photo 121st June 2016: Coinciding the International Yoga Day, which is observed all over the world, TCV School Suja  to keep students abreast of the day. The day began with the senior students assembling in the school hall during the morning assembly under the kind guidance of school Yoga instructor Mr. Namgyal Tenzin la.

photo 2

Mr. Namgyal Tenzin la, Yoga instructor cum PET engrossed in Yoga position

After a brief introduction on the Day and the importance of observing such Day as postulated by United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Namgyal Tenzin la began with a light Meditation with the main focus on one pointed meditation. Meditation is believed to the best way of beginning a day so that the whole day of the students can be fully focused on one thing.

After the meditation, the students followed the teacher as he gradually moved on to his basic Asanas. This was not the first time students and teachers were doing and as such it was bit easier for the students to follow the postures and the process.

photo 3

Students performing Anolom Milom under the right instruction

Sitting amidst few hundred students and teachers, Mr. Namgyal Tenzin la, one of the school PET took the audience gradually into more the world of Yoga and meditation. The whole session lasted for little more than 2 hours.

Both the students and the teachers came out much lighter both physically as well as mentally. They both started the day with a very positive vibe which they all hope to carry into their whole life.

21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day since its inception in 2014. The day was declared so by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11 , 2014. The idea of International Yoga Day was first proposed by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narenda Modi in 2014.