photo (1)The school annual spring fete was arranged by the school Games Committee with sincere support from all the staff members and the students. Because of the importance of this day, the program is already listed in the school diary and held every year with lots of preparation and hard work. Annual spring fete is the one and only fund raising event by the school, when everybody puts their both heart and head to raise some fund to be eventually used for the students’ games and sports requirements.

The weather was not favourable, in spite of that, all braved the torrent rain. So many stalls were opened by different classes and their respective teachers. The four houses had their tea stalls and food stalls. Under the supervision of the housemasters, refreshments were coming incessantly. All the departments had their own stalls to contribute to the fund. A giant Mickey Mouse was arranged by the school office for the little children.

The day was very special for everyone when all the inmates of Suja come forward and show their love and support to their Institution by doing whatever little they can. Together we can and we will!