TCV Suja today started RDL Progam for this year. RDL short for Readers of Dalai Lama is a club or committee started last year under the guidance of Social science teacher Mr. Ngawang Tseten la. (See link  ) It was instated last year with great vision and has won appreciation and support of many students and teachers. This committee encourages its members to read books of Dalai Lama and imbibe its deep values within them and practice it in their daily lives. It went very successful last year.

This year, the committee saw many new members. The members read books of Dalai Lama in Tibetan and English and they gather together during Sundays for brief sharing. This year’s relaunch of the RDL program was dedicated to Jetsun Pema la, younger sister to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It coincides with her birthday today. Jetsun Pema la, is loveably referred to as ‘Ama la’ by all TCV students. She is what TCV is now. Though the seed of TCV was first planted by late Mrs. Tsering Dolma la (mother to Dalai Lama), yet, Ama la has nurtured it into a big Tree. Tsering Dolma la started TCV under very poor circumstances. Exiled from Tibet, Tibetans those years underwent very difficult and harsh circumstances. Many of them were road laborers. Their infants and children were raised under harsh reality. The great mother then started this TCV for these children who were the future generations of Tibet. Ama Jetsun Pema la has given up everything for this Institution. TCV has since then grown width and length. TCV is now an institution in itself. Though Ama la has retired from  her post in TCV, but she will always remain undeniable part of the family. Expressing gratitude and in-depth reverence for her sacrifices and commitment towards Tibetan children, RDL program this year was dedicated to her.

mmexport1499528510677The function started at school’s hall. Various books of Dalai Lama and colorful flags were displayed in the hall. Geshe Thupten Jamyang la started the function by narrating a brief life history of this great lady till date. She was introduced in detail to the gathering, her commitment, her sacrifices, her acknowledgments and her mission. In short, she is the backbone of this institution.

mmexport1499528514862Then, Mr. Ngawang Tseten la introduced RDL program. Ngawang Tseten la briefly introduced the mission of RDL club. He mentioned everyone who has supported this committee financially, morally and practically. He then shared the stage with few teachers and students who were members of the committee and who has something to share with the audience. They shared their opinions, experiences and the changes they have felt within themselves ever since they had started reading books of Dalai Lama and understand his teachings. It was such a beautiful and inspiring moment for all. All the speaker spoke their heart out and shared every positive feelings that they have gained.

At last, the school Director delivered his speech for the day. He congratulated everyone who has made this committee possible and assured his full support for many more committees like this that can bring positive changes in lives of the students. Like a doting father, he never leaves without giving advises to the children.