March signifies beginning of spring here. As students are back to school from their two months’ winter holiday, the first main activity of the school is its annual spring fete. School’s Spring fete Day came out exactly the way we all expected. It was sunny and full of activity. The sun shone so bright and the mountains high above looked so majestic with snow sitting on its peak like a crown. Though the air was cold yet the hustle and bustle on the ground made it so enjoyable. Every class put up their stalls and students were shouting their lungs out calling people to play at their stall. The four houses put their food stalls in four corners of the ground. Aroma of their delicacies filled the air tempting all to visit their stalls. We had many visitors from outside. Few many of our ex. students were also seen at the fete. They relished each moment and felt like as they were back into their school life. Parents were also seen strolling around the fete with their children.