Mr. Kunga Tashi la, former Chinese Laison Officer Office of Tibet, New York

26th April 2016: The former Chinese Liaison Officer, Office of Tibet, New York and present Additional Secretary of Department of Security, CTA Mr. Kunga Tashi la visited TCV School Suja and gave little more than two hours’ insightful talk, as per the invitation sent by the School Chinese Language Department in collaboration with the school Administration.  Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, a senior Social Science teacher contacted Mr. Kunga la and his office and after few correspondences the visit finally substantiated.


Mr. Ngawang Tseten la introducing Mr. Kunga Tashi la

The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la, the Principal Mr. Karma Sherap la, the Headmasters, the teachers, the students and the Students’ Chinese Department gave a warm welcome to Mr. Kunga Tashi la in the school hall, which was beautifully adorned with the topic written both in Tibetan and Chinese by the Organizers. A big round of applause was given to him as he took his seat on the center of the stage. Mr. Ngawang Tseten la gave a brief introduction of Mr. Kunga Tashi la, his schooling, past responsibilities and present responsibilities. He also explained about the purpose of arranging such talk and its development.

After thaIMGP6676t, Mr. Kunga la started his talk. First of all, he thanked everyone who had worked so hard to make his visit possible and for inviting him in the school.  After that, he began his talk. The topic for the talk was “The importance and benefit of reaching out to the common Chinese people”. Mr. Kunga Tashi la, the only person in the Tibetan Administration who had profound knowledge and experience in this field wooed the whole audience comprising of both the staff and students by his eloquence and skillful oratory skill. He also enlivened his talk by sharing some of the anecdotes of Chinese scholars, students and laymen. Whatever he had learnt and experienced during his six long years being the Chinese Liaison Officer in USA, he shared with the audience.


Ku-Ngoe Kunga Tashi la talking in packed hall

The main point he said were the importance of interacting with the common Chinese people especially the writers, students, pro-democratic, Buddhists, common people and telling the truth about Tibet, the working of CTA, the main wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama etc. This was one of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s main wish and desire; to make and reach the common Chinese people to whom we all trust if not the working of the Communist Chinese Government. He also spoke about the importance of dispelling the wrong pre-conception of the Chinese people. He also shared some of the substantial outcome of having worked so hard in his own capacity as the Chinese Liaison Officer for the last 6 years.


Students’ Chinese Department with school Director, Principal and Mr. Kunga Tashi la

He even gave candid examples of how to start a good conversation with the Chinese friends. If we have to resolve our problem, the only way is to deal with our own counterpart i.e. the Chinese people after all they are the future leaders. Finally, he requested everyone to study and learn about Tibet, Tibetan Policies, the working of CTA, the Middle Way Approach etc. so that one can share proudly with the Chinese people. Reflecting into his own life, he loving requested all to go ahead and start any endeavor provided it does not go against the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people and Administration.


Question & Answer Session with Kunga la

There were Question and Answer session for little less than an hour. Both the staff and students poured in their genuine doubts and questions. And Kunga la addressed all the questions lovingly and satisfied them all. After that a small girl presented Tsering Woeser’s Chinese poem which was dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave a word of thanks and presented Mr. Kunga Tashi la, a scarf and school Magazine as a token of love and gratitude on behalf of both the staff and students. Through Mr. Ngawang Tseten la, the main moderator of the evening was due to present Mr. Kunga la a book which is a compilation of students’ write-up in Chinese language. The talk was worth listening to and a great eye opener for many and everybody listened attentively right from the beginning to the end. We have to make friends with the common Chinese people and find a common ground in our own individual capacity and make them know that Tibetans are not the enemy of the Chinese people.

                                                KUNGA TASHI LA THANK YOU SO MUCH