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Giant banner commemorating TCV Suja’s 30th Founding Anniversary ( Photo: Gyen Tenzin Lhakyi la )

25 March 2016: Two important events falls on 25th March 2015; one 30th school founding anniversary and the other Homecoming for 2006 Batch of TCV Suja. A special function was arranged to mark both the events. Gyutoe Khen Rinpoche was the chief guest. Other guests presented for the celebration were the Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, the school Principals and Directors from nearby TCV and STS schools, dignitaries from nearby Tibetan settlements and Associations. A special felicitation was given to the group of 20 students from 2006 class X batch, who had come purposely from various parts of the country, on this day to pay their respect and tribute to their Alma mater. The day was special for both the school and the students. Once small children then, now they were fully adults and immersed into different walks of life. And the day was also a moment for all the staff members to be proud of their great hard work and dedication.


TCV Suja’s 30th Founding Anniversary Function with Gyutoe Khen Rinpoche as chief Guest ( Photo: Gyen Tenzin Lhakyi la )

A lifelong prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama preceded the special day. The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la welcomed all the guests and gave a detailed report on TCV School Suja. Taking the opportunity, he spoke highly of the 2006 batch and praised them for this Homecoming and setting a superb example of Gratitude in practical for our younger generations. After the welcome speech, the students of 2006 Batch were given a special souvenir and scarf from the school. A special ceremonial sweet rice and butter tea soon followed. The day was also enliven by various cultural programs by the students of the school especially the opening poetry recitation by the students in three different dialects.

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Students’ Panel Discussion with Gyen Tsering Lobgya in the center ( Photo: Gyen Tsering Lobgya la )

The chief guest, Gyutoe Khen Rinpoche gave a valuable and insightful talk to all. He also praised the 2006 Batch students for their good gesture and the gratitude. With the help of his wide array of knowledge both traditional and modern and the experiences of visiting various foreign countries, he advised the students about the importance of education and learning Tibetan language and culture. He also spiced up his talk by sharing few anecdotes. He was soon followed by Master Dhongbu Dawa, the representative from the 2006 batch, who extended his heartfelt thanks to all the staff members of Suja on behalf of their group for making them what they are now. He also shared that his batch mates who were scattered in various places had willingly contributed some funds for the school as a token of their love and gratitude. During the function, the students of 2006 batch gave all the staff members a book and a scarf each. There was big round applause from all for their great gesture. The function concluded with all the staff members fully motivated and contended, for the students on the floor, it was a great eye opening.


A group photo with Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la after welcome dinner ( Photo: Gyen Tenzin Lhakyi la )

In the following days, various programs were laid down by both the school and the 2006 batch students. Among these, a special discussion was arranged in Phuntsok Deshe hall. Four ex-students, Master Budha Kyab, Passang Gyaltsen, Drongbu Dawa Tsering and Thinley Dhoundup  spoke on the importance of Tibetan language. Mr. Tsering Lobya la, a senior Tibetan teacher was the moderator. In the afternoon, there was a friendly basketball match between 2006 batch students and the staff members. It was a great moment for both the staff and the students to play with each other after a long time.

A special dinner was hosted by the school for the 2006 batch students. Education Director and former Principal of the school, Mr Sonam Sichoe la, the school Director, Principal, Management committee and concerned teachers joined the students. There was lively sharing and informal introduction among one another.


A friendly cum farewell match between staff and 2006 Batch on 27th March ( Photo: Gyen Dawa Dhoundup la )

On 26th, a special interactive session with the school students was arranged in Phuntsok Deshe hall. Five students of 2006 batch lovingly shared their experiences about their lives in school and outside. Each of them spoke better than the other and whatever they had spoken had touched both the staff and students present in the hall. They all talked about their hard times in school, their learning style, the school environment, their problem solving techniques etc. After that there was Q n A session during which so many students on the floor asked their questions and all the questions were of high standard. The two hour session was very fruitful for the students on the floor. Their sincere talks and old time memories sent Goosebumps and hit the right chord.

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Dinner extended to the staff members by the students of 2006 Batch ( Photo: Gyen Ngawang Tseten la )

In the evening, a grand and loving dinner was hosted by the 2006 batch students for the staff members. The dinner was exclusively prepared by Master Kalsang Tendar, the only chef in the 2006 batch. The feast was great and there were once again lovely talks and songs from both the staff and the students. It was a special moment for all to see their own children standing on their feet and coming back and showing their gratitude. Mr. Sonam Sichoe la, the longtime Principal of this school extended his warm thank you for all the students for coming back and doing all these especially the pledge of sponsoring few Tibetan children. The school Director and the Principal also extended vote of thanks on behalf of the school. They also thanked Mr. Ngawang Thupten la, Assistant Headmaster for co-coordinating and all those serving teams for their sincere services rendered. The night gradually got dearer and it was finally time to bid one another good night reluctantly.


Welcome dinner for 2006 Batch students in the conference hall on 25th March ( Photo: Gyen Tenzin Lhakyi la )

The final day, a friendly football match was arranged between the staff and the 2006 batch. Both the staff and the students thoroughly enjoyed the full duration. It was a time for the students to see if their strength and the stamina got intact or degraded. There was refreshment for the players. After that, they had their final lunch in the school conference room. The three days homecoming was a great experience and a memorable for all to cherish for many more years to come. All the students had a wonderful time meeting their old homes, teachers, staff members and the school. On 27th March, they were given a warm farewell near the school office by the school Director, the Principal and teachers. The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la gave scarf to all the students for making everyone here so happy and motivated to serve further. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT AND THE GIFT

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