31/3/2017 witnessed the handover ceremony of old and new Directors in T.C.V. School, Suja. Though most of us knew that our Director Mr. Choeying Dhondup la is promoted to the post of General Secretary TCV (Internal) and our new director is Mr.
Namdol Tashi la, but the official ceremony took place today. The function started at 11 am in school’s auditorium in presence of students and staff and chiefs from Head Office TCV. TCV president Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, General Secretary (external) Mrs. Lobsang Tsomo la and our outgoing and incoming directors Mr. Choeying Dhondup la and Mr. Namdol Tashi la respectively attended the function. The function started with prayer to Manjushree.

President Mr. Thupten Dorjee la gave the introductory speech to the gathering. He officially announced the transfer of directors in our school and wished luck to Mr. Choeying Dhondup la on his new post and welcomed Mr. Namdol Tashi as our new director. He briefly described the role of a General Secretary in TCV and recounted the circumstances that led to appointment of Mr. Choeying la to the post. He also introduced the new director to the gathering and educate us with his untiring service and dedication to TCV so far. Other major changes of heads in various TCV schools and administration were also informed to the gathering. Then, Mr. President urged to co-operatively work together towards betterment of our society and urged best support to the new administration. He also emphasized on the importance of self-discipline among the students and staff. He also talked about Health. He advised our students to maintain good hygiene and health. He finally offered scarves to both incoming and outgoing directors and wished them both successes and luck on their new post.

Next, our outgoing director Mr. Choeying la gave his farewell speech. He recollected his years in TCV starting from 1972 as a student to a regular teacher and then subsequently as a head on various posts in various TCV Schools. He has served TCV School for 33 years till date. He once again reiterated his commitment and sincerity to the organization till his last moment. He then gave us a brief report on successful completion of his key projects in TCV Suja within two years of his term as a Director. He then urged every staff and students to work hard and extend full support to new administration.

Our newly appointed director Mr. Namdol Tashi la then took over the mike and gave us a welcome speech. He made it short to not extend the function too long. He gave a brief self-introduction and urged everyone to extend their support to him. He stressed on two key points; to know our responsibility and carry it sincerely towards success. He emphasized all to work towards common goal of TCV and stay connected.
Later, our school captain Mr. Bhuyak la offered traditional scarves and souvenirs to both directors on behalf of the student council.
Finally, school Principal Mr. Karma Sherab la gave the ‘Thank You Speech’. He thanked all the Heads for their profound speeches and offered his greetings to the new and old directors. The function officially ended at a very positive note.

A special farewell and welcome dinner was hosted for the directors by the school welfare committee. All the staff attended this dinner.