TCV Suja is 32 years old today. School observed its 32nd anniversary with great pride and jubilation. The celebration was enhanced by the presence of school’s alumni. Home coming of the 2008 batch was the icing on the cake.

The function was held at 9 in the morning. Important guests from neighboring Tibetan schools and Tibetan settlements were invited to the function. The chief guest of the occasion was Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal la, the chief database officer, head office TCV.

Started by singing of Tibetan and Indian national anthem and then followed by offering of prayers, school’s director Mr. Namdol Tashi la delivered the welcome speech. Omitting the traditional way of delivering the detailed school report, he chose to be brief and highlight more on moral development of a student. The core of his speech was unity among the Tibetans. He requested all the students to stay united in school now and within Tibetan community at large. He also emphasized that all Tibetans should never forget the gratitude and teachings of our utmost guru His holiness the Dalai Lama. He then requested the chief guest to welcome the homecoming batch by presenting Tibetan traditional khatak to each alumnus.

Then followed the most awaited moment. That is, the speech from the alumni. Mr. Tharchin la represented the homecoming batch and spoke on their behalf. He expressed their great yearning to come back to school and give a brief report of the whereabouts of their batch mates all around the world. It was a very proud moment for the staff of this school as he read out their reports. They then offered appreciation and acknowledgment greetings and souvenir to all the retired staff of the school who are presently living around Bir.

The program progressed further with the speech of the day coming from the chief guest Mr. Phuntsok Namgyal la. Mr. Phuntsok la has served TCV school for very long in various capacities as a teacher, Headmaster, Director and presently as the chief database officer. A true serviceman, he has rendered undeniable diligent service to TCV. He delivered a profound speech and ignited a new flame of aspiration in all. Thereafter followed various cultural programs from the students.


A friendly football match was played between the staff team and ex. students’ team in the afternoon. Playing again on the home ground and of course with their own teachers was a dream come true for them. The match was won by the staff team by scoring 5 against 2.

642EF9D1-15A5-4652-BD1E-22F78DE47D0FThe day ended with a grand dinner party for the entire staff of the school hosted by the homecoming students. Along with the appetizing delicacies that they hosted, the ex. students fully entertained the gathering by their humorous conversations and sharing of feelings. They started by a picture slide show of their past days in the school as a student. It took everyone down the memory lane. As they shared their memories of past and expressed their respect and love for the school and the staff, tears of joy and love uncontrollably swelled from many eyes. A wonderful unforgettable evening was witnessed. The party is ended with a Gorshey (Tibetan traditional group dance.) Everyone bid good night and went home with happy content hearts.

The celebration of the 32nd founding anniversary of the school was a very memorable one.