Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la talking to the students. Sitting beside him is Mr. Kalden la ( Photo: Gen Monlam la)

16th November 2016: Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la and Mr. Kalden la, executive members of TSP (Tibetan Scholarship Program) visited TCV School Suja and gave talk to the students of class XI and XII in Phuntsok Deshe hall during the last two periods. The duo has been touring and speaking to the students of class XI and XII and college students as a part of their Youth Outreach Program by Tibetan Scholarship Program Alumni Association funded by The Tibet Fund. The main objective of this program is to share their experience and guide the youngsters about this prestigious Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships abroad and give mentor to those interested aspirants.


The senior students listening attentively in the school hall (Photo: Gen Monlam la)

The school Hadmaster Mr. Tenzin Dorjee la gave an introductory and welcome speech to around little more than 300 senior students including their teachers. After the introduction, Mr. Kunsang Dorjee la, a marketing Professional gave a bird’s eye view of the life and prospect of studying abroad especially in American Universities. He enlivened his presentation by using vivid pictures of his stay in the States.

After that, Mr. Kalden la, a Film making background gave talk with an informal introduction about him. He basically spoke on how to get there (Abroad) and the preliminary processes one has to go. He also spoke briefly about the recently unveiled TSP website http://www.tspalumni.org/ and the facilities it provides for the young aspirants.


The two resource persons for the Youth Outreach Program initiated by TSP Alumni Association in collaboration with the Tibet Fund

Both of them gave a very brief and candid talk keeping in mind the tight school schedule. Everybody in the hall including the teachers gave a big round of applause for their inspirational and informative talk. After that there was half an hour Q&A session which was profitably grabbed by the inquisitive students. Finally, the school Headmaster offered scarves as a token of our love and gratitude for the two young resource persons through school Career Counselor Mrs. Tenzin Paldon la, an TSP Alumni herself.