photo 212th August 2016: Around hundred parents, local guardians, teachers and home parents attended the first Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) meeting of 2016 held in TCV School Suja. The meeting was arranged in the beautifully decorated hall by the Parent Teacher Association of the school under the leadership of the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la. The parents and the teachers had a free and frank discussion on each and every student’s overall academic and general performance for the first semester.

photo 3A prior notice was sent to all the parents, relatives and local guardians of the students about the PTA meeting. Accordingly a huge number of dedicated people had made their presence for this very important meeting. The meeting began with Mrs. Sonam Dolkar la, the Chairperson of PTA giving an introductory and key note address about this meeting. The school Director addressed the congregation asking for a stronger and sincere support from the parents and relatives of the students. He also reminded the parents about good parenting and how our negligence could and improper parenting could land one’s child into trouble. The school Principal gave a bird’s eye view of the students’ academic performance in the Summative Assessment I. He spoke highly about the students’ discipline and students ‘stream choices for which parents had huge accountability. He spoke about the new changes that had happened this academic year. He concluded his speech by assuring everyone the full support and dedication from the school staff and heads in giving the best education for the students. A light refreshment was given to all in between.

indexThe parents were also given opportunity to share their views and opinion after that. There was only one from the floor who shared his opinion about the new practice in the school. For the next one hour, the parents and teachers had a vigorous and serious discussion about their students. All the class teachers and subject teachers from both the sections were seated on their chair and the parents met the respective teachers of their child. The parents were found taking seriousness in this interactions. A huge impact was made through this meeting.

PTA has become an important part in each and every school.  The Department of Education, CTA had also made it mandatory to hold such meetings in the schools. Parents are one of the stake holders in children’s education development. For a meaning education, there should be a very good cooperation among the teachers, parents and school administration. As such every year, the school organizes two PTA meetings; one after the SA I and the other soon after the SA II.