shake_01_800x6004th April 2015: Remembering the deadly earthquake that shook the Kangra valley on 4th April 1905 and killing many people, every year the same day is observed as earthquake safety day in and around kangra valley in particular. The day is given lots of importance especially in this school where few thousand people stay and the safety of the inmates is the first the priority. As such, TCV School Suja marked this day with seriousness by arranging various awareness programs under the guidance of Social Science teachers. There was opening speech by Miss. Ngawang Pelmo la, senior Geography teacher during the morning assembly, PowerPoint presentation and video clippings on earthquake by Mr. Phuntsok la, senior economics teacher in the school hall on 4th April, presentations and live demonstrations by the students of class XII C. The students talked about the DROP, COVER and HOLD.

12494698_10207217848459215_5908611848555110074_nBoth the teachers and the students of class XII C had spent lots of their precious time preparing for this event. They had given lots of importance to what they were doing for the safety of both the staff and students of the school. Their hard work could be seen vividly from their presentation.

A similar awareness program and presentation was done at junior section. Students were given earthquake safety preparedness drill by the teachers. The students and teachers obediently followed the three principles; DROP, COVER and HOLD.