World’s AIDS Day was observed today at TCV Suja. It is celebrated worldwide on 1st DecembeRed-ribbonr and is the first ever global health day. TCV School Suja too observe this day every year under the directives from the Principal Office.

During the school’s morning assembly, all the teachers and students assembled in school’s main hall. Everyone had AIDS logo red ribbon pined on their chest. Science teacher Mr. Tseten Rabgyal la delivered the introductory speech. He educated the student about the disease- it’s nature, diagnosis, treatment and most importantly the precautionary means. Short informative videos were also shown to the gathering. He warned the gathering that one can’t assume that one will not be part of it just because one doesn’t have it now. We never know and we should always be caution and educated about the disease. He also presented updated reports on the disease that he has collected from various sources. He highlighted that if a person is infected with the disease, it’s very important to get it treated. Many victims suffer because they are not treated. The fear of being cajoled by the society inhibits most victims from seeking professional medical treatment. Therefore, he indicated the gathering to avoid biases for the victims and accept them in society like any other human being. The social stigma and discrimination is far more deadly than the disease itself for the victim. One of the importance of observing World’s AIDS day is to unite all people worldwide to fight against the disease not just medically but ethically too. It is observed not just to create awareness about the disease itself but also to help the victims fight it positively by supporting them socially.


Science Teacher Mr. Tserab la educating the gathering with his presentation



Master Yarphel la rapping his self composed rap song on AIDS

After his talk and presentation, school’s western band presented a musical performance relating to the disease. Master Yarphel la sang a self-composed Tibetan rap song. He rapped on the disease and sent a powerful message to the audience. In between the musical tribute, Tibetan teacher Mr. Lhundup Dorjee la read out the press release speech from the Department of Health, CTA for the occasion. Then again, Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal la and Mr. Tsering Ngodup la sang a wonderful song for the day. Mr. Dhargyal la sang a Tibetan song on AIDS composed and sung by famous Tibetan singer Tsering Gyurmey la. And Mr. Tsering Ngodup la sang a popular song composed and sung by Singer Jigmey Namgyal la. With their melodious powerful voice, both the singers gave a wonderful performance dedicated to the Day and all the victims around the world.

Lastly, the school principal gave the acknowledgment speech. He thanked everyone involved in making the function successful. He requested the students to be informed and responsible for oneself.