New academic session 2018 started today with two day orientation program for staff organised by school administration. All the staff reported back to school after two month long winter holiday. Looking fresh and vibrant, all gathered at school hall greeting each other. The program started by offering prayer to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom. Then the school Director Mr. Namdol Tashi la welcomed everyone to the school and wished everyone a very successful new academic session. He then followed by giving brief report of the MDC meeting held earlier during the winter break. HIs key points in his speech was to strengthen unity among staff and team work. He also emphasised on the importance of professional development and appealed everyone for self development.

After the twenty minutes tea break, followed the Principal’s talk. He greeted everyone and started by giving brief report on various academic and non academic programs carried out during the winter for students who were back at school during the holiday. Then followed brief introduction to changes in school’s academic calendar, time table, period allotment and key changes in exam pattern- adoption of new exam pattern from class 6 to 10.
Day two Orientation- distribution of time table and department wise meeting was held. It was as a good start of a year.