5 days free Cancer and Dental medication camp was held in TCV Suja starting from 29th June to 3rd July 2018. Group of young Tibetan doctors specialized in head and neck cancer and dental health volunteered to tour all TCV schools in Himachal Pradesh to screen, treat and educate Tibetan children and staff on Cancer and Dental health. Their visit to our school was truly a blessing. They not only detected many probable cancer cases in our school but also managed to treat them timely before it got too late. Further more, they educated our children and staff so thoroughly about the their program that whole school seems to have become very alert and aware. Thank you so much Dr. Dadul la and his group for taking initiative in such noble cause. Blessings comes in all forms and this is one of it. Your social service to Tibetan schools and societies are highly commendable. True Samaritans indeed!

Their 5 days program included:

  1. Health Talk to both senior and junior students about Cancer and Dental Health.
  2. Separate Health Talk to school staff.
  3. Cancer screening and dental checkup of whole school.
  4. Treatment and counseling.
  5. Special talk to senior students about cancer and dental career and motivate younger generations to study intelligently, smartly and arduously in their life. They shared their tips for successes in life.

Dr. Seldon la educating students about Dental Health Care.




Screening of Students by Dr. Dadul la


Staff Talk on Cancer (Dr. Dadul la seated on chair with White Shirt )