English story writing workshop was held in junior section of TCV School Suja from 14th to 23rd March. The workshop was given by Mrs. Tenzin Palmo la, more lovingly and popularly called Mrs. TP la. Mrs. TP la is the primary English resource person for all TCV schools. Before the present designation, she was an English teacher in upper TCV for many years. While she was a teacher, she has left an indelible mark in her teaching and her passion towards her profession and her love for children was considered exemplary. Even now, she works with as much enthusiasm and passion as she worked before.

Her target class levels for the English Story Writing training were class IV to VI. Her main objective was to drill literary skills in the children and promote writing habits in them. . She target to guide them in story writing skills and encourage them to write and share. The students participated and enjoyed thoroughly. The learning outcomes were splendid.

She started her workshop by giving training to the English teachers first and then moved on to impart the students.  The English teachers assisted her in carrying forward her purpose. The students followed the guided steps in writing story with illustrations. The students took keen interest and participation. The process not just drilled their writing skills but many of them came up with beautiful imaginative content. They were very proud of their own outcome. They also got the opportunity to share and read out their stories to other students and teachers.



IMG_4688While Mrs. TP la moved on with her story writing workshop, she also introduced a new concept for the school morning assembly, i.e. “The Singing Assembly”. As quoted by her, The Singing Assembly was introduced in the TCV School in the year 2017 keeping in mind the children’s love for music and as a method to help children learn English in an enjoyable way. She also insist on choosing songs that’s lyrics and theme ties in with secular ethical education.  While her stay in the school, she has taught a song titled “Kindness” by Jennifer Russell to whole junior students and of course with the help of all the English teachers. The students beautifully sang that song during the morning assembly. The theme of the song was being kind to the earth and the animals.


Thank you Mrs. TP la for such wonderful endeavor.