A month long Tibet Our Country Project concluded successfully today with a grand function at school’s basketball ground. “Tibet Our Country Project” was first coined in year 1978 at middle section Upper TCV. The project was very successful that year. And since then, it was followed in all TCV Schools every year as part of main academic curriculum. The main aim of holding this project is to keep our students connected with Tibetan culture, customs and traditions. The invasion of Chinese in Tibet and migration of Tibetans in various parts of the world has pose great threat to the Tibetan Culture, tradition and language. The Tibetan race itself is at the verge of extinction. TOCP is therefore one of the important scholastic program of the school. Every student in the school take part in it class wise.

This year, the TOCP closing ceremony took place on 30th September. His eminence, the 11th Kirti Rinpoche (http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meetdocs/2009_2014/documents/droi/dv/501_biokirtirinpoche_/501_biokirtirinpoche_en.pdf) was the guest of honour. The official function started at 9 am. After customary ceremonial formalities like offering butter lamp and Khatak (traditional scarf) to portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by the Chief Guest, the program started.


Mr. Choekyab la, head of Tibetan Department of senior section presided the program. He gave a detailed account of the month long project and explained that only selected few would be presented at the function. The first of all was reciting of the eight verses of “Lojong” i.e. mind training practice in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. These eight verses were given to students a month earlier and they had to learn it by heart. Few days earlier, the explanation of these verses were enlightened to the students by Mr. Choekyab la during a morning assembly. So, it was an honor to recite it by whole school in front of the chief guest.

The function then continued with presentation of Tibetan Dialectic by senior students. The students did a great homework on their debating topic and after having acquired in-depth understanding and confidence of the concept of their subject, they presented their dialectic performance by process of reasoning and debate following the rules of Tibetan Dialectic practice. They engaged in a very interesting disputation and took the audience by awe.

The school’s Director then gave the welcome speech and gave a brief account of the school since its inception to the Chief Guest. TOCP introductory speech was delivered by Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the school Headmaster.

The program continued respectively with staging of class wise presentation on Topics like, Tibetan traditional scarf Khatak by students of class VI, Buddhist Thanka painting by students of class X and short Tibetan skit by junior students on Virtues and vice.  Then, prizes were given away to the students who excelled in Tibetan Olympiad held in the school and Model making Competition.

At last, the much awaited speech from the chief guest came. It was his maiden visit to the school. He started by giving a brief self-introduction and expressed admiration and keenness towards the work of the students. He followed by giving a very enriching talk on ‘The Dalai Lama’s Secular Ethics: Beyond Religion’. At last, he urged all the staff to work even harder and sincerely for the children.

After the official function, the chief guest was escorted to school’s conference room to witness the model display of the students for TOCP. Class wise models were displayed in the hall and students stood by their models to give narration. The chief guest was extremely delighted and conveyed appreciation to the students.

In the evening program, a play on King Dremay Kunden was staged by students. This play is about a very generous and kind king Dremay Kunden, a very famous Tibetan Opera.

A brief description of the program carried during the Tibet Our Country Month in senior section are listed as below:



1 Class-wise Riglam Debate during the morning Assembly on various topic assigned by the Tibetan Department. (There are 20 classes from class level VII to XII.)
2 Class-wise model making. Each class made models on concept given by the Tibetan Department.
3 Conducted Tibetan Olympiad for classes from class VII to XII.
4 Tibetan play by students of class IX on popular Tibetan opera about King Drimey Kunden.
5 Besides the regular teaching in the class, time was taken out to teach the students the eight verses of Lojong and description of Thanka to the whole school. About 80% of students were successful in learning the verses of Lojong by heart and accordingly was recited on TOC day in front of the chief guest.