Members of RDL, short for Readers of Dalai Lama gathered today to discuss and share their views and understandings of the book “Beyond Religion”. Adhering to the objectives of this club, the members read books of Dalai Lama and at some scheduled time, the members gather and engage in meaningful discussion and sharing of ideas from the book. The club’s main aim is to imbibe the principles of His Holiness in our daily lives. The student members of the club often gather on Sundays and share their ideas and viewpoints. It has been a success till now.


Gen. Tenzin Dhargyal la sharing his view points.


English Teacher Gen. Dorji Dolma la

This time the Teacher members of the Club met together to discuss on the book “Beyond Religion”. The discussion was mainly based on chapter 5 and 7. Over a refreshment and a friendly environment, the teachers shared their experience, viewpoints and transformation that many of them felt in their dealing in daily lives after reading the book. It was a wonderful gathering where the members engaged so deeply and voluntarily.


Group Photo: Members of RDL

This Club was initiated by Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, social science teacher. He takes keen interest in the club and encourage everyone to read books and engage in meaningful dialogue between the teachers and students. The school administration has further supported his endeavor by rendering him all support and backing. Hats off to all those who have brought up this beautiful Club.