The Principal taking his first session with the teaching staff in the school hall on Orientation Day

6th March 2017: The school Administration conducted one day orientation for all the staff members on 6th March in Phuntsok Deshe hall after two long winter vacation. All the staff members gathered on time looking fully reenergized and motivated. There were verbal and non verbal greetings and wishes for one another. Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la, the senior headmaster welcomed all the staff for the 2017 academic year. The function began with the Manjushree prayer led by Ven. Tseten Wangchuk la.

The school reopening function in the hall with the school Director, Principal and staff members on the stage

In the morning session, the school Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin spoke for little more than an hour on this year’s Academic programs and Action Plans. He also briefly announced some of the major resolutions passed during the MDC and EDC meetings. He laid emphasis on the Teacher’s professional Development, which would focus mainly on Lesson Study this year in all TCV Schools. He shared some of the suggestions put up by teachers in their annual report. He positively took those suggestions as a stepping stone for improving the school, which was the ultimate goal of all present there. After that, light refreshment was arranged. Department meeting and discussion soon followed right after the refreshment. The teachers were busy discussing and planning their respective programs and activities.

In the afternoon, the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la shared some of the resolutions and changes taken place during the MDC meeting. He also shared his happiness on having an audience with His Holiness during the MDC meeting and conveyed the message of His Holiness, who reiterated the importance of Dialectic and Tibetan Language. He also relayed the message of the both the past and present TCV President, who equivocally reminded all the staff member of TCV to lay emphasis on excellent education and to nurture good Tibetan citizen. The Director also requested all the staff members to put more effort in quality education and work collaboratively before it is too late. The school Principal thanked and congratulated him on his new promotion as the general Secretary of all TCV schools.

The students and parents attending the school reopening function in the hall

The school reopening ceremony was held in Phuntsok Deshe hall on 7th March. The function was attended by the school Director, the Principal, the staff members, the students and a handful of students’ parents and guardians. The function began with the offering of prayer to Manjushree, the Goddess of wisdom. The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la extended his warm welcome to all who have gathered especially the parents who had made their presence on one of the most important program of the school. He spoke about the role of parents and the students as they are the two most important sides of a triangle along with the teachers. He reminded and requested the parents to give support and help their children in over development. He boldly shared his disappointment over the absence of some of the children’s parents. For the students, he requested them to learn all the good things by explaining the meaning of the Tibetan word “LobDra” and “Thoe Sam Gom”. He also spoke about the school discipline, particularly the self discipline.

After that there was prize distribution and recognition of staff members who had discharge extra responsibilities. The school Director gave away the prizes and offered thank you scarves for the staff members who had extra responsibility.

The school Principal opened his speech by reminding the students that they had all come willingly to the school and nobody had forced them to be in the school. As such, he requested the students to divert their attention now to education. He also reminded the students’ their long winter holiday homework which he hoped everyone had willingly done. He also shared some of the changes taken place in class IX and class X examination and requested everyone to work harder to cope with the new changes.

The school reopening function concluded successfully. Everyone seemed excited to see their new classroom, classmates and teachers. Happy New Academic Session and Good Wishes!