Miss Piyali from USA performing Fire Dance on the basketball ground

17th April 2016: An unusual and relaxing evening was arranged for both the staff and students on the basketball ground. Students and staff members were seated round in a big circle. An NRI by the named Piyali, who had been at Deer Park, Bir to attend Buddhist teaching from Geshe Dorji Damdul la was invited by Mr. NgawangTseten la in collaboration with Geshe la to present her talents in fire juggling. Piyali was born in India and brought up in USA and was a professional fire juggler. Piyali knows fire spinning, Martial Art, Mural Painting. Her Buddhist name is Tenzin Choedon. She works in society for woman and children safety in US. So, she and her friend came to Suja and joined the evening.

Mr. NgawangTseten la gave a brief introduction about her. He himself enlivened the crowd with his occasional jokes. There were also few lovely songs from school Phuntsok Deshe Band and at certain times, the crowd joined them as they serenaded. The darkness got dearer and Miss Piyali presented two of her fire juggling skills and made everyone drum stuck. Every move she made was rewarded with a thunder of applause from the audience big and small.

More applause came when she actually recited few Tibetan prayers and made everybody recite after her. That was the moment it really struck the right chord of everyone there when a foreigner was speaking and reciting Tibetan prayer that too in Tibetan language. This really sent a strong message for all the importance of loving our language and preserving our rich culture.

Finally she thanked all those who had made this event successful one. Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, the Assistant Headmaster offered Miss Piyali and her friend a traditional Tibetan scarf each. The evening was unusual weekend evening, all fully entertained and left fully motivated and inspired by Miss Piyali’s determination to learn Tibetan and Buddhism.