13726855_2065246577033847_5369910517860695379_n15th July 2016: A two Days’ Intensive workshop on Teacher Professional Development was held in the school organized by the Department of Education, CTA. The workshop was initiated by Miss. Tenzin Yangchen la, Teacher professional Development Officer, the Department of Education CTA. The workshop was given by two resource persons from Canada Dr. Joe and Nancy.
During the two days’ workshop, the resource persons touched some of the major topics related to Learning and teaching. They talked on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence, Methodologies, Neuro Learning etc. Due to the hectic school hours, the workshop was held in the afternoon and the attendance was 100%. In spite of the full morning session, the teachers participated very well in both the sessions.
13770512_2065230203702151_2859992607722681521_nThere was also good response and feedback from the teachers. The session on Neuro-Learning was the one which everyone enjoyed a lot. Dr. Joe shared some of the research work done in the field of learning. He also encouraged everyone to do small research work in the field of education. He requested the teachers to change the teaching methodology according to the time and according to the research done in the education.
13718609_2065230153702156_2323837436777395105_nAfter every session, the teachers cleared their doubts and shared their opinion with both the resource persons. During the workshop, Miss Tenzin Yangchen la collected feedback and suggestion from all the attendees. The teachers thanked both the resource persons and the Education Officer at the end of the workshop.
Teacher Professional Development is a new initiative by the Department of Education, CTA to improve the educational standard of the Tibetan Schools. It was first implemented in 2014. The present workshop is a part of the Teacher Professional Development and is being given to all the Tibetan schools.