images11st August 2016: Mr. Thupten Dorjee la, the newly appointed President of overall TCV Schools paid three days’ visit at TCV School Suja as a part of his On-site School visit after being sworn in unanimously as the President of TCV Schools.  He was the General Secretary of TCV Schools prior to his new post. TCV School Suja welcomes and congratulates him.

During his three days’ stay, he met with all the staff and students of the schools. On his first day, he had a meeting with all the Management committee members and the heads of all the different committees of the school. On the second day, he had a meeting with all the Non- Teaching staff members followed by the Teaching Staff. The meeting was held in the school Conference room.

During the meeting, the President addressed the gathering which comprised of the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. He categorized his talk into 4 parts; Purpose and aims of his visit; contributions of TCV Schools; achievements of Ama Jetsun Pema la; and most importantly words of encouragement for all the staff members.

imagesOn the very outset, he congratulated all the staff members starting from the school heads to home mothers for producing outstanding class XII CBSE results for two consecutive years. He really had a tough time talking for a long time in one stretch and meeting various people during his visit. There were so many new things we had not heard of especially about how our elder staff members had worked so hard to make TCV reach its present status. Everybody had got a very good bird’s eye view of the contributions and achievements of TCV schools for the last 56 years.

He also reminded the staff members the important contribution each was making in this critical situation of our country by molding the future seeds. There are 22,000 students according to the data collected from Sherig, the Department of Education, CTA out of which 12,000 students are under TCV Schools, in which we all are part of. He further requested everyone not to retreat whatsoever problem they encounter.

During his stay, he visited various departments, classrooms, hostels, libraries etc. He also interacted with some of the staff members during his on campus tour. On the final day, a luncheon was arranged for him along with the Management Committee members. From there, he left for TCV School Chauntra.