A month long Inter house basketball league tournament ended on 29th April Saturday with Trisong House (Yellow) taking away the winner’s trophy for boy’s team and Nyatri House (Red) taking away the girl’s trophy.

Basketball is the first sport event of mmexport1493617081117an academic year in our school. Three different divisions from boys and girls team from each four houses play take part in this tournament. The practice for the tournament had been going on for the last one month. And it successfully ended on Saturday. It was an exciting month of basketball and the players from various age groups exhibited great skills and flexibility. Many new players were seen.

Though the finals started few days back but the last finale was played on Saturday. Two matches were played between the challenger teams of Inter Girls and Senior Boys on that day.  The entire match was intense as both teams battled for the first place and it was a neck to neck score. The excitement and cheers of the audience filled the whole school. It is great to see such enthusiasm and high level of energy amongst the players.basketball final

The result of the Inter House Basketball Tournament 2017 are as follows:


Junior Inter Senior


Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls


Trisong Triral Trisong Nyatri Trisong Songtsen
2 Triral Nyatri



Nyatri Nyatri


Songtsen Songtsen Nyatri Triral Triral Triral
4 Nyatri Trisong Songtsen  Songtsen Songtsen


Congratulations to the winner House on their accomplishment as well as to all the other teams in the tournament. The overall champion team was Trisong House. Congratulations also goes to games and sport committee of the school for organizing this event successfully.