20170520_092839English Book fair, mainly aimed at generating reading habits among our children are held in our school every year. Different levels of junior classes hold this fair at different time in a year. Headed by English Department, we saw an English book fair at junior section today shared by the students of class IV. The event was held in junior section Hall.

20170520_094636As we enter the venue, we see all the participants waiting anxiously with their books in their hands and waving to the onlooker students and teachers to listen to their sharing of the books they have read. They all spoke in English. The hall was filled with their muttering and it was so exciting to see their expressions while they narrate their stories. Some students had comment books where they received comments from the listeners.

There were written reports and summaries of the books that the students had read. It was pinned on the walls around the hall. Some students were seen reading the book reports while many had taken seats and listened earnestly to the speakers.

It is very important to implant the culture of reading in our children who mostly prefer sitting on net and watch televisions these days.