57th Tibetan Uprising Day

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10th March 2016: The staff and students of TCV School Suja gathered on the basketball to mark the 57th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising. All gathered and sang Tibetan and Indian national anthem followed by a minute’s silence to remember our brothers and sisters who had laid down their lives for our country. The school Director and two senior teachers introduced the day and read the statements of Sikyong and Chitue loud and clear.

12798974_10204392933583646_7578517296861267338_nAll the staff and students sang “Memang Langlu” with full emotion and pride. After that the students gathered in the hall to pray for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and speedy resolution of Tibetan cause. A special prayer session was organized for the martyrs and their bereft family members.

The staff and senior students later went to Palampur town for peaceful march. After the peaceful march, a special function was arranged on the Gandhi ground Palampur by the representative office of nearby Tibetan settlements and members of various Tibetan Organizations. Few thousand people from the nearby Tibetan settlements, monasteries and schools had gathered and participated in this peaceful demonstration carrying Tibetan national flags and banners. The president of Indo-Tibetan Friendship Organization Palampur was the chief guest on the official function there. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Tibet has the truth and one day truth will triumph. He said that he was glad Indo Tibetan Friendship Organization was formed in Bir area.


Parent’s Day Celebration

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download5th March 2016:  TCV School Suja honoured and paid tribute to all the parents, especially all the mothers and among them late Mrs. Dickyi Tsering la, who had given birth to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, our spiritual leader. 5th March is observed as gazette holiday in all the Tibetan schools to remember Gyalyum Chenmo, Dickyi Tsering la, mother of our beloved Guru and all the mothers in this world. A function was organized by the school and home parents were the chief guest. A photo of late Dickyi Tsering la wrapped in white Tibetan scarf was placed on the altar. The function was attended by the school Director, the Principal, the school Managing Committee, staff members and students. The function began with the lifelong prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the prayer was sent to all the Tibetan martyrs.

The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la introduced the special occasion. He spoke with great emotion the sacrifices and selfless act of all mothers with particular reference to the compassionate nature of His Holiness’ mother. He requested everyone to repay their mother’s kindness and sacrifice not by material gifts but by fulfilling their mother’s wishes and hopes. He said fulfilling and bringing a genuine smile on mother’s face is the highest form of gratitude, which we all have to strive. All the students listened attentively as the talk was able to hit the right chord.

Mr. Tenzin Choekyab la, senior Tibetan teacher read out the Parent’s Day statement of the Department of Education, CTA. After that the students who had excelled in the Mathematic Olympaid held last year were given honorary medals and certificates by the school Director. There was light refreshment for all the home mothers and staff members in the school mess. A welcome dinner for all the staff members was also in the program list.

Suja welcomes a new session; sends wishes to class XII

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School Opening ceremony with Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV School as chief guest (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

1st March 2016: The school re-opening function was held on 1st March on the school basketball ground. Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV schools was the chief guest. Present on the occasion were the school Director, Principal, School Management committee, staff members, students and few parents. The function began with an obeisance to Manjushree, the Goddess of wisdom followed by the Tibetan and Indian National Anthem. Co-incidentally, the second batch of class XII leaves for their first CBSE XII board and the school sends its wishes.

The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la welcomed everyone and wished for a successful academic year. Speaking on the occasion, he reminded the students their duties and the three main principles of good learning Thoe Sam Gom. He spoke about the changes in the TCV School Education as per the resolution passed during the Heads meeting held in Delhi. He also talked in length the importance of learning Tibetan by all and requested the parents to give support as they being one of the triangles of students’ education.

Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV School escorted by the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la during function (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that prizes were given for those who had excelled in their academic performance. The new house masters, students’ advisory committee members, Parent Teacher Association, new home mother, school captains and prefects were given scarves by the chief guest Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la. After that, the chief guest lovingly requested the students to make the best use of the good opportunities and facilities. He told the students that it all depends upon the students themselves by sharing the immortal line “A man can take the horse to a river, but thousand men cannot make it drink”. Speaking on the occasion, he advised the students to use their intelligence in a right way and not to complain and blame. He supported this statement by saying “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”. He concluded his talk by reminding the students to differentiate what to learn and copy and what not ignore.


Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la, the school Principal talking to the parents in the hall (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that the school Principal gave a vote of thanks. Before that he shared some of the winter holiday programs the school had organized for those who were left in the school. Taking this opportunity, he extended vote of gratitude on behalf of all the staff and students for those teachers and students who had extended their helping hand during the long winter holiday.

