Dr-Chin-Kuen-Loong_Hepatitis-B_28072012_Poster_demo22nd April 2016: A group of health worker from Tibetan Primary Health Center (TPHR), Bir came to the school and gave a nice preventive health talk on Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. Along with these two diseases, the Dentist of TPHR gave talk on the importance of Oral health and hygiene.

The talk was held in the school hall after lunch. Students above class VIII and teachers attended the health talk. On the very outset, the health Administrator introduced his teams. The head nurse talked on Hepatitis B first and then on Tuberculosis with a nice PowerPoint presentation.  It was short, loud and very persuasive. After that, the Physiotherapist talked on child Obesity, a silent disorder which was making its appearing in all the communities. His main request for all the students was to take care of their diet and take regular exercises in order to prevent this child obesity. After that, the dentist gave her presentation on Oral health and hygiene. She highly recommended all to make the habit of utilizing dental floss. All their presentations were really helpful for all the students and teachers. This is the second time; health staff visited Suja and gave presentation this year, the former one was from the Delek Hospital, Dharamsala.

There was 15 minutes Question and Answer session after their presentation. Both the teachers and the students grabbed the opportunity and made the best use of this session by sharing their doubts and problems. The school thanked the team for visiting and giving valuable preventive health talk on these common diseases.