March 5 is celebrated as Parents Day by Tibetans all over. It is an official holiday for Tibetans in exile. “Parents Day” as coined is actually the birth anniversary of the late Dekyi Tsering la who was the great mother to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. She was a very compassionate lady and an exemplary mother. Today is a day to remember and offer gratitude to this great lady in specific and to all the parents in general.

The function at TCV Suja started at 9 am. School Director lit butter lamp and offered khatak in front of her portrait. Likewise, all the staff followed and offered khatak in front of her portrait. Then the Director, Mr. Namdol Tashi la gave the introductory speech. He educated the students about the purpose of the day and started by narrating a brief yet profound biography of the great mother. With his enchanting skill of story telling, he gripped the attention of all and narrated great account of events from her life. He also emphasised on importance of a mother from a religious point of view.



762C4D48-FB83-4BD2-A51B-EAC9C913885AThen Mr. Tsering Ngodup la read out the speech released from the Department of Education, CTA for the occasion. The function ended with thank-you words from the senior headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la.