photo 115th August 2016: To celebrate India’s Independence Day, the GCT ( Gmeiner Cake Tournament) final match was played among the Men’s and Women’s teams. The football ground was adorned with vibrant colours of Games flags despite the muddy environment due to the torrent rainfall; and the announcement was made welcoming everyone and wishing everyone Happy India’s Independence. A huge crowd and fans had occupied each and every dry space around the ground to show their moral support for their teams.

photo 2The organizers, this time the students of class X had left no stone unturned in making this final match as entertaining as possible by arranging live commentaries and interviews. Like a typical International Games, the teams entered the area with their junior fans following the rhythm of the music. The crowd cheered the teams. The first match was between the Girls’ Never Give Up team and Class XII girls. Both the teams played well and it was 1:1 in the first half. Towards the end, the class XII United scored its final deciding goal and proved themselves the champion. The Never Mind Team could not counter goal and eventually came runners up.

In the men’s category, staff team A played against class XII Boys. Both the teams played really good despite the muddy ground which hampered their performance. The score was same as the women’s team. The first goal came from the class XII united which was equalized by a wonderful goal from Gen Tenzin Palbar from Staff Team A. It was a stale mate game for some time. Very soon, another goal came from Gen Tenzin Palbar again and that was the final deciding goal. Staff team A came out triumphantly beating the Class XII united by one goal.

The award ceremony was held right after that. The school Director and the school Principal who were the chef guest gave away the trophies and medals for both the runners up and the winners. The officials, the ball boys and other helpers were given token of appreciations from the organizers. One of the highest participation programs of the school came out successfully.

All is well that ends well.