the enemy of the Chinese people.

                                                KUNGA TASHI LA THANK YOU SO MUCH

27th Birth Anniversary of Panchen Lama

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photo 51

Evening Symposium on Panchen Lama in the hall on 27th Birth Anniversary of Panchen Lama ( Photo: Gen Dickyi la )

25th April 2016: The school in collaboration with the students’ Human Rights’ Club arranged various programs and activities to mark the 27th Birth Anniversary of 11th Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima. The program began with the function on the basketball ground. The students from the Human Rights’ Club introduced the day and they talked in great details about 10th Panchen Lama’s sacrifice, work and achievements towards our country. Speaking on the occasion, they said, it is very important for all the Tibetans to remember the great sacrifices of the late Panchen Lama and his strong message to preserve Tibetan national language and identity.

photo 4

Morning function on the basketball ground. ( Photo: Gen Yangdon Tsering la )

During the function, the winners of the Tibetan and English essay contest on Panchen Lama held a couple of days back were read out and awarded certificates by the Human Rights Club. The morning function concluded with the vote of thanks from one of the members of the club. The Human Rights’ Department had worked so hard in marking this special.

photo 1

Students and staff members listening attentively in the hall ( Photo: Gen Dickyi la)

In the evening the same club had arranged one symposium on the life and work of 10th Panchen Lama. There were four speakers including social science teacher, Mr. NgawangTseten la. All the speakers had in fact done extensive research on their topic especially the chairperson was very good in moderating the symposium. It was very informative and a good learning experience for both the teachers and students on the floor.

Today no body knows about the whereabouts of Panchen Lama. Tibetans all over the world are shouting for the safe release of him. He has become the world’s youngest political prisoner. Let us all work hard for the safety of Gedun Choekyi Nyima.

Preventive Health Talk

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Dr-Chin-Kuen-Loong_Hepatitis-B_28072012_Poster_demo22nd April 2016: A group of health worker from Tibetan Primary Health Center (TPHR), Bir came to the school and gave a nice preventive health talk on Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. Along with these two diseases, the Dentist of TPHR gave talk on the importance of Oral health and hygiene.

The talk was held in the school hall after lunch. Students above class VIII and teachers attended the health talk. On the very outset, the health Administrator introduced his teams. The head nurse talked on Hepatitis B first and then on Tuberculosis with a nice PowerPoint presentation.  It was short, loud and very persuasive. After that, the Physiotherapist talked on child Obesity, a silent disorder which was making its appearing in all the communities. His main request for all the students was to take care of their diet and take regular exercises in order to prevent this child obesity. After that, the dentist gave her presentation on Oral health and hygiene. She highly recommended all to make the habit of utilizing dental floss. All their presentations were really helpful for all the students and teachers. This is the second time; health staff visited Suja and gave presentation this year, the former one was from the Delek Hospital, Dharamsala.

There was 15 minutes Question and Answer session after their presentation. Both the teachers and the students grabbed the opportunity and made the best use of this session by sharing their doubts and problems. The school thanked the team for visiting and giving valuable preventive health talk on these common diseases.

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