photo 1

School Phuntsok Deshe Band entertaining our sponsor in the hall

14th April 2016: A warm and sincere felicitation was extended to Mr. Joseph Maria Cerda, an auditor of Luxembourg Les Amis Du Tibet (Friends of Tibet, Luxembourg), who had come to TCV School Suja on his two days’ visit to see the final execution of their projects; like newly built school bakery, computer class, cement road etc which was generously sponsored by Luxembourg team. There are so many projects which were helped by the Luxembourg Government and they are our kind sponsors.

photo 3

A group song being presented in the hall by the students

During his short visit at the school, a special cultural program was arranged by the students as a token of love and gratitude for always supporting the school and making the lives of the children better. The program cum welcome speech was arranged in Phuntsok Deshe hall. The school had also arranged a dinner with him and the school management committee in the school mess. Mr. Joseph visited all the projects and the school extended full support for him during his two days’ school visit.