photo 120th April 2016: The class V English Book fair was held in the junior school hall by the English teachers in collaboration with the class V students. Like the previous Book fair done by the class VI, the event was given huge importance and as such the hall was beautifully decorated with inspiring and motivating words and pictures. The students were seated on their seats with their books in hand and the synopsis of the book hanging at the back of their chair. Both the teachers and the students enter the hall and listen to the students. They also left their encouraging comments and feedback with the students. Both the teachers and the students who had come to listen had enjoyed as much as those students who had equally enjoyed telling them their stories.

nt1The main purpose of organizing such events is to encourage and spread awareness about the joy of reading. The organizers also hope to inculcate a good reading habit among the students especially the younger ones so that they can become a better leader because “Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader”.


Mr. Ngawang Tseten la inculcating the Joy of Reading among children with his photos and great quotations

A lone campaigner Gen NgawangTseten la, who has been an ardent supporter of inculcating reading habit among children, had his own method of inspiring the students. Using his passion in photography, he had presented more than 120 photographs of children fully engaged in their reading. He had spent lots of time capturing such beautiful moments and finally displayed the photos along with the poster “Read for Your Life” accompanying them. Along with that he called some of the teachers as well as students to read some of the famous person’s thoughts on Reading. There was a great motivation among the students.