School Opening ceremony with Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV School as chief guest (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

1st March 2016: The school re-opening function was held on 1st March on the school basketball ground. Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV schools was the chief guest. Present on the occasion were the school Director, Principal, School Management committee, staff members, students and few parents. The function began with an obeisance to Manjushree, the Goddess of wisdom followed by the Tibetan and Indian National Anthem. Co-incidentally, the second batch of class XII leaves for their first CBSE XII board and the school sends its wishes.

The school Director, Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la welcomed everyone and wished for a successful academic year. Speaking on the occasion, he reminded the students their duties and the three main principles of good learning Thoe Sam Gom. He spoke about the changes in the TCV School Education as per the resolution passed during the Heads meeting held in Delhi. He also talked in length the importance of learning Tibetan by all and requested the parents to give support as they being one of the triangles of students’ education.

Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the President of TCV School escorted by the school Director Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la during function (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that prizes were given for those who had excelled in their academic performance. The new house masters, students’ advisory committee members, Parent Teacher Association, new home mother, school captains and prefects were given scarves by the chief guest Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la. After that, the chief guest lovingly requested the students to make the best use of the good opportunities and facilities. He told the students that it all depends upon the students themselves by sharing the immortal line “A man can take the horse to a river, but thousand men cannot make it drink”. Speaking on the occasion, he advised the students to use their intelligence in a right way and not to complain and blame. He supported this statement by saying “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”. He concluded his talk by reminding the students to differentiate what to learn and copy and what not ignore.


Mr. Karma Sherap Therchin la, the school Principal talking to the parents in the hall (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that the school Principal gave a vote of thanks. Before that he shared some of the winter holiday programs the school had organized for those who were left in the school. Taking this opportunity, he extended vote of gratitude on behalf of all the staff and students for those teachers and students who had extended their helping hand during the long winter holiday.

After the function, Parent Teacher meeting was held in Phuntsok Deshi hall. Both the parents and teachers were given light refreshments on the outset. The Principal began his presentation by proudly acknowledging the good and dedicated teachers of the school and assuring the parents not to have a speck of doubt about their dedication and hard work. He once again reiterated the parents, the importance of extending their helping hand for the common goal of making the children a good future citizen of Tibet as envisioned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He informed the parents about the new changes in the school Assessment system and the kind of indiscipline that occurred in the past years and requested the parents to follow good parenting.

Parents and teachers attending the school Principal’s talk in the school hall (photo: Gyen Tenzin Monlam la)

After that the parents and teachers had one to one conversation and discussion on their child. Every one present there, though not many in number as had expected earlier made the best use of the interactive session. The day began with lots of good things and planning. The school once again returned to its normal routine with the distribution of classes and books in the afternoon. Good Wishes!  GOOD AND SUCCESSFUL ACADEMIC YEAR!