1st April 2017: Mr. Lhadup la, alumni of TCV School Suja and the present Tibetan Justice Commission at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement Uttarkhand visited his Alma matter and gave valuable talk to the senior students and the teachers on the Tibetan Legal system.

It was great inspiration for the students and a proud moment for the teachers as he began his talk with the words of dedication and gratitude to this school for making him what he is today. This was followed by a big round of applause.

His talk lasted for little more than an hour. The whole session was very lively as he based his talk with lively example according to the students’ context. During this hour long talk, he made so many things clear about the Tibetan legal system and that of host country’s. He made clear to all that Tibetan Justice Commission is for settling of disputes and not to air one’s grievances. He also told the senior students about the scope of pursing Law in their undergraduates and dire shortage of Tibetan lawyers.

As requested by the school headmaster, he shared some of his early childhood experience at the school, struggling with the Tibetan alphabets. He talked about the difficult times he and his contemporaries had undergone having literally no relatives in India, which ultimately made him do something in his life himself. He highly spoke about the hard work and dedication of the teachers and the staff members and how they revered them. Finally he requested the students to respect their teachers and put more effort on their studies. Both the students and the staff came out fully inspired and motivated.

The talk was followed by Q&A session. The school Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la offered scarf and souvenir to Mr. Lhadrul la on behalf of all the staff and students for his visit and his valuable talk on Tibetan Legal system.