Health Minister visits TCV Suja Tuesday, April 18, 2017
As part of his official tour around Tibetan settlements and Institutions, our honorable Health Minister Mr. Choekyong la paid his maiden visit to our school today since he held the post last year. Morning Assembly was held in school hall. Our new Director, Mr. Namdol Tashi la welcomed him to our school and introduced his purpose of visit to the gathering. Our minister was accompanied by head chief from Bir Tibetan Settlement.
Starting with a brief report of school since its inception till now, our Director Mr. Namdol la introduced our school to the chief guest. Then, picking an incident about a poor diet issue that came up in a recent debate in the Parliament session CTA that claimed that our school has a very poor diet for students was clarified by our Director to the Health Minister. Our Director confirmed that it was not at all true and was merely a speculation by some individuals. He supported his statement by a report submitted by a renowned dietician from Swiss who surveyed and confirmed that our school diet for student is appropriate. He also asserted that students’ diet and general wellbeing is our prime importance besides imparting academic education.
The Health Minister then gave his talk to the gathering. He started his speech with sharing some good vibes and opinions about our school that people outside hold for us. He then explained his purpose of visit as part of his official tour to all Tibetan settlements and get clear picture of situations in various settlements. He gave a brief overview of CTA and its various Departments and their duties respectively.
He emphasized on the role of a student. Maintaining good habits and self-discipline is very important for anyone who want to be successful in life. It is only because of the grace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama that Tibetans are given special opportunities in exile and we should not waste this opportunity. We should adhere to our roles and duties. Quoting a general English proverb saying that, “If Wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If Health is lost, something is lost. And If character is lost, everything is lost.” He highlighted the importance of bearing good moral conduct and discipline.
Being a Health Minister, he stressed more on importance of one’s Health. He asserted that good habits and lifestyles is very important for general wellbeing. “Prevention is better than Cure.” Every student should be aware and informed of various common and prevalent health issues like TB and Hepatitis B and preventive measures that should be taken to prevent, control and eradicate it from our society. We should sensitize them about the importance of healthy diet and hygienic measures to prevent infections and promote better health.
In nutshell, Mr. Choekyong la gave a very brief yet precise talk to the gathering about maintaining good moral as well as physical health. Through out his talk, he oftenly reminded the students about the gratefulness of his holiness the Dalai lama to Tibet and Tibetans.

The function concluded with thank you speech by school principal Mr. karma Sherap la.