20170617_121348TCV Suja yet again soared high among all other Tibetan schools in exile with its excellent academic performance in class XII and X board exam 2017. It has continuously maintained its position at top since the school started class XII three years ago. 111 students from class XII sat for the AISSCE board exam and all of them cleared the test with 100% pass result.

The function started at 11 a.m. in the school auditorium. The program commenced by offering prayers to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom and His holiness the Dalai Lama. School principal then gave the introductory speech. He welcomed everyone and expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the passed out students of class X and XII for bringing out such outstanding result and name to the school. He also congratulated all the concerned subject teachers in specific and whole staff in general for providing the love, dedication and right environment for the students. Ceremonial scarves were offered to all the related teachers and staff and all the passed out students who came to the award ceremony. Ms. Rinchen Kyi delivered her speech. She is one of the two students who scored marks above 90. She started her speech by putting a question to the audiences. She asked them if anyone of them has made a decision (whether important or trivial) in their life on their own. Nobody from the floor raised their hands. She supposed the negative response as lack of self-confidence in oneself. She then highlighted the importance of trust and confidence in oneself. In her casual informal dialogue, she captivated the audiences by sharing her experience as a student and her strategies to perform well academically. She revealed that self-discipline is the root of all successes. She further opined the students have confidence and trust in themselves.

Then, the chief guest Mr. Choeying Dhondup la, general secretary TCV gave his speech for the day. He congratulated the whole school for such wonderful accomplishment and expressed his deep appreciation to every single person directly or indirectly involved in educating our student. He also emphasized the importance of moral values. He held it highest and requested everyone to become a good human being first.

Lastly, school director gave the speech for the day. Like all former speakers, he expressed his appreciation and thankfulness to all concerned people. He also emphasized on the importance of virtue and moral values.

A grand lunch awaited for all staff and passed out students in school conference hall.