1st April 2017: A week long workshop (16 hours Package) on “Teaching and Learning” is under way at TCV School Suja. The workshop is being given by Dr. Pema Yangchen la, former Vice Principal and English Lecturer at Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education (DLIHE), Bangalore as a part of Professional Development for the teachers.  Prior to this, she had given the same workshop to the teachers at SOS TCV Choglamsar Ladakh last year and more recently at TCV Chauntra School.

Due to the tight schedule at all schools especially in the wake of new academic session, the workshop was held right after the regular classes. Despite that, the teachers actively participated and enjoyed the workshop thoroughly. Each session was two hours long and the sessions were very interactive where most of the things were done by the participants among themselves. Dr. Pema Yangchen la started the workshop by introducing herself and how she struggled in life for her present profession, which was of course teaching. And that was a great inspiration for all the teachers who also had similar stories to share and that cemented the bond between the resource person and the participants throughout the workshop session.

Unlike the subject specific workshops, her workshop covered large varieties of our work as a teacher in general. It also made the participants reflect upon their daily teachings, collaborative work, learning theories, effective teachings, rubrics and some other important areas related to teaching and learning. She aimed the workshop with the sole purpose of telling the teachers that there are so many things teachers can learn and work together among themselves, which was pivotal of Teacher professional development.

There were so many games, activities and ice breakers one could learn
throughout the workshop when she began each session. Teachers got to read intensively some of the research papers as a part of their daily home assignments. In nutshell, the workshop was very intensive yet the teachers learnt so many new things from the resource person. “Although I have worked as a teacher for so many years, I realize that there are still so many I don’t know. There are many ways to make learning fun and effective for my students. I find it very important for me as a teacher to keep learning and always develop professionally”, say Tenzin, a senior teacher.