After the function, Parent Teacher meeting was held in Phuntsok Deshi hall. Both the parents and teachers were given light refreshments on the outset. The Principal began his presentation by proudly acknowledging the good and dedicated teachers of the school and assuring the parents not to have a speck of doubt about their dedication and hard work. He once again reiterated the parents, the importance of extending their helping hand for the common goal of making the children a good future citizen of Tibet as envisioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He informed the parents about the new changes in the school Assessment system and the kind of indiscipline that occurred in the past years and requested the parents to follow good parenting.

Parents and teachers attending the school Principal’s talk in the school hall (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that the parents and teachers had one to one conversation and discussion on their child. Every one present there, though not many in number as had expected earlier made the best use of the interactive session. The day began with lots of good things and planning. The school once again returned to its normal routine with the distribution of classes and books in the afternoon. Good Wishes!  GOOD AND SUCCESSFUL ACADEMIC YEAR!

School Orientation successful

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images28th February 2016: As laid out in the school calendar, the two days’ staff orientation (28-29) began at 9 am on 28th February in the school conference room. The school Director, the Principal and the school Management committee welcomed everyone with well-planned program for the two days. All the staff members present there were fully re-energized after their most deserving vacation and the weather was coincidently very good. The Orientation began with the lifelong prayer and obeisance to Manjushree.

As usual there were valuable talk and guidance from the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. They both took separate sessions and gave valuable talk to motivate the staff members. The teachers were given their classes and registers also.

During the two days, the school had called upon the Tibetan Conflict Resolution Center (TCRC) to give condensed workshop on conflict resolutions and Empathetic listening, the two topics very much related to the teachers. Mr. Karma Sichoe la, the Director of the Center and his trainer Mr Wangchuk la took two sessions for two days in the afternoon. TCRC had given two workshops earlier, one for the students and the other for the home mothers right here in suja.

Both the topics were very good and the workshop was done in a professional manner. All the teachers had a very good learning especially the Empathetic listening which empowered them in dealing with their students and the heads. In the end, they gave two books to the school Library as a memento. They highly praised the co-operation and the participation from the teachers throughout the workshop sessions.

The school Principal Mr. Karma la thanked both the resource persons for such a wonderful workshop on the nick of time. As a token of love and gratitude, he gave them, scarves and a memento each on behalf of the school.

Best of Luck Class XII

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Untitled229th February 2016: In the midst of School Orientations, school re-opening and school Opening ceremony preparation, once again the time has come for the All India class XII CBSE board examination. As such, a couple of days back, the class XII students who had their noses buried in their books during their month long preparation leave have been called by the school Director, Principal and the concerned teachers for the last minute briefing and guidance. This, as usual gave them a sigh of relief and confidence in their time of exam fear, suspense and excitement. They had been told to give their best performance and not to take unnecessary tension. From the school and the teachers side, no stone has been left unturned in making these students fully equipped for this examination.

They are the second batch appearing for the AISSCE since the school got its plus 2 affiliation from the board. The first batch had made the entire Suja family proud with their outstanding result with one Sikyong scholarship and 3 Gaden Podrang recipients. All the students who appeared came out with 100 results. Their hard work and meticulous effort with regular guidance and encouragement from the teachers, staff members, Principal and Director ultimately bore great result.

The same effort has been put into the present class XII 2nd batch. Everybody, both the students and the school worked really hard. All put similar hope on these students this year.

When the school reopens tomorrow with its Opening ceremony, these students will be busy giving their first paper. The whole school sends their prayers for the students of class XII and wishes them good luck in their CBSE board examination.

TCV Suja turns 29

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The chief guest Kyabje Dhongsel Rinpoche during the school 29th Founding Anniversary Celebration (photo: rfa Tibetan)

25th March 2015: The chief guest Kyabje Dhongsel Rinpoche blessed the audience as TCV School Suja celebrates its 29th Founding Anniversary. The day was also to remember and pay gratitude to all those who have taken their part in bringing this school to this present form. With the humble beginning of few hundred students and  few dozen staff members, TCV Suja today cater to the educational needs of little more than thousand students under the guidance of few hundred loving and dedicated staff members. Present during the celebration were the first Director of TCV School Suja, Ven. Tenzin la who had now turned 90s,TCV General Secretary Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, former Director Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la, the Principals and Directors of nearby TCV Schools,dignitaries from the Tibetan settlements and monasteries and the local Tibetans. The main function was held on the school basketball ground with Kaybje Dhongsel Rinpoche and other honorable  guests on the stage.

The function began with the singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem along with the school band. After that, a minute silence was observed for our martyrs who had laid down their lives for Tibetan struggle. This was followed by the prayer of truth. After that, the school Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la presented a brief past and present status of TCV School Suja followed by the presentation of 30 years’ service souvenir to Ven. Tenzin la, the first Director of the school, Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the Senior Section Headmaster and Mrs. Thinley Pelmo la, a Mathematics mentor TCV Schools. Mr. Choegyal Tashi la,a senior Tibetan teacher shared a brief achievements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the whole Tibetan Community observe this year as a year of Gratitude to His Holiness. He concluded his talk by reading out a statement of His Holiness to the Tibetans way back in 1992 in which our leader had spoken about our environment and language. Also during the function, the students who had stood positions in the Olympaid Test last year were given certificates and medals.

The function was adorned with a variety of cultural programs and the recitation of poems by the students. The school staff band, Phuntsok Deshe presented their three songs dedicated to the 29th founding anniversary of the school.A refreshment of ceremonial tea and sweet rice were served in between.


The school staff band Phuntsok Deshe performing before the audience on the ocassion

Later, the chief guest Kyabje Dhongsel Rinpoche spoke to the audience for few minutes. He congratulated TCV Suja  on turning 29th and thanked all the people involved in making the school reach to this level.He also spoke highly of the school for its infrastructure and the overall achievement. He requested the students to make the best use of the current school facility and not waste time. He also reminded all the people to take care of our environment, which has been given lots of importance these days. And most importantly, he stressed on the importance of speaking pure Tibetan by all the Tibetans. Last but not the least he thanked the school for the wonderful cultural and literary presentation and prayed for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

A final vote of thanks came from the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherep Tharchin la, who extended thanks to all those who have consented over the function and the staff members and students for making the celebration a grand success.


A ceremonial lunch getting ready to please everyone’s taste buds in the school auditorium

The guests were then usehered for a ceremonial lunch after the function. Later, they were joined by the staff members. In the evening, the school Principal showed 2002 American movie “John Q” in the open theatre to the students. The film was about a financially bankrupt father whose son was diagnosed with enlarged heart and needed immediate surgery. The film revolves around the father’s unwavering love and sacrifice towards his son, Michael.

Prior to the main function, the staff members and students had gathered on the ground early in the morning for incense burning ceremony and the life long prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and for the world peace as the school turns 29 this year on 25th March.

Be the change you want to see in others

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A team of experts from the Initiatives of Change, an International NGO

A team of experts from the Initiatives of Change, an International NGO, New Delhi (photo courtesy: Gen Jampa)

23rd March 2015: Few members of the International NGO, Initiatives of Change (http://www.iofc.org/) including three Tibetans namely Karma Phuntsok Namgyal, Tashi and Damkho Wangyal visited our school and gave a workshop and a life changing talk to the students of class XII. The team, which was comprised of individuals from different nationalities had been giving such workshops at various Tibetan schools all over India. Our senior English teacher Miss. Jampa Dolma la, who had once been a proud member of this NGO welcomed the team on behalf of the school and gave an introductory speech.  She also gave a brief introduction of the NGO.

On the very outset, the team  staged a short skit emphasizing on the importance of seeing the changes within oneself before seeing the changes in others, which was of course the main vision and aim of the NGO. During the presentation talk, some of the members also shared their personal stories, which was not that much different from any normal Tibetan students. Through their personal story, they tried to tell the students and the teachers to be the change one wants to see in others.

This program had been a part of the project that Tibetan Non-Profit Organization, Empowering the Vision based in New Delhi (http://www.empoweringvision.org/)had initiated. Mr. Karma and Damkho being a part of this International NGO, Initiatives of Change had started their own Facebook page, Am I the type of Tibetan, future Tibet needs? (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Am-I-the-type-of-Tibetan-future-Tibet-needs/647547145351527?pnref=lhc). They had created this page to provide platform for the younger generation to create new change and be the new change. This also calls for leadership and coming out to bring new positive changes for a better future.

The audience, who were all senior students were highly inspired by the speakers who were all young themselves had carried out such initiatives.  After the presentation, there was interaction among the speakers and the students. Finally Miss. Tenzin Deyang la, senior English teachers gave a vote of thanks to all the resource persons for their time and presentation. A big round of applause was given for them.

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