14212817_10208307484139426_1339572402052103063_n5th September 2016: A grand function was organized on the basketball ground by the students’ council to celebrate the Staff Day cum Teacher’s Day, the day the children every year waited patiently. The function was attended by the school Director, the Principal, the staff members and the students. The function began with introductory and welcome speech by the school captain. He thanked all the staff members for their sincerity and dedication and wished everyone a wonderful day.

14199520_1095772143842935_1873106890992634579_nThere was cultural show by the students. A variety of programs was shown to the staff members. The students had been practicing these for the last few weeks. There was also light refreshment for the staff members during the cultural program. After the function, the staff members were given refreshment in the school hall, which used to the center of attraction every year. The hall was amazingly transformed into a big banquet hall. The walls were adorned with children’s paintings and words.

14192544_1095770597176423_2227207702272122231_nGames were arranged in the morning as well as in the afternoon. The organizers had in fact left no stone unturned in entertaining the staff members. A handful of staff members participated in the party games organized by the students. Both the students and staff members had a great time.

The evening program of the main day was postponed to the next day due to the unprecedented rain.  The evening program went uninterrupted the next day. Apart from the songs and dances, there was also model show by the students of class X and XII which drew huge applause. The staff members had enjoyed as much as the children had enjoyed presenting their songs and dances.  The school captain Pema gave a vote of thanks at the end of the program. They extended her vote of thanks to all the concerned people who had helped in making the day great. After that the school Principal Gen Karma Sherap la thanked all the monitors and the students for the wonderful day and the arrangement.

14224888_1095772397176243_8005057430601244797_nA very sumptuous lunch and dinner was extended to the staff members in the school hall. There was also refreshment in between, particularly the late night changkol and butter tea. As usual, the Staff Day was a restful day for all the staff members. THANK YOU STUDENTS.