photo(1)3rd June 2016: A special two days’ picnic at nearby riverside was arranged by the school exclusively for children who stayed back during the long summer vacation. There were few hundred students scattered among the hostels and homes. The picnic was led by the school office staff who took turns in pairs in making the children’s picnic enjoyable and hassle free.

Starting from the 3rd June, two or three homes together spent two full days covering three meals a day each without holding the night there. The children escorted by their respective home mothers trek to the river side with their mugs and plates only. Their picnic began with welcoming and nourishing breakfast and ends with yummy dinner. The organizers had taken every measure to make their picnic fully enjoyable. The children were taken to the swimming at the nearby stream and offered abundant refreshments.

A week-long picnic covered all the few hundred students left in the school during the vacation. There were two permanent cook through the entire picnic. Along with the office staff, there were around six senior students who had been helping them throughout the picnic time. They all left no stone unturned in making everybody enjoy their two days’ picnic.

Throughout the week long picnic at the riverside, the children irrespective of their age and sex made the best use of their days by swimming, playing, talking, dancing and hiking. The children in all the groups extended their heartfelt thanks to the school and the organizers at the end of the day.

A group of staff members joined the final day dinner as per the invitation extended by the organizers. A sumptuous dinner and dessert was served, with a light soft music making the gathering even more beautiful and fun. All is well that ends well.