A grand banquet was thrown by group of ex. students to the school staff yesterday. It came rather unexpectedly and a big surprise treat in midst of our hectic school schedule and work.

This group of ex. students were the first batch of junior section who completed their fifth standard and left to various other TCV Schools for further classes. Though there were total of 58 students in this batch, only seven could make it to the school yesterday. It was their sudden decision to revisit their old school and pay their gratitude to staff. Within the short period, they were able to connect to all other batch mates in various parts of the world, and laid down their plans to revisit their old school and treat the staff with sumptuous feast as mark of their gratitude. It was such a beautiful and memorable surprise. Not just the present staff of the school, the former staff nearby also joined the party.

20170522_134309Their program started at 1.30. As the bell for the last period rang, the staff gathered in Conference hall for the lavish lunch waiting for them. These former students stood at the entrance and welcomed everyone with a beautiful smile on their face and hands folded as sign of respect. A landscape picture of their batch students with their teachers taken back in 1997 was framed and put up near the entrance. It was exactly 20 years from now. We were surprised to see the hall so well and beautifully decorated. Heart touching letterings were pinned up on walls and as we read through these letterings, our eyes moistened.mmexport1495604440749

Master Dawa la, representative of former student from the batch of 1997, unfold this special surprise program with a brief introduction to their motive and left the detailed introduction for the evening program. Then, the school director and principal lit the butter lamps as sign of good auspices. Lunch started thereafter.20170522_135036

The evening program started from 5 p.m. All the staff gradually started gathering in the hall. And before the actual dinner was served, these students enlightened us with their motives to revisit their old school and throw us such grand banquet.  The idea was in their minds from long time but the actual implementation started within a short period of time. Within this short period, few of those who are here in India managed to contact all other batch mates living in diverse part of the world and collect fund to put their idea into practical. From many reasons that kindled this idea in them, the most important were the love and respect that they have for TCV Suja. Mr. Dawa la spoke on behalf of his batch mates and told us that there were 58 students in their batch and all came from Tibet at tender age. So, TCV School Suja was not just their first school but their first home in Exile. They are very indebted to the love and hard work of their teachers and home mothers at school that time. They highly applaud the dedication of our staff and recalled how under difficult circumstances, they all stood as one family. Dawa la also pointed out that their one motive to revisit was to set examples to the present and younger generations of students. “Gratitude” is a positive emotion that must be cultivated in the DSC_0091minds of our younger generations. They must not take goodness of one’s as granted. It takes a willingness of someone to show you that goodness and we must learn to appreciate it. They have some little funds especially for junior section that can be utilized for some mini projects.  They then offered khatak to every staff in the hall and a photo session was started. The power of their words once again rekindled the spirit in us and encouraged us to work even harder for our future generations. At last, school director and education director spoke to the gathering. Both of them shared their profound DSC_0111views. Education Director especially urged all to extend support by joining TCV membership.

FB_IMG_1495604661026Dinner started and in between the course, the former students and staff took the stage and entertained the gathering with song, poetries and sharing their opinions. Finally, everybody joined in for the traditional Tibetan group dance (gorshey). We shared lot of laughter and fun. It was such a wonderful day.

Thank you so much dear students for the wonderful treat and for making us proud of ourselves. Your gesture of appreciation will be cherished for long. Wishing you all more success in life